Monday, December 31, 2007

Results and updates

I went 9-7 with my Week 17 picks (11-5 without the spread)

College football is going back and forth. I'm 7-8 on picks and 7-8 with the over/under, but without the spread I'm 11-4, so of course I'm more convinced than ever that the guys making the lines in Vegas are totally in cahoots with college and professional sports. They're out to get me, first and foremost.

With the new year approaching, NFL playoffs are heating up, the bowl season will be ending, and college basketball will also become a priority. Before long, pitchers and catchers will be reporting, and who knows, maybe one of us will even blog about the NBA or the NHL.

There is nobody more thrilled to kick 2007 out the door, so here's to 2008.


Michael J. Clark said...

I will agree with my good buddy Travis and wish you all a prosperous 2008. Playoff predictions to come later this week! My one prediction for the BCS games will be that Colt Brennan will lead Hawai'i (where did that apostrophe come from?) to an upset over Georgia and he will propose to his African-American cheerleader girlfriend after the game.

Travis Miller said...

Hawaii should win on that storyline alone.