Sunday, December 9, 2007

Live NFL blogging

-9:12 p.m.- Final thoughts on the day:
I'm glad the Lions figured out how to be more than a one-dimensional ball club. If they played better on special teams, they would have had a marquee win.
The Patriots are probably gonna go undefeated in the regular season, losing to the Colts in the AFC title game. Remarkable season, big ups to them.
The Giants have a big chip on their shoulder but need to start playing consistent on offense, defense, and special teams before they get some respect as a contender. Sam Madison called Sam Ryan "retarded" during the lockerroom presser for asking if they feel good about being 9-4. I have access to the video on this computer but it's setup so I can't upload it. I could do a screen shot of Madison's initial facial expression, but I'm having technical issues with that, too.
Heading home now. Have a good night, anyone reading.

Haha, the Ravens ironically enough just returned a kickoff for a touchdown. 30-7. It's nice that they showed up...a quarter late, though. I love football.

-9:02 p.m.- This is amazing! Indy just blocked a punt and it went out their end zone for a safety. 23-0.

-9:00 p.m.- Too late. Another turnover, this time an interception courtesy of Kyle Boller setup Peyton's second TD pass. Indy up 21-0 with 3:00 left in the first quarter.

-8:42 p.m.- We're about six minutes into the Colts/Ravens game and the Colts had a long drive on their first possession, then forced a fumble and returned it to their own 12-yard line. It's 14-0 already. Baltimore needs to calm down before this turns into an early version of next week's Pats/Jets game.

-7:50 p.m.- The line just came out for next week's Pats/Jets game. Guess. Pats (-25). I'll take New England, thanks!

-7:21 p.m.- 7-7 going into the final two games. This is why I don't put money on games

-7:14 p.m.- Maybe Mangini just has Nugent on his fantasy team. Down 9 with :37 left he kicked another field goal. Good luck on this onside kick, boys. Then a hail mary? Riiiight.

-7:09 p.m.- JAMAL LEWIS IS MY BOY!!! 31-yard touchdown run puts the game away! Still 1:22 left, but I'm hoping the Jets don't score again

-7:04 p.m.- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DOWN 5 AND YOU KICK A FIELD GOAL WITH LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LEFT? Mangini definitely knows the spread and has money on it. The Jets have all three timeouts left so the Browns will have to try to get first downs. This could still work to my advantage...

-7:00 p.m.- I've pretty much given up on the Pats/Steelers so now I'm onto the Jets' game because it's getting interesting. They missed the two-point conversion to pull within three (and screw me over on my pick by beating the 3.5 spread), but they recovered the onside kick and they're driving. I'm doing good on my 4:00 picks, but the Jets can screw me over here. I'm looking to be 7-7, assuming I lose the Pats pick, and not counting the Mayweather and Tebow picks. If the Jets put this in the end zone I drop to 6-8 with two games left. Go Browns!

-6:30 p.m.- Ok this is about to get absurd. That pseudo-flea flicker was one thing, but now the Pats are just gonna pile it up. I must be fair and point out the more accurate poster in the crowd

The Pats

-5:43 p.m.- Wow, everybody on the Giants says a whole lot of nothing, but takes forever to say it. Anyway, the Steelers are hanging in there, down by four at the half. None of the other games are that intriguing right now. The Jets and Browns are on, 14-3 Browns. The Jets don't actually look that bad, but the score speaks for itself.

After the games that are done so far, I'm 3-6. But Mayweather won and Tebow won, so let's just make it a cool 5-6 so it doesn't sound as bad.

-4:53 p.m.- nevermind. i give up. I hate you, Tom Brady. I'm logging Giants post right now so I'm not watching multiple games like I was during the 1:00 games.

-4:41 p.m.- Did you just see Brady trash talking after the TD pass to Moss? What a piece of crap. That will definitely ignite the Steelers' defense...I hope

-4:38 p.m.- It's pizza day at SNY so while I was eating my slices, Randy Moss made a circus catch and then Maroney dragged a pile of Steelers six yards for a first down. I almost threw up. Go Steelers!! Please win!!!

There is a great sign in the crowd:
Brady's perfect
how about just CRUSH BRADY?

-4:23 p.m.- I had to run an errand at SNY but when I came back I heard Tony Romo was a hero! Hey Detroit, this is why we make our field goals.

-3:58 p.m.- Tony Romo has two minutes and change to be a hero against the Lions.

Giants just made a huge fourth down stop, probably should have been a flag, but they didn't have first down yardage anyway. 1:57 left Giants' ball. Game over.

-3:50 p.m.- Jacobs fumbled and turned it over again, as did the Cowboys on the six-inch line. It's more costly for the Cowboys because they're losing. If Big Blue's D comes up big they'll be okay. The 'Boys are in trouble, though.

The Texans have about wrapped things up against Tampa Bay. No clinching the division today for the Bucs. I wish my Thursday pick was the only one that counted...

-3:21 p.m.- I don't know how McNabb keeps eluding the Giants' defenders. He should have been sacked...oh, for irony's sake, let's say TWELVE times by now. L.J. Smith just got hit really hard and was down for a bit. It looked like he hyperextended his knee but got up on his own power. Hopefully he's okay.

Plax just caught another long ball. It hurts to watch him run.

Dallas is in the Red Zone...short pass on 3rd and goal gets them to the one-yard line. They should go for this---they went for it and got the 6. They still won't cover. Oh well. The Lions better keep giving it to KJ.

-3:10 p.m.- See what happens when you give the ball to KJ? I've been saying this all along. Ask anyone I work with at SNY. They dread working with me on Sundays because I don't shut up about giving the ball to KJ!

Favre, Grant, and company are having a nice day, too. Favre threw one pick so far, but other than that he's playing good and the Packers established a solid running game today. Oh that's right. They're playing the Raiders. I need Green Bay to ease up a bit though, I picked Oakland to cover 11.

The Giants are getting a bunch of breaks here, they need to get more than a field goal. As I say that, Plax just caught a TD pass from Eli. Congrats, Eli, Giants fans don't hate you...this drive.

-2:15 p.m.-
So I can officially put my foot in my mouth. The Lions have passed 16 times today and rushed 18 with a balanced attack of Duckett and my boy KJ! They're beating Dallas 20-7 in the 2nd quarter. I'm probably going to get that pick wrong since Dallas isn't looking like they'll cover 11, but at least KJ is getting the ball!

The Giants had 1st and Goal from the two-yard line not too long ago. With Brandon Jacobs being healthy, one would expect them to give him the ball, right? Nah, Droughns for a loss, an offsides penalty taking them to the one-yard line, incomplete pass to Shockey, and then another failed Droughns run equals FIELD GOAL! You gotta feel bad for Giants fans.

It seems as though Miami has officially given up on their season, losing 31-7 early in the second quarter. The Bills are looking like the Patriots!

I won't be perfect on my picks today, but I'll gloat while I can. I got Thursday's game right, I got the Heisman right (Marcus Vick = Tim Tebow), and I got Mayweather right. Take that, Clarkie!


Chris Barrows said...

No, we still hate's not that we want to, he just makes it so easy.
Giants defense continues to keep us in games.

Six wins in a row on the road though, so can't complain. Plax is my hero. I might trade in my Shockey jersey for his...haha

ERnie said...

I like how the Ravens show up for the Pats and not the Colts.

Michael J. Clark said...

6-8-1 for my first week picking? can i get a mulligan?

Travis Miller said...

We'd all like mulligans. Even without the spread i'm only 9-6 i think