Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fukudome to Cubs, Tejada to Astros

The Cubs spent $48 mil over 4 years for Kosuke Fokudome. WHAT?!!! He averaged like 20 homers a year and a .300 average in Japan. Do you know what that translates into over here? Tsuyoshi Shinjo type numbers. That's right. I went there. If Mark Cuban owned the Cubs, this never would have happened.

The Astros gave up five youngsters including Luke Scott, sending them on their way to the Orioles for shortstop Miguel Tejada. I'm kind of indifferent about the deal. It doesn't strike me as a blockbuster, maybe because Tejada isn't who he was a few years ago. Having another right-handed bat in the lineup doesn't hurt, but they could have used a left-handed bat more. Carlos Lee is a righty and Berkman is a switch hitter. This gives them a nice 3-4-5 punch, but still, when they face a righty, which will be the majority of games, they don't have a natural lefty at all. They have two switch hitters in Berkman and Kaz Matsui. Oh yeah, and the Astros still don't have any pitching beyond Oswalt. Woody Williams and Wandy Rodriguez are their #2 and #3 starters. Albert Pujols isn't shaking in his boots.

All in all, next year the central will be as much of a joke as the N.L. East unless another big move is made. 88 wins could wrap up either division. The power stays in the west.

As for the Orioles...err...aren't they in the same division as the Yanks and the BoSox? Yeah they are. Good move, keep getting younger and look down the road five years when you might have a shot.

NFL picks coming later today or early tomorrow at the latest. Last week I finished 8-8, don't look for me to be picking too many underdogs this week. College Football bowl picks probably will be posted on Saturday. I've been working on those for awhile. It should be quite the fancy post.

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