Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just to add an exclamation point

In a Jayson Stark article from Monday, he cited some research from Bill James Online.

If Major League games only last six innings, the Mets would lead the division by 11.5 games.
If games only lasted eight innings, the Mets would lead the division by 6.5 games.

Here's another interesting statistic I researched on my own:
The Mets are 0-2 this season in games where they give up a grand slam to the opposing pitcher.

Every time you think "Today will be different. The Mets' bullpen will keep a one-run lead today," they blow your mind and rape any confidence you have by giving up four runs to the Braves in the eighth inning.

Any other team with a one-game lead and six games left, two of which are being started by Johan Santana, would be punching their ticket for October.

As for the Mets, this is their mind set: "We're going to win our Shea finale on Sunday. Johan is pitching. But will we really have anything left to celebrate at that point?"

Santana will probably get shelled by the Cubs today, who are completely stacked from the right side. It will be a miracle if the Mets can go 3-3 the rest of the way. That won't earn a playoff spot.

I am the epitome of a disgruntled Mets' fan. I can't talk sports right now. I don't have it in me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 3 Picks

After a winning week 2, let's keep this up, huh?

Tennessee (-5) over Houston
Arizona (+3) over Washington
Carolina (+3.5) over Minnesota
Atlanta (-5.5) over Kansas City
New England (-12.5) over Miami
Buffalo (-9.5) over Oakland
Cincinatti (+13.5) over NYG
Chicago (-3) over Tampa Bay
New Orleans (+5.5) over Denver
San Francisco (-4) over Detroit
Seattle (-9.5) over St. Louis
Jacksonville (+5) over Indianapolis
Cleveland (+2.5) over Baltimore
Pittsburgh (+3.5) over Philadelphia
Green Bay (+3) over Dallas
San Diego (-9) over NY Jets

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vol. II

Meet the Mets,
Greet the Mets,
Come on out and beat the Mets!
Hola! Bienvenidos a "Collapse, Volume II," starring those lovable losers, Los Mets!

Amidst another collapse, a little less impressive than last year's, and possibly overshadowed by that of the Diamondbacks and the Brewers, the Mets are having another domino effect.

It starts with the bullpen. New York relievers have been blowing games all year long, and just like last year, that's how it started. As the morale dropped, the starting pitching faltered. Then it drifted slowly but surely into the offense. I'm currently witnessing the beginning of stage three, where one of the most potent lineups in the National League can't put more than a single run on the board against the Washington Nationals, a team that has given up the second most runs in the league (Colorado).

I'm never big on trashing players I normally like and support, so I need to choose my next words wisely. But first, let me get this off my chest:

I've never supported Luis Castillo as a Met. I liked him...on my fantasy team...about eight years ago. He shouldn't have a four year, $25 million contract. He's getting traded in the offseason...if anyone will take him. Our GM doesn't work Brian Cashman-like miracles here (Randy Johnson, Kyle Farnsworth, Jaret Wright), though Omar Minaya does have the Guillermo Mota-for-Johnny Estrada trade under his belt (the Mets released Estrada about a week after acquiring him--how valuable does that make you feel, Guillermo Mota?).

Trashing the bullpen is too easy, so I won't contribute to my impending Carpal Tunnel.

I'm leaving the offense alone, because today was the first really embarrassing game for them. Wright has been hot, Delgado has been carrying the team, and Reyes and Beltran have been making timely contributions.

Onto the starting pitching. Pedro Martinez reminds me of a pitcher I watched contribute more than his fair share to last year's collapse, a man by the name of Tom Glavine.

I appreciate all that Pedro has done in his career, even some of the diminutive contributions he's allegedly made in his years in Queens (yeah, ouch.). Right now, he isn't much appreciated by Mets fans. Pedro is a competitor, and his consistently poor performances have to be eating him alive. The Mets won't resign him this offseason. I'll be one of the least happy people in the world if they do. I don't want Pedro to leave on bad terms, because the last thing anyone needs is the media perpetuating a war of words between Pedro and the Mets. Pedro should just realize he isn't effective anymore, and call it a career. No needs to stick around getting beaten around like Glavine, Jose Lima, or pitchers of that sort.

I feel a little better now. Still, the Mets are in the middle of a 12-game span where they only play the Nationals and the Braves. I hoped they would go 10-2 over the dozen games. Halfway through, they're only 3-3. They're trying to give the division to the Phillies again. The last thing those pompous...(taking the high road here) need is another comeback division title. The only thing happening right now is the Brewers collapse. It has allowed the Mets some breathing room, so the Wild Card AND the division are both available to ride into October. However, as I cut myself off from saying before, the Phillies are cocky, and don't need inflated egos. The Mets need to either win the division, or beat the Phillies in the NLCS to shut them up.

I had a lot more I wanted to say, but T.O. (fantasy purposes) is making it very hard for me to write an angry blog right now.

(just kidding, he should have been fired last year)

I need to start blogging about football. Look for that this week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 2 Lines

After a disappointing week one for me (for multiple reasons!), here we go with week 2.

Kansas City (-3.5) over Oakland

Tennessee (+1) over Cincinnati

Minnesota (+1.5) over Indianapolis

New Orleans (Pick) over Washington

Green Bay (-3) over Detroit

Chicago (+3) over Carolina

NY Giants (8.5) over St. Louis

Buffalo (+5) over Jacksonville

Tampa Bay (-7) over Atlanta

San Francisco (+6.5) over Seattle

Arizona (-6.5) over Miami

New England (+1) over NY Jets

Denver (Pick) over San Diego

Pittsburgh (-6.5) over Cleveland

Philadelphia (+6.5) over Dallas

Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Week One, Facebook Mini-Feed Version

Chad Ocho Cinco has changed his name to Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson and Reebok are no longer friends.

Jessica Simpson posted on Tony Romo's wall:
"We're gonna kill the Indians today, right baby?"

Michael J. Clark posted a comment in the group "Patriots 19-0 in 09!"

Michael J. Clark has left the group "Patriots 19-0 in 09!"

Bernard Pollard has 2982 new friends.

Brett Favre and Jerricho Cotchery are now friends.

Mike Holmgrem created event "Open Wide Receiver Tryout!!!!!"

Scott Linehan is hoping Donovan McNabb would just get hurt already!!

Vince Young wants his mommy.

Michael Turner posted on Ernie Sims' wall:
"Later bro!"

Jon Gruden and Jeff Garcia are no longer friends.

Torry Holt and Chad Johnson have added "Without a Trace" to their Favorite TV Shows.

Terrell Owens wrote on Usain Bolt's wall
"Yo, make sure you tune in! LOL!!!!"

Rashard Mendenhall is wondering why his Willie Parker voodoo doll isn't working yet.

Braylon Edwards has removed "catching the ball" from his interests.

LeBron James and Pacman Jones are now friends.

It's Complicated between Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady.

Steve Smith wrote on Ken Lucas' wall:
"Great win today. I still want to punch you in the face."

Kurt Warner is saying an Our Father for Matt Leinart.

Matt Leinart is looking for his Beer Bong.

Peyton Manning is hoping John Madden doesn't demand his promise ring back.

Brett Favre has created the group "Aaron Rodgers Blows"

Brett Favre has changed the name of his group to "Aaron Rodgers Got Lucky in Week One But Still Blows"

Eddie Royal has joined Facebook.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I feel bad for Roy Halladay.

He has a career earned run average of 3.51, a record of 129-64, and he's done it all while playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East since 1998, which hasn't exactly been an open race over those years.

Halladay DID win the Cy Young award in 2003, but thanks to names like Roger Clemens, Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, Bartolo Colon, C.C. Sabathia, and the forever dominant Barry Zito, he's only got the one trophy.

Here we are in 2008, where Halladay has posted an 18-9 record so far with an e.r.a of 2.64 on top of it. Unfortunately, there's a man named Cliff Lee throwing over in Cleveland who is 21-2 with a 2.28 e.r.a.!

Though I desperately want to, I can't argue that Lee is a shoe-in for the Cy Young award this season. Halladay is having a remarkable season, but once again, he's second best.

This is how Mike Mussina must have felt throughout the 90's, how 98 Degrees felt next to N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys, and how the Mets feel next to the Phillies (thanks, Mike Schmidt).

Browsing through Halladay's stats last night, I thought I found the kicker that could potentially overtake Lee when the voting is done. Halladay's last five starts have been against the Rays, at the Yankees, at the Rays, against the Yankees, and at Boston. He is 5-0 in those starts with a 2.25 e.r.a.

His team has risen from the depths, and is now 10 games over .500, good for third in the A.L. East. The Blue Jays have scored 127 runs in Halladay's 29 starts, which is a little less than four and a half runs per game. That's decent run support for someone with such a low e.r.a., but the Jays have been shutout three times when Halladay takes the hill.

He has 21 quality starts, eight complete games, leads the league in innings pitched and WHIP, and is third in strikeouts.

Sounds like a solid Cy Young resume.

But then I looked at Lee's statistics.

Aside from the 21-2 record and the 2.28 e.r.a., Lee has 23 quality starts with a little extra run support (149 runs in 28 starts), and ranks second to Halladay in WHIP, innings pitched, and complete games. He has only 31 strikeouts less than Halladay, and the Indians' bullpen has actually blown two saves for Lee, whereas the Blue Jays' bullpen has been rock solid, never giving up one of Halladay's leads.

When all of the numbers are this close and neither team is in a pennant race, you've gotta give the nod to the wins and losses. Sorry, Roy. Maybe next year.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time For More Crappy Picks!

One of the things I have been looking forward to this year is showing the world how terrible I am with picking the games.

NYG (-4) over WASHINGTON: While I think that the Giants will not finish over .500 (!), I really see the Giants winning this game.

SEA (+1) over BUFFALO: I do like the Bills, but I get burned way too much by the Seahawks. They just don't lose games that I think they will lose.

DETROIT (-3) over ATLANTA: The Matt Ryan era will not start well.

CINCINNATI (-1.5) over BALTIMORE: You can't trust a rookie to win their first game in the season. Neither of these teams will be any good this year anyway.

PHILADELPHIA (-7.5) over ST. LOUIS: The Rams defense can't stop anyone at all. Philly takes this easily.

PITTSBURGH (-6.5) over HOUSTON: Could be a good game, but I think Pitt will win by a TD.

JACKSONVILLE (-3) over TENNESSEE: Your AFC South winner will have a tough game against the Titans, but the Jags will pull this out.

NEW ORLEANS (-3) over TAMPA BAY: The high flying offense will get off to a better start in 08. Could they get to a worse start?

NEW ENGLAND (-16.5) over KANSAS CITY: The Pats couldn't stop anyone this preseason, but come on. Brodie Croyle against the Pats? Come on, man.

NEW YORK JETS (-3) over MIAMI: Interesting game this week. Lots of subplots.

SAN FRANCISCO (+2.5) over ARIZONA: One of my few "upsets" this week. SF will take this game.

SAN DIEGO (-9) over CAROLINA: A Steve Smithless Panthers team scares exactly nobody. Come on.

DALLAS (-5.5) over CLEVELAND: I still don't believe in the Browns.

INDY (-9.5) over CHICAGO: Terrible Bears offense vs. a better than average Colts defense? Easy pick.

MINNESOTA (+3) over GREEN BAY: The Tarvaris Jackson/Aaron Rodgers matchup is about as exciting as...well, the second Monday night QB matchup.

DENVER (-3) over OAKLAND: If you are watching this game, you are either a fan of Denver or Oakland, or you have a gambling problem.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Legit NFL Preview NFC Edition

Scroll down to see my AFC Preview....for some reason, it was posted below Travis' opening weekend post.

NFC East
1. Dallas Cowboys (11-5): The Dallas Cowboy 3 ring circus is back in full force. With troubled stars like TO, Pacman, and Tank, this team looks a lot like America's Team of the 1990s. It's tough to predict any other team coming out of the NFC because right now, there isn't a more talented bunch then the Boys in the NFC. If Patrick Crayton steps up and has a good season this year, I can't see them missing the Super Bowl.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7): This Philly team, if McNabb stays healthy all year, is another one of those dangerous teams. While they just went 8-8 last year, it was a fairly impressive 8-8. Brian Westbrook might be the most dangerous weapon in the league. I see good things from the Iggles this year.

3. New York Giants (8-8): If you want to call me biased, that's fine. Sorry Giant fans, but without Strahan and Osi, this team is not a playoff caliber squad.

4. Washington Redskins (8-8): A tough schedule for the Skins this year. Their first 3 road games are all divisional games. This pesky team, which went to the playoffs 2 of the past 3 years (I was surprised too when I realized that), will rollover for exactly no one. This is Jason Campbell's year to step up.

NFC North
1. Minnesota Vikings (9-7): Had the Vikings somehow gotten Brett Favre, I would rate them a bit higher than where they are. The truth is, I don't trust Tavaris Jackson as a reliable playoff quarterback. Their defense, especially their front line, is unstoppable though.

2. Green Bay Packers (8-8): They will miss Favre more than they realize. That's not a shot at Aaron Rodgers, but they went through a significant downgrade at the quarterback position. It will be a struggle for the Pack to make the playoffs again this year.

3. Detriot Lions (6-10): You have to feel for the fans in Motown. They haven't had a quality football team there in years. Last year was supposed to be their year, but they just collapsed down the stretch. Kitna can still make things happen with his arm, but he throws too many picks. On a lighter note, kudos to the Lions for taking a chance on a chubby writer/director as their starting running back. Wait, it's a different Kevin Smith?

4. Chicago Bears (4-12): When your quarterback and running back is Kyle Orton and Matt Forte, you're not going anywhere this year.

NFC South
1. New Orleans Saints (10-6): The Saints ended last year strong after starting 0-4. They have so many offensive weapons and a healthy Deuce McAllister will really help them out this year. Reggie Bush should not be a featured back, but a change of pace back instead.

2. Carolina Panthers (9-7): I immediately regret giving the Panthers a winning record. Jake Delhomme is coming off of Tommy John surgery, Steve Smith is suspended for two games, and they lost DeShawn Foster. But their schedule is kind of easy, so I got to give them a winning record.

3. Tampa Bay Devil Bucs (7-9): While they return most of their playoff team from last year, something tells me that the Bucs were overachievers last year. I'm not trying to hate on Jeff Garcia, but they just don't have the offense to make a return trip to January football.

4. Atlanta Falcons (3-13): I do like Matt Ryan, but this will be a long year for the BC alum.

NFC West
1. Seattle Seahawks (10-6): Seattle might be the most boring good team in all of sports. Nobody really cares about Seattle. They're just there. But every year, they finish atop the West.

2. San Francisco 49ers (9-7): Shocker of the year! I see J.T. O'Sullivan (who Matt Berry and Bill Simmons hilariously suggested has a name that sounds like a bar/restaurant) as a guy who will not make mistakes (a game manager). I really think this is the year that the Niners step up.

3. Arizona Cardinals (7-9): Hey, remember when everybody loved Matt Leinart?

4. St. Louis Rams (5-11): If Bulger, Holt, and Jackson play every game, they can actually be a 9-7 team, but I doubt all three of them will be injury free this year.

Playoff Picks
Wild Card Weekend
Philly over Seattle
New Orleans over Carolina

Divisional Round
Dallas over Philly
New Orleans over Minnesota

Conference Championship
Dallas over New Orleans

Super Bowl
New England over Dallas

I am a homer.