Monday, December 31, 2007

Results and updates

I went 9-7 with my Week 17 picks (11-5 without the spread)

College football is going back and forth. I'm 7-8 on picks and 7-8 with the over/under, but without the spread I'm 11-4, so of course I'm more convinced than ever that the guys making the lines in Vegas are totally in cahoots with college and professional sports. They're out to get me, first and foremost.

With the new year approaching, NFL playoffs are heating up, the bowl season will be ending, and college basketball will also become a priority. Before long, pitchers and catchers will be reporting, and who knows, maybe one of us will even blog about the NBA or the NHL.

There is nobody more thrilled to kick 2007 out the door, so here's to 2008.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Online gaming can be considered sport, right?
Sure. Well I'm very proud of my accomplishment. "Winterbells" is a very addicting game and I just netted myself a nice high score of 2,971,391,840. I googled the game's high scores and some people have gotten in the sextillions of points, completely destroying my mark, but I'm still proud! See if you can beat it!

Props to my brother for introducing me to this game.

They're doing something right in Boston...and Week 17 picks

The Celtics won 24 games all of last season, and yesterday improved their record to an NBA-best 24-3. The front office did something right in the offseason (hint hint: KG and Ray Allen might have something to do with that)

So Boston may be holding the NBA championship and the World Series title at the same time. Of course, they won't have the Super Bowl because the Pats will get trounced in the AFC Championship game. But two titles ain't bad.

Onto the picks! 9-6-1 last week. I'll try to improve, but wouldn't mind another line like that.

Patriots (-13.5) at Giants
For once in my pathetic blogging career, I'm picking the Pats to cover. As much as I hate Tom Brady, ....Eli just sucks! I just hope Tom Brady does a stand-up thing for once in his miserable life and not break Peyton's TD record. I might give him some credit as a human being if he yields. Give your running backs the ball! They deserve it!

FALCONS (-1.5) vs. Seahawks
You can rest all the starters you want. The Falcons still won't beat you.

Saints (-2) at DAAAAAAAA BEARS
It's a must-win for the Saints, but I don't see them gittin' 'er done.

BROWNS (-10) vs. 49ers
I don't like it, but I'm taking it. Cleveland needs to win and needs a Tennessee loss to make the playoffs. This is a test of how bad they want it.

PACKERS (-4) vs. Lions
I want to pick Detroit but I just can't. Despite Green Bay's secured playoff spot, I don't see them resting the team completely. Poor KJ has another ACL problem, so he's not playing. Expect TJ Duckett to be the one getting screwed out of carries now. Get better, KJ!

Bengals (-3) at MIAMI
Miami had their shot to win my love. They didn't.

EAGLES (-7.5) vs. Bills
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
If two 7-8 teams play each other in week 17, does anyone care?

Panthers (-3) at BUCS
In week 17, you really need to read into things. The Bucs aren't playing very many of their big names, and the ones who are in there won't be in for long. They've clinched the division, so I wouldn't expect this to be a great game.

TEXANS (-6.5) vs. Jags
I still like the Jags. Starters won't be in for long at all. Get a few reps and get out of there, but that should mean it will be a close game. Jags to cover the....Texans? Only in week 17...

Minnesota (-3) at DENVER
Tough game to pick. Maybe the Vikings will show up this week, or maybe we'll see a billion first half turnovers again. Of course I'm exaggerating, but watching last weeks game, it sure seemed like a billion...or maybe it was just three.

Chargers (-8) at RAIDERS
Starters or no starters, San Diego comes out on top. I can't wait to read this Sunday night after the games are over and laugh at how dumb I am.

JETS (-6.5) vs. Chiefs
This might be the Jets' biggest line as a favorite this season. Good for them.

ARIZONA (-6) vs. St. Louis
The networks are gonna get amazing ratings this weekend. I can already sense it.

WASHINGTON (-9) vs. Dallas
I'm not sure if I like the 'Skins to cover, but I figure they'll win with everything that's on the line for them...and everything that isn't on the line for the 'Boys.

Pittsburgh (-3) at RAVENS
Even the second and third string defensive secondary for the Steelers will force turnovers against the Ravens' pathetic offense.

Tennessee (-6) at COLTS
ONLY, and I say ONLY because it's week 17 will I pick Tennessee to cover. Any other week, they wouldn't be the favorite, nor would they win.

And on a final note, I'd like to congratulate our very own Michael J. Clark for another outstanding showing last night in his beatdown of the competition in a local poker tournament. He's on his way to "Poker Legend" status. In my book, anyway.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Giants play to win and apparently, they can win?

Look, I'm a Giants fan. I'm proud to say that(I think? No seriously). But when I go read that former player and captain of the 86' championship team is saying they can win this game, my eyes kind of bulge out of my eye sockets.

Look Harry Carson, I'm not saying you're wrong. The Giants are full of heart. But from what I've seen out of the Giants, they aren't going to win. I don't care if they play to win. Eli needs to have a game he hasn't had since, oh wait, yep, you guessed it, the FIRST HALF.

Eli continues to make me say "woe is me" every second half of every season. And I understand the past two weeks they weren't dealing with the best of weather, but it's not excuse. He's thrown under 50 percent competition rating over the past five games. This is not the numbers of a winning football team, and not a team that's going to beat the Patriots.

And please Giants, I'm challenging you to prove me wrong. I really won't mind. The Giants defense have been great this season, but without their offense, without Jeremy Shockey as an option up the middle, and without a VERY accurate Eli Manning, this game is not winnable.

Coughlin isn't saying much how they're going into the game.

Not saying much, doesn't mean much to me. Coughlin hasn't quite won me over yet. He's gotten this team to the playoffs three years in a row, but they continue to have a poor showing there. They need to make some kind of impact and at least advance for me to really be impressed. And with the Giants situation, if his plan isn't to rest people, I'm slightly concerned. Winning would nice, it would be motivational, but is it worth then considering the option of NOT having Plaxico available as well. Or what about Brandon Jacobs. Do you really want to think about having to deal with that?

I don't.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mets' pitching woes continue

According to several sources, the Mets have hit a snag in trade talks with the A's, as they try to acquire Joe Blanton. The A's are asking for Carlos Gomez, Aaron Heilman, and Kevin Mulvey. That's waaaaaaaay too much for Blanton, and thankfully the Mets' front office knows that, too. Blanton went 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA last season. He's not a #1 starter, and I'm not giving up three prospects unless its a #1 starter. Last time we traded prospects for iffy pitching, we gave up a young man named Scott Kazmir and acquired an old man named Victor Zambrano. That ranks up (or down) there with the Nolan Ryan trade from '71

The Mets are considered favorites in signing free agent Freddy Garcia, but he's recovering from surgery and won't be available until June at the earliest. That'd be cool, sign him and wait until June or July so we can have a big welcoming party. Pedro, El Duque, Moises Alou, and about half of the Mets' roster will be coming off the DL at the same time! No thanks, Freddy.

Erik Bedard is off the market, according to the Orioles' president, Andy McPhail, so cross him off your wish list.

Mark Prior signed with the Padres for a $1 million base salary with plenty of incentives, so he's off the market, too. Shucks.

The only free agent pitcher I'd like to have is Bartolo Colon, who the Mets are in the running for. He had a bad season with plenty of injuries in '07, but he's the only one out there I'd give the benefit of the doubt to. I think he's capable of coming back and having a dominant '08.

Monday, December 24, 2007

NFL/CFB updates

9-5-1 for my NFL picks this week, going into MNF, so it's a nice rebound.

When making my picks, I wrote:
"If KJ gets the ball more than 8 times I think they can cover easily, but how many picks will Kitna throw this week? I'm picking Detroit, but if they let me down, don't expect me to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore this season. That's right, if they screw me over, I refuse to pick them next week!"

Irony part one: KJ got exactly 8 carries and they didn't cover, they pushed, winning by five.
Kitna only threw one interception, and T.J. Duckett anchored the run game, breaking 100 yards as the pass:rush ratio was an un-Martz-like 1:2

Irony part two: The push. So now I don't know what to do about next week. I can't NOT pick the Lions, but if I pick them with confidence, they'll turn back to their old ways!

Bowl update: Boise St. absolutely DID NOT show up Sunday, losing by three. I lost the pick but won on the over/under, so I'm an ugly 2-4 on picks, and 2-4 on the over/under. Something's gotta give

Saturday, December 22, 2007

eek. bad day.

2-3 on my bowl picks so far (0-3 today, 4-1 without the spread)

1-4 on the over/under

bottom line? take whatever i don't take.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Brady Male Athlete of the Year

Brady haters beware, you won't like this post.

I guess that means I don't like this post either...

Regardless, here ya go with a little link announcing Tom Brady as Male Athlete of the Year. Not that this comes as a shocker to anyone. I'll try and find a list of the others nominated this year a little later, but I'm running to a dinner party at the moment.

Week 16 picks

But first, a little frustration venting.
#1) Navy vs. Utah over/under was 66
I picked the under
At halftime, the score was 10-7, meaning 49 more points would need to be scored to destroy my dreams of going perfect this bowl season.
Impossible, I thought, so I went to bed not even worrying about it.
I wake up to see that FIFTY points were scored in the second half. Navy covered so I got the actual pick right, but cmon, you can't tell me these things aren't fixed.

#2) Who shoots a three when you're down by two in a neutral-court game on the biggest stage in the greatest city in the world? Levance Fields, that's who. Props to the Pittsburgh junior. Without two of their best players last night, one likely out for the season due to injury, Pitt showed it could control the tempo against a rekindled Blue Devil offense as they beat my Dukies in OT at the Garden. Without Mike Cook, they won't be their best, but they were anything but mediocre last night. Duke can take a lot away from this loss, showed they can hang tough and play physical.

Anyway, here are my picks. Like Clarkie, I would have taken the Steelers (suuuuure), but I won't count that one. I'm not a cheater like that Rawja Clemens, after all.


CLEVELAND (-3) at CINCINNATI - an upset special for my boy Dickie V, babyyyyyy!

(-7) at CHICAGO


KANSAS CITY (+5) at DETROIT...I don't know about this one. If KJ gets the ball more than 8 times I think they can cover easily, but how many picks will Kitna throw this week? I'm picking Detroit, but if they let me down, don't expect me to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore this season. That's right, if they screw me over, I refuse to pick them next week!

If I keep picking the Lions, I might as well keep picking against the Pats. Go 'Fins!

Are the Bills that good? I can't believe the spread is so low. I mean, I know Eli sucks and his favorite target is done until next season, but seriously. I hope the Bills win this game and shut me up.

I see this being one I get wrong, but I know that if I picked the Raiders, the Jags would magically win by 50. The odds makers are out to get me, and only me. I'd rather be like everybody else who picks the Jags and gets it wrong than to be the guy who boldly picks Oakland and looks like a jackass when the game is a blowout.

Great point by Mr. Clark. Westbrook was the epitome of intelligence and unselfish play last week. I'm just glad I wasn't losing by a few fantasy points with him on my team. I'd probably be pretty mad. Hopefully Westbrook doesn't screw up our opinions of him by...uhh...sorry, I'm trying to come up with something witty like "involving himself in dogfighting," or "throwing money at strippers," but none of those actions negatively changed my opinions of those players. I actually thought the Pacman thing was pretty funny. Just don't go getting a DUI or something, Brian.

When in doubt, pick the favorite.

I don't think either team will win this game.


I disagree. Pennington is that bad. Maybe he'll end up in Miami next year and lead them to three wins. That's right. I'm saying they'll have two this year. And I'm picking the Bengals to beat the Dolphins next week. Figure it out. Bet you're wondering why this blurb isn't about the Jets/Titans game. Well so am I.

Bucs win, niners cover.


Here's to finishing above .500 this week and to the odds makers, in hopes that they stop screwing me over.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remember Me?

Sorry about the lack of posts in awhile from me, gang. Looks like I finished last week over .500 despite my blatant homerism of the New England Pats. I blame the weather.

Won't take credit for this one because Pitt has a comfortable lead in this game now as we speak (or as I type). But this was in the pantheon of the easy games to pick.
MP: Steelers

Not a great week for Jessica Simpson. Her boyfriend's team loses to the Eagles, she gets called out by TO as a distraction, and her ex-husband beats Patti LaBelle in Clash of the Choirs. However, I don't think Carolina is good enough to hang with them 'Boys.
MP: Cowboys

Ladies and gentlemen that are pathological gamblers, this is the game for you to put money on. Let's look at the facts. Fact: The Browns are playoff bound. Fact: The Bengals just lost to the 49ers. Fact: This statement of facts like this is getting kind of grating.
MP: Browns

The week of the road favorites continues. Another line that could probably be doubled. Do you trust the duo of Kyle Orton and The Other Adrian Peterson to beat a 12-2 Packers team that is on fire? Neither do I.
MP: Packers

Finally a road dog this week! This game should be better than a lot of people think. The Texans have been a tough team to beat with Andre Johnson healthy.
MP: Texans!

God's team has officially fallen off. Great article by Travis earlier this week on Mike Martz's play calling abilities. You can not completely ignore the run and expect to go places in the NFL. That is unless your coach decides to give the rest of the league the middle finger by saying that they will beat the rest of the league handily by throwing the ball to Randy Moss or Wes Welker.
MP: Lions

I will not fall into the same trap that I did last week by making bold predictions about the line being 35 and still taking the Pats. However, if the weather is fair in New England, I see this game as a total romp.
MP: Pats

Although Buffalo is no longer postseason eligible, they have been playing with so much heart this year. It's hard to ignore. They've really come a long way from being predicted to finish last in the AFC East to the Kevin Everett injury to almost making the play-offs. Hats off to them. I can see them giving the Giants a tough game this week.
MP: G-Men

Biggest snub from the Pro Bowl rosters: no Jags taken. David Garrard belongs in the game, along with Fred Taylor. Nobody wants to play the Jaguars in the play-offs.
MP: Jaguars

Great job by the Eagles showing up to play against the Gauchos last week. By the way, while fantasy owners were probably crying about it, how savvy of a play was Brian Westbrook's decision to down himself at the one? How many other players in the league would do that? Brian Westbrook is a weird character. At times, he appears overrated, but at times, he seems underrated. Very odd. Saints have been playing inspired football since they've realized that they need to stop messing around if they want to make the playoffs.
MP: Saints

How good would the Vikings be with Matt Ryan, Andre Woodson, Brian Brohme, or even Colt Brennan as opposed to TJ? The real Adrian Peterson is absolutely fun to watch.
MP: Minnesota

Only watchable because the Cardinal offense is fun. But neither team is going anywhere this year. Apparantly nobody wants to be involved with the Falcons franchise after Bill Parcells snubbed them this week too.
MP: Cardinals

How far has Shawn Alexander fallen in the past couple years. The guy doesn't even average 4 yards a carry anymore. I think the Ravens hold their best chances to win with Troy Smith at QB. I think that says more about the sad state of the Ravens quarterbacks then Troy Smith.
MP: Seahawks

Looks like it will Clemens this week if he's healthy. I really feel for Chad Pennington. He really isn't as bad of a quarterback as Jet fans make him out to be. He'll do well for another team next year.
MP: Titans

SF needs to stop winning games. The Pats need a top five pick next year!!!
MP: Yar! Bucs.

The Broncos are miserable. But you all knew that if you read my posts. The Chargers are a weird team. They're bound for a first round exit.
MP: Chargers

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taylor makes Pro Bowl

Sean Taylor, who tragically died earlier this year, was leading the league in interceptions at the time. That was enough to get him a spot in the pro bowl. This was just one of the players announced to the team, but the most emotional selection by far. The article speaks for itself, but it does note a few interesting facts.

For example, Taylor is the first player to be voted in post humously since 1986 when Pell Lindbergh was voted in to the NHL All-Star game after only playing in eight games.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gallo on the the Mitchell Report

I can't believe I forgot to mention that Gary Sheffield agrees with me. Here

20 FSU players suspended

Things are only getting worse for Florida State. As many as 20 players on their football team will be suspended for not only their bowl game, but the first three games of next season for involvement in an alleged cheating scandal. I already picked Kentucky to cover, now I'll just change it from picking the under to picking the OOOOOVER

let's put week 15 behind us

7-9. eeew. bring on bowl season, please.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mike Martz is no genius.

The Lions' playcalling today consisted of 47 passes and 9 rushes. They ran the ball ONCE in the second half. I thought they had things figured out finally after almost beating the Cowboys last week. They're ridiculous and don't deserve to be in the playoffs, nor will they be. Kitna threw for 300 yards! Awesome! Until you see that he completed just over 50 percent of his attempts and connected on five of his passes to the San Diego secondary. I really hope KJ and Duckett leave in the offseason and go to a team where they're appreciated. What a waste.

6-8 going into the last two games, tonight and tomorrow night. Awesome. Oh yeah, and that's counting the Jets pick as a win because I backed off on my vow to take it as a loss if they don't win outright.

Congrats to Brett Fa...v...errr..uh... on whatever record he broke today and best of luck to him for whatever record he's in line to break next week.

Nothing really buzzing today, Rich Rodriguez bolted for the Michigan position. Can't blame him. I didn't pick WVU to cover the Oklahoma spread anyway, so it's irrelevant to me.
Umm, Starbury is back, the Celts are still winning, Tiger is my boy, Rory Sabbatini is about as high on my "awesome list" as Mike Martz and Tom Brady.

Surprise, surprise, Dave Zirin and myself have considerably close feelings on the Clemens/Bonds/Mitchell Report fiasco. Thanks again to John the UberCommie for bringing this to my attention.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's bowl season! Picks are in!

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Dec. 20
Utah (-8.5) vs. Navy (+/- 66)
Navy will be in disarray with head coach Paul Johnson going to Georgia Tech, so I expect this to be a low scoring game. The spread is a little too high so Navy should cover but Utah will win.
Pick: and the under

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Dec. 21
Florida Atlantic (-2.5) vs. Memphis (+/-66.5)
Pick: and the over Bowl, Dec. 22
Cincinnati (-11) vs. Southern Miss (+/-56)
Pick: and the over

New Mexico Bowl, Dec. 22
New Mexico (-3) vs. Nevada (+/- 59.5)
It's not smart to go against the team that the bowl is named after, but I like the upset here.
Pick: and the over

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl, Dec. 22
BYU (-6) vs. UCLA (+/- 47.5)
UCLA beat BYU in the second week of the season, but I don't see that happening again. BYU has improved a lot since then.
Pick: and the over

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Dec. 23
Boise St. (-11) vs. East Carolina (+/- 70)
Pick: and the over

Motor City Bowl, Dec. 26
Purdue (-9) vs. Central Michigan (+/- 72)
Pick: and the under

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, Dec. 27
Texas (-1.5) vs. Arizona State (+/- 61.5)
Apparently the odds makers aren't as stupid as I thought they would be. I love Texas here and everybody is on the Sun Devil bandwagon this season. Not the odds makers and not me!
Pick: and the over

Champs Sports Bowl, Dec. 28
Boston College (-3.5) vs. Michigan State (+/- 57)
Pick: and the over

Texas Bowl, Dec. 28 (ON NFL NETWORK!!)
TCU (-4) vs. Houston (+/- 60.5)
I wanted to pick Houston in this game, but then their head coach bolted for Baylor. You won't see me picking any teams this bowl season who lost their head coach.
Pick: and the over

Emerald Bowl, Dec. 28
Oregon St. (-4.5) vs. Maryland (+/- 49)
I'm usually a big proponent of the ACC and an avid Pac-10 hater, but I gotta give some love to to the Beavers since the entire crowd will be on their side. Terrapin fans travel cross country for basketball. Not football. Plus, look at that beaver in the logo!
Pick: and the over

Meineke Car Care Bowl, Dec. 29
Wake Forest (-3) vs. UConn (+/- 49.5)
I'm giving enough love to the Big East this bowl season. This is virtually a home game for the Demon Deacons, so if UConn wants to shut me up and win this game, I dare them to.
Pick: and the under

Autozone Liberty Bowl, Dec. 29
UCF (-3) vs. Miss. St. (+/- 59)
This game will feature a whole lot of running, UCF has the nation's top rusher and Miss. St. has been less than impressive this year. Look for UCF to control the clock in a low scoring game.

Pick: and the under

Valero Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29
Penn St. (-5) vs. Texas A&M (+/- 51.5)
This game has a great chance for an upset. Penn State has a great defense and A&M has an inconsistent offense. I look for the Aggies to cover in a low scoring game and MAYBE squeak out a W.
Pick: and the under

PetroSun Independence Bowl, Dec. 30
Alabama (-3.5) vs. Colorado (+/- 51.5)
I'd be pretty dumb to bet against the SEC in this mismatch...errr...I mean "matchup." What's scary is that Nick Saban has so much time to prepare. Colorado may not score 10 points in this game so I'd stay away from the over/under.
Pick: and the over

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Dec. 31
California (-4) vs. Air Force (+/- 54)
There is something wrong with the over/under here because Cal is notorious for bowl games with final scores adding up to about 300. They haven't had a bowl game total under 55 points since 2002, with their '03 bowl game against Virginia tech tallying 101 points (W 52-49). Air Force can put up some points, too. I expect this one to feature about 75 or 80 points. Put all the money you don't have on the over in this game and thank me later. However, Cal has lost 6 of 7 and Air Force hasn't been bowl eligible in five years. Don't expect Cal to really show up to this game, and expect Air Force to be pumped and ready.
Pick: and the over

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl, Dec. 31
Georgia Tech (-4) vs. Fresno St. (+/- 54.5)
Another "WHAT?!!" game. This is a the poor man's Hawaii/Georgia...wait, I'm not picking Hawaii, so let's call it the poor man's Boise St./Oklahoma of last year. Georgia Tech doesn't have their head coach. That should be enough for Fresno St. to take this one. I don't know why they're a four-point underdog. Oh well.
Pick: and the over

Sun Bowl, Dec. 31
South Florida (-6.5) vs. Oregon (+/- 53)
I hate to do this, because I asked my friend from the lovely state of Oregon advice on the OU/OSU games and I'm going against her "Oregon State sucks and Oregon rules" advice. But without Dennis Dixon, I don't think it's a real match. Oregon will still put up points but not enough to win and not enough to cover.
Pick: and the over

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, Dec. 31
Kentucky (-4) vs. Florida St. (+/- 56.5)
What's the most eloquent way to put this? Florida State's offense...SUCKS, but Kentucky's defense is...NON-EXISTENT. Kentucky's offense is potent enough to put up about 45 and their defense is bad enough to give up a few touchdowns to the 'Noles. Up to 20 FSU players are gonna be suspended, so Kentucky fans, getcha popcorn ready.
Pick: and the over.

Insight Bowl, Dec. 31
Oklahoma St. (-4.5) vs. Indiana (+/- 69)
Really? A Big 10 team against a Big 12 team? Oh.
Pick: and the under

Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Dec. 31
Clemson (-2) vs. Auburn (+/- 48.5)
Again, I don't know what the oddsmakers are thinking here. Sorry, but ACC teams just don't beat the SEC high-rollers. Auburn had a weak non-conference schedule, but only lost one of those games, a fluke three-point loss in the second week to USF. Defense and rushing rule this game. Final score will be about 20-10.
Pick: and the UNDER!!!

Outback Bowl, Jan. 1
Tennessee (-3.5) vs. Wisconsin (+/- 60)
This is gonna be an interesting game. Not a great game, an interesting one. Gotta love the under, and maybe, just maybe, a one-point win for either team? I don't like Wisconsin against any consistent team, so I'm not picking them to win, I'm taking it to be a very close game. Maybe 23-21ish.
Pick: and the under

Cotton Bowl, Jan. 1
Missouri (-3.5) vs. Arkansas (+/- 70)
This is another tough one to pick. I was hoping the spread would be higher so I could take Arkansas to cover, but without their head coach, I'm not sure if the McFactor is enough to cover or win. Not having Mr. Nutt definitely takes the Razorbacks out of the elite echelon of the SEC, so I'm allowed to pick a Big 12 team to beat them. Plus, remember that time Missouri got screwed out of a BCS bowl? The players' reactions dictate how this game goes. I think they come out to prove a point.
Pick: and the over

Capital One Bowl, Jan. 1
Florida (-10) vs. Michigan (+/- 60)
If the spread goes up to 30 let me know so I can change my pick. Mike Hart is healthy, meaning the Wolverines might score enough points to send this one over 60.
Pick: and the over

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, Jan. 1
Texas Tech (-5.5) vs. Virginia (+/- 60)
I'm glad my team isn't playing in the "Konica Minolta" bowl. I don't even know what a Konica Minolta is. Sponsorship is getting ridiculous. Oh, right, the game. Chris Long can register 20 sacks, but the Red Raiders will still complete their other 35 pass attempts. No ACC team ever sees a passing attack like this. UVA's secondary is gonna have its hands full.
Pick: and the over

The Rose Bowl, Jan. 1
USC (-13.5) vs. Illinois (+/- 50.5)
I know I already used this one for another New Years Day game, but if the spread goes up by a few touchdowns, let me know. Actually, even if it goes up to 70 I'll still pick USC. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit there, but you get my point. It's a virtual home game for the Trojans. Illinois couldn't have been picked to face a tougher team while trying to prove they deserved to be in a BCS bowl.
Pick: and the over

Allstate Sugar Bowl, Jan. 1
Georgia (-9) vs. Hawaii (+/-69.5)
The more I look at this, the more I second-guess myself. So I'm gonna stop thinking about that dreamy Colt Brennan and his monster core of receivers before it leads me to make a bold decision that will probably actually come true since the higher the score gets, the better the chance Hawaii has of covering the spread. SEC, SEC, SEC. Ok, all better now.
Pick: and the ooooover

Tooooooostitooooooooos Fieeeeeeeestaaaaaaaa Booooooooowl, Jan. 2
Oklahoma (-6.5) vs. West Virginia (+/- 64)
By far the most fun bowl name to say with a Spanish accent, with that Konica Minolta thing coming in second place. Oklahoma's defense against WVU's offensive weapons of Pat White and Steve Slaton should be fun to watch. The Sooners have a great run defense so White may have to rely on his arm. A one-dimensional Mountaineer offense could lead to a bunch of turnovers. The Mountaineers' inability to control the Sooners' running backs will dictate this game. Oh yeah, and WVU doesn't have a head coach. I want to make a joke about students burning couches in Morgantown, but they do it win or lose. Oh well.
Pick: and the over

"The greatest game this bowl season"
FedEx Orange Bowl, Jan. 3
Virginia Tech (-3.5) vs. Kansas (+/- 53.5)
Kansas averages 44.3 points per game. The over/under is 53.5. Does that tell you something? It tells me the experienced oddsmakers in Vegas either don't buy into the Kansas offense, or they're more influenced by Virginia Tech's defense. Or maybe both. VT has a good secondary, Kansas will need to establish a solid run game to open up routes for their receivers. I won't predict a game-of-the-year performance from the Hokie defense by picking the under because I respect Kansas. But I gotta show some love to the Hokies.
Pick: and the over

International Bowl, Jan. 5
Rutgers (-10) vs. Ball St. (+/- 60)
Why is this game being played on the 5th? This is a Dec. 20 matchup right here. I'll take an order of Teel with some Rice on the side, thanks. They should have an over/under for total turnovers in this game. I'll make it +/- 5 and take the over.
Pick: and the under

GMAC Bowl, Jan. 6
Tulsa (-5) vs. Bowling Green (+/- 75)
Now this is what I'm talking about. Another Dec. 20 game being played in January, but this one will be fun. No, I won't watch it, but I'll definitely check out the box score as both QB's throw for 450 yards and 5 touchdowns apiece. If the over were 90, I'd still take it without hesitation.
Pick: and the OVER!!!

Allstate BCS National Championship Game, Jan. 7
LSU (-5) vs. Ohio State (+/- 50)

What hasn't been said about this game? Here's my take. It's Beanie Wells (a poor man's McFadden) vs. a healthy Glenn Dorsey. It's basically a home game for the Tigers, and their spread offense should keep OSU's defense confused and on the field. LSU's defensive coordinator is staying to coach this game, but his mind will be elsewhere, but I still think Glenn Dorsey's actions will speak louder than any defensive coordinator's.
Pick: and the under

Friday, December 14, 2007

An interesting take on Roger Clemens

I can't say it's often I think back to Roger Clemens departure from Boston after 13 years with the Sox, but Mark Feinsand brings up an excellent point in his own piece in the New York Daily News. Perhaps, just maybe, Dan Duquette made the RIGHT call when allowing Roger Clemens to leave and sign with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The article is worth a read, and points out some very solid facts that might lead you to believe that this is a solid statement. I'll summarize them here, but check out the link to read it in full.

He points out a 40-39 record, and the only two losing seasons in Clemens career came right before his rejuvenation in Toronto. Ironic, seeing as he mets his new personal trainer, Brian McNamee, and got him to follow him to New York as well.

As I said, Feinsand makes some excellent points, this is a must read for anyone who really wants to delve into this issue.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report

I just perused the report, scanning for names. Some big ones were dropped but the majority of them are people who are no longer in the game (Lenny Dystrka), some in the game that we don't care about (Nook Logan), some who only Mets and Pirates fans would know (Josias Manzanillo, Manny Alexander), and then there are the bombshells, mostly named we've already heard, but in-depth analysis and proof of use (RAWJA CLEMENS, Andy Pettitte, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi).

The .pdf can be found at and

I could tackle the issues surrounding each player named, including Eric Gagne, Paul Lo Duca, etc...but there is only one name I'd like to talk about. Roger Clemens.
Anybody who knows me knows that I don't like him. That's sugarcoating my distaste for him. Polls have been conducted since he was implicated saying he would still be voted into the Hall of Fame. That's fine. He's had a great career, even if it was helped by performance enhancing drugs. If he gets into the Hall and Barry Bonds doesn't, then I'll be pissed. I NEVER jump on the "racism" bandwagon, but this is clear-cut.
Just because Bonds is an outfielder and Clemens is a pitcher, there is no excuse to include one and disclude the other. Clemens holds his fair share of accolades, as does Bonds. Maybe Bonds' homerun record is the one that stands out, but I don't agree with ostracizing someone from being recognized for their accomplishments based on an unclear rule that has been argued over and not officially implemented until just a few years ago.

Mitchell was just asked if Clemens should be allowed in the Hall or if criminal action should be taken. He dodged the question saying his opinion is of no use. Oh well.
Anyway, if Clemens makes it in the Hall and Bonds doesn't, that's 100% pure grade-A racism.

Chris reporting in here. I posted over at Pinstriped Scranton as well, so here's what my post over there was, to add to this report.

An obvious topic today...The Mitchell Report. I've included the link here, to the PDF file of the complete report. The Mitchell Report was released today at 2pm, in a live press conference. On that list, a lot of big names, including Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. This is a huge disapointment to myself and Yankee fans around the world of baseball. Roger was obvious, I never doubted it from the brief moment where I got to speak with him earlier this year. The man's work ethic has always been stressed, but the level of energy he's continued to have has always been questioned despite that. Thus, the name is no shocker.

Andy though, I can't say I expected to see. And it hurts. Andy apparently inquired about them in 1999 according to the report, but didn't start getting into them until 2001/2002, when he was concerned about his elbow. Here's an excerpt:

From April 21 to June 14, 2002, Pettitte was on the disabled list with elbow
tendonitis.395 McNamee said that Pettitte called him while Pettitte was rehabilitating his elbow
in Tampa, where the Yankees have a facility, and asked again about human growth hormone.
Pettitte stated that he wanted to speed his recovery and help his team.

McNamee traveled to Tampa at Pettitte’s request and spent about ten days
assisting Pettitte with his rehabilitation. McNamee recalled that he injected Pettitte with human
growth hormone that McNamee obtained from Radomski on two to four occasions. Pettitte paid
McNamee for the trip and his expenses; there was no separate payment for the human growth

Source: The Mitchell Report PDF

The Roger Clemens/Andy Pettitte buddy storyline doesn't help this situation, it simply makes it easier to put the two together. I have to agree that for those whom didn't do any HGH or Steroids, there really is no defense to this situation. Could Andy or Roger be innocent, sure, but to be honest, I find it hard to believe either would be able to prove it. Don't confuse this either, I'm not saying they are innocent, just showing the other side of the story.

Others in the report that might be of interest, and another big name, is Miguel Tejada. The Yankees had interest in him possibly to fill the third base slot if A-Rod left. Glad they didn't now, I bet.

Of course, Bonds was in there. Everyone knew that was coming, there's no surprise in that. Interestingly enough, Sammy Sosa escaped the report. I can't say that was expected, I was looking to see Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa side by side in this case, as we think back to their amazing race. Then again, when I thought to it, you must think to the "what was legal then/now" argument.

I would recommend you read the pdf file. I haven't got through it completely, I worked in a snow storm all day and skimmed through it when I got home. I'm going to probably read the majority of it over the evening.

It's a good read and details pretty well the reasoning for anyone on the list. Check it out, I could have more later.

Week 15 Picks

After finishing below .500 last week (kill myself), here are my picks for this week of NFL action!

This match-up is just a tease. The winner of this game will be 7-7 and get all excited thinking they are still in the running for the playoffs. They're not. Mark my words: the Broncos and the Texans will not be making the playoffs. Sorry guys.

CIN (-8.5) @ SF
At least nobody is going to be tempted to stay home on Saturday night and watch this game. I don't think Frank Gore's mother would watch this shit.

TEN (-4) @ KC
Ladies and gentlemen, the Madden Curse continues. This time, instead of getting injured, Vince Young has just slipped into mediocrity. The shocking thing about this is that Vince Young probably had the best calendar year of any athlete in 2006. Think about it: winning the Rose Bowl by himself and leading the Titans to a near playoff spot. His 2007 has been awful though. If they miss the playoffs this year, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

SEA (-7.5) @ CAR
Lots of road favorites this week. This line is a joke. Carolina might be one of the worst teams in football.

Great matchup here. The winner of this game gets the inside slot for the six seed in the playoffs. The Browns have had two consecutive bad weeks of football (loss against Arizona, close game vs. Jets), but they have more weapons then Buffalo has. Nothing against Buffalo, who many predicted to go 4-12 or worse this year.

This could be it, Dolphins. You have your chance for a victory. The Ravens are stumbling now and have had a disappointing season. If you want a win, you probably need to do it this week. You probably need to do it this week.

I believe there is a rule in gambling. It says: never pick Brock Berlin to cover against an 11-2 football team.

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers taught the NFL a lesson last week. Don't guarantee a victory against the 2007 New England Patriots. I'm not sure about this Pittsburgh team. I keep hearing that they're the best defense in the league but I just don't see it.

In case my Bobby Petrino article didn't make it all that clear what my feelings are about the man, I think Mr. Petrino is an ass. The Falcons are better off without him.
MIKE'S PICK: Atlanta

Tough game to pick against two middle-of-the-road teams. Both are capable of scoring at will. Both are capable of being blown out by. Any given Sunday...

Still crossing my fingers for a JaMarcus Russell sighting. Just to see Brady Quinn throw things in his hotel room, screaming "I WENT TO NOTRE DAME!! I LOST EVERY SINGLE BCS GAME I PLAYED IN!! I COULDN'T BEAT USC TO SAVE MY LIFE!! I'M A MAN!! I'M 40!! COME AFTER ME!! I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!!"

SD with a totally garbage win last week. They didn't win that game, Tennessee lost it. Meanwhile, God's team blew a game last week too. God's team, who was once 6-2, will probably finish 6-10.

Did you know that Donovan McNabb had not taken a snap in December since 2004 before last week? Why would the Bears be interested in him as their quarterback? If I'm a Bears fan, I feel more comfortable with them rolling the dice on someone like Brian Brohme or Matt Ryan than the NFL's version of Ken Griffey, Jr.

The fact that the New York Giants are 9-4 makes me throw up in my mouth. It's only a matter of time before Eli wets himself in January. And I, for one, cannot wait to see that.

The curse of the Super Bowl runner up continues. This is watchable just because it's Devin Hester and Adrian Peterson: The Rematch.

And I have saved the best for last

JETS (+23.5) @ PATS
I really hope Travis was kidding with his prediction. Because, folks, this is going to be a slaughter. Get your abacus ready. Bill keeps saying that there will be no different game plan this week...really? This coming from the guy that created plays to embarrass the Steelers safety that ran his mouth. The line could be 35 and I'd consider taking the Pats.

Sexy Week 15 Picks--there is a surprise in here

TEXANS (pick) over Broncos

Bengals (-8.5) over 49ERS

SAINTS (-3.5) over Cards
BUCS (-13.5) over Falcons
Ravens (-3.5) over DOLPHINS
Bills (+5.5) cover, maybe even win, against BROWNS
Packers (-10) over RAMS

STEELERS (-3.5) over Jags
this is probably the best game on the schedule. Should be a doozy, but home field takes it.

Jets (+23.5) not only cover, but DEFEAT the mighty Patriots! That's right! I'm picking the Jets to win! Darrelle Revis will have a breakout game with 3 picks, probably return two for touchdowns, and Kellen Clemens and Jerricho Cotchery will go off with career games. Miracles happen. Just ask Luis Gonzalez and Mariano Rivera. If the Jets cover but don't win, I'll take this as a loss.

Seahawks (-7.5) over PANTHERS
Titans (-4) over CHIEFS
Colts (-10.5) over RAIDERS
Lions (+10) cover against the CHARGERS
COWBOYS (-10.5) over Eagles
GIANTS (-4.5) over Redskins

Bears (+10) cover against the VIKINGS

Didn't take too many underdogs this week, but that's why the favorite is the favorite, right?
Go Jets! Break Tom Brady's pretty face!

And his throwing hand!

Baseball and crack use run hand in hand.

First, Andy Pettitte said the Yanks don't need Santana or Haren. Ha.

Second, deals are being finalized left and right. A-Rod= worth it.
Aaron Rowand? Not so much. He got five years and $60 mil from the Giants! That's another fool making $12 mil per year. Not five years ago, only the best of the best made eight figures, now everybody from Ted Lilly to Jon Garland to Kosuke Fukudome are making that much. What's next? Alex Ochoa getting a HOF nod?

More power taken out of the east, transferred to the west. Those teams are gonna beat each other senseless next season. If the Pads trade for Bay, expect them to be the favorite, but right now you gotta like L.A. to give them a run for their money. No love for Arizona, no love for Colorado. San Francisco who?

I'm snowed in today so expect my NFL picks to come shortly (maybe I'll cheat and post it after tonight's game so I can start 1-0), and I'll finish up my NCAAF picks but those won't be posted until Saturday. Don't ask me why.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Marist women lost! Hartford came into McCann and beat them 49-32. Oh well, the national ranking will have to wait awhile longer. It will come though, it will come.

Bobby Petrino's Press Conference

According to, Bobby Petrino has quit his job as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, has accepted an 9 year offer to coach the Red Hook Raiders, and held a press conference at the Rec Park to announce his new job. The following is a transcript of the press conference.

PETRINO: I am very happy to be here. I've always loved Red Hook. This is one of my dream jobs. I will now take questions. Brian?

BRIAN MOORE: Brian Moore, Gazette. First of all, congratulations coach. Secondly, why leave Arkansas?

PETRINO: Well, Brian. It turns out that Arkansas wasn't really the right fit for me. I felt as if I could spread my wings elsewhere. And when the Red Hook position came up, my knees just buckled. I couldn't believe it. My mistress has a house in Tivoli, so that's good.

BRIAN: Yes, but why leave Arkansas after not even having the job for 24 hours?

PETRINO: Well, Brian, after I got the job, someone e-mailed a mock draft to me for the 2008 NFL Season. And, as it turns out, they projected Darren McFadden to leave. So there was no point for me to stay. Yes, Travis?

TRAVIS MILLER: Travis Miller, Poughkeepsie Journal and BMC Sports. Are you really trying to tell us that you had no idea that Darren McFadden might declare for the draft before you took the job at Arkansas?

PETRINO: Well, Travis, it turns out that it was a last minute decision for me to join the Arkansas community. I really did not have time to research whether or not Darren McFadden would want to come back to play. Yes, Peter?

PETER KING: Why did you elect to leave the Falcons after only thirteen games?

PETRINO: I was under the impression that Michael Vick would be our quarterback and once he went down, I just mailed in the rest of the season. I kind of got bored with it all, to be honest.

PETER: Are you aware that Mike Vick's got a career completion percentage of 53.8 and a 75.7 passer rating?

PETRINO: Not at all. I just watch SportsCenter highlights.

BRIAN: Why should anyone ever trust another thing you say?

PETRINO: Listen, a man's allowed to change his mind, right? Give a man a break. I just happened to change my mind three times in the course of a year. But I love Red Hook. I'm staying in Red Hook. Which is why I would like announce my retirement from the head coach position of the Red Hook Raiders and announce that I have just accepted an offer to coach the Shakedown, a flag football team at Manhattan College. Now, if you'd excuse me, I have a private jet to catch. I need to call another press conference.

Fukudome to Cubs, Tejada to Astros

The Cubs spent $48 mil over 4 years for Kosuke Fokudome. WHAT?!!! He averaged like 20 homers a year and a .300 average in Japan. Do you know what that translates into over here? Tsuyoshi Shinjo type numbers. That's right. I went there. If Mark Cuban owned the Cubs, this never would have happened.

The Astros gave up five youngsters including Luke Scott, sending them on their way to the Orioles for shortstop Miguel Tejada. I'm kind of indifferent about the deal. It doesn't strike me as a blockbuster, maybe because Tejada isn't who he was a few years ago. Having another right-handed bat in the lineup doesn't hurt, but they could have used a left-handed bat more. Carlos Lee is a righty and Berkman is a switch hitter. This gives them a nice 3-4-5 punch, but still, when they face a righty, which will be the majority of games, they don't have a natural lefty at all. They have two switch hitters in Berkman and Kaz Matsui. Oh yeah, and the Astros still don't have any pitching beyond Oswalt. Woody Williams and Wandy Rodriguez are their #2 and #3 starters. Albert Pujols isn't shaking in his boots.

All in all, next year the central will be as much of a joke as the N.L. East unless another big move is made. 88 wins could wrap up either division. The power stays in the west.

As for the Orioles...err...aren't they in the same division as the Yanks and the BoSox? Yeah they are. Good move, keep getting younger and look down the road five years when you might have a shot.

NFL picks coming later today or early tomorrow at the latest. Last week I finished 8-8, don't look for me to be picking too many underdogs this week. College Football bowl picks probably will be posted on Saturday. I've been working on those for awhile. It should be quite the fancy post.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LoDuca picks Nationals to play Mets

Paul LoDuca signed a 5 million dollar deal with the Nationals so he could play the Mets 18 games a year. Could for you LoDuca, not only do you stay in the National League, where you're going to be a much more productive player(imo), but you managed to work out five million dollars in the process.

I'm not saying LoDuca hasn't been a huge player for the Mets over the past few years, but last year he showed signs of decline. Sure, he could go surprise me, and end up back where he's been the past few years, but I don't expect it. Over at ESPN, they've gone more into LoDuca's reasons. If you check out the side bar there, you'll find some of, as ESPN put it, his "lo" points.

Of course, the reason of feeling wanted is a valid reason for wanting to play for the Nationals. I happen to like the Nationals, and think they'll be able to compete one day. I wouldn't say next year, and I don't think LoDuca is going to mean winning in in Washington. Then again, I wouldn't mind Tyler Clippard being one of the driving forces in proving me wrong over unlikely a scenario that is.

For all my Zirin plugging

I owe it to DJ Gallo to give him some love, too. He's a sports/satire columnist. Here's one of his latest stories on a trip to Boston.

Marist Women are almost there!

In the polls released today, the Marist Women's basketball team finished 31st (AP) and 27th (ESPN/USA Today). They're so close to sneaking in there. If and when they do get in the top 25, it will be well-earned.
The problem is that three of the teams ranked 20-25 don't play this week. Michigan State (#21) should lose to Oklahoma, so if Marist beats Hartford (8-2 overall), which is no gimme, they can jump ahead of Old Dominion (26th in ESPN/USA Today) since ODU doesn't play this week. If all of these things happen, look for the Lady Red Foxes to earn a #25 ranking next Tuesday unless the Spartans get some love for losing to a top 10 team and stay in the top 25. My only other fear is that the voters are hatin' on the Marist women for being a mid-major and vote for a bigger school ahead of them.

Zirin on Vick

Another link courtesy of John the uber-commie. Check it out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fukudome to decide tonight

For those who haven't been following it, free agent from Japan Kosuke Fukudome has been back and forth on whether he intends to play in America or Japan. It looks like he's planning on making that decision tonight. This hasn't got the following like Santana has got, but it's definitely newsworthy.

The teams interested at this point are both Chicago teams, as well as the Giants and the Padres. With players that haven't had a chance to really compete on a daily basis in Major League Baseball, I've grown more and more weary in recent years. It's such a hit or miss market, that you really have to do your research. I've been following this Fukudome story since it was first posted on ESPN, and am personally glad to have a conclusion. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a conclusion as conclusive as Hank Steinbrenner "we're not interested anymore" official statement.

An example backing my Lute Olsen post

Sean Taylor. My biggest gripe was with a Jemele Hill column that was way too over the top for me. Then my friend Johnny Mac, who introduced me to Dave Zirin, now one of my favorite sports writers, sent me the link to Zirin's Sean Taylor post. It made me realize there are bigger fish to fry than Ms. Hill. Don't bother reading her column, it's discussed in Zirin's. Read that.

It makes my day to read what Zirin wrote, because more so this year than ever, I'm a big proponent of the media shutting up about their opinions on tragedies. I understand there is a function of writing columns, and that is to insert opinion, but seriously, some things just need to be reported and that's the end of it.

On a side note, 23 months in jail and 3 years probation for Michael Vick. I hope he can return to football and rework his reputation, but I think there is still another trial on the horizon.

Lute Olsen

This is a tricky subject for several reasons which I will hopefully be able to articulate effectively enough to describe my stance on it.

He has taken a leave of absence from his team for the remainder of the season to deal with "personal problems." The media being what it is, it took less than 24 hours to find out he's getting a divorce from his wife of four years. Fair enough, also, there are other reported personal problems in addition to this divorce that led to this decision.

If this were the only side to the story, what can I say? He's going through a tough time and I'm sure it sucks to be in a national spotlight and go through this. But when Bobbi, his first wife (of 47 years I might add), died in January of 2001 after fighting ovarian cancer, he didn't take the rest of the season off. The inconsistency here bothers me. They had five children together and were married for almost 50 years. I don't quite understand it, but I've never spent that long with someone. I don't really want to get into "preparing for her death" or anything like that.

That was just something that bothered me, but I still respect him and the fact that I know nothing other than what I've read is a huge component of this. I hope the other problems he has cited don't involve his health, because he's a great coach with an insane track record. He has almost 800 wins, 12 coach of the year honors (10 conference, 2 national), a national championship, and has been coaching some level of basketball for over FIFTY YEARS.

I wish him the best and hope everything is okay. I'm also glad the school is supporting him and his job is still waiting for him when he is ready to return.

When people are going through stuff like this, they deserve to be left alone. As soon as it was announced that he had "personal problems," I knew it wouldn't be long before some douche went sniffing around a subject that is none of his business and had to tell the world. It's none of our business, yet here I am blogging about it. Go Duke.

Vick Sentenced Tomorrow

In light of all the NFL happenings, many I'm sure have forgotten about a certain Quarterback named Vick. Well, he isn't forgotten by Federal prosecutors, and tomorrow, they will decision on where Vick is going to be the next few years of his life.

Make sure to be tuned in 10 am EST tomorrow to ESPN to get all your updates on the case. Unfortunately, I'll be at work, but I'm sure one of us here will have something more to say tomorrow following the results.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Live NFL blogging

-9:12 p.m.- Final thoughts on the day:
I'm glad the Lions figured out how to be more than a one-dimensional ball club. If they played better on special teams, they would have had a marquee win.
The Patriots are probably gonna go undefeated in the regular season, losing to the Colts in the AFC title game. Remarkable season, big ups to them.
The Giants have a big chip on their shoulder but need to start playing consistent on offense, defense, and special teams before they get some respect as a contender. Sam Madison called Sam Ryan "retarded" during the lockerroom presser for asking if they feel good about being 9-4. I have access to the video on this computer but it's setup so I can't upload it. I could do a screen shot of Madison's initial facial expression, but I'm having technical issues with that, too.
Heading home now. Have a good night, anyone reading.

Haha, the Ravens ironically enough just returned a kickoff for a touchdown. 30-7. It's nice that they showed up...a quarter late, though. I love football.

-9:02 p.m.- This is amazing! Indy just blocked a punt and it went out their end zone for a safety. 23-0.

-9:00 p.m.- Too late. Another turnover, this time an interception courtesy of Kyle Boller setup Peyton's second TD pass. Indy up 21-0 with 3:00 left in the first quarter.

-8:42 p.m.- We're about six minutes into the Colts/Ravens game and the Colts had a long drive on their first possession, then forced a fumble and returned it to their own 12-yard line. It's 14-0 already. Baltimore needs to calm down before this turns into an early version of next week's Pats/Jets game.

-7:50 p.m.- The line just came out for next week's Pats/Jets game. Guess. Pats (-25). I'll take New England, thanks!

-7:21 p.m.- 7-7 going into the final two games. This is why I don't put money on games

-7:14 p.m.- Maybe Mangini just has Nugent on his fantasy team. Down 9 with :37 left he kicked another field goal. Good luck on this onside kick, boys. Then a hail mary? Riiiight.

-7:09 p.m.- JAMAL LEWIS IS MY BOY!!! 31-yard touchdown run puts the game away! Still 1:22 left, but I'm hoping the Jets don't score again

-7:04 p.m.- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DOWN 5 AND YOU KICK A FIELD GOAL WITH LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LEFT? Mangini definitely knows the spread and has money on it. The Jets have all three timeouts left so the Browns will have to try to get first downs. This could still work to my advantage...

-7:00 p.m.- I've pretty much given up on the Pats/Steelers so now I'm onto the Jets' game because it's getting interesting. They missed the two-point conversion to pull within three (and screw me over on my pick by beating the 3.5 spread), but they recovered the onside kick and they're driving. I'm doing good on my 4:00 picks, but the Jets can screw me over here. I'm looking to be 7-7, assuming I lose the Pats pick, and not counting the Mayweather and Tebow picks. If the Jets put this in the end zone I drop to 6-8 with two games left. Go Browns!

-6:30 p.m.- Ok this is about to get absurd. That pseudo-flea flicker was one thing, but now the Pats are just gonna pile it up. I must be fair and point out the more accurate poster in the crowd

The Pats

-5:43 p.m.- Wow, everybody on the Giants says a whole lot of nothing, but takes forever to say it. Anyway, the Steelers are hanging in there, down by four at the half. None of the other games are that intriguing right now. The Jets and Browns are on, 14-3 Browns. The Jets don't actually look that bad, but the score speaks for itself.

After the games that are done so far, I'm 3-6. But Mayweather won and Tebow won, so let's just make it a cool 5-6 so it doesn't sound as bad.

-4:53 p.m.- nevermind. i give up. I hate you, Tom Brady. I'm logging Giants post right now so I'm not watching multiple games like I was during the 1:00 games.

-4:41 p.m.- Did you just see Brady trash talking after the TD pass to Moss? What a piece of crap. That will definitely ignite the Steelers' defense...I hope

-4:38 p.m.- It's pizza day at SNY so while I was eating my slices, Randy Moss made a circus catch and then Maroney dragged a pile of Steelers six yards for a first down. I almost threw up. Go Steelers!! Please win!!!

There is a great sign in the crowd:
Brady's perfect
how about just CRUSH BRADY?

-4:23 p.m.- I had to run an errand at SNY but when I came back I heard Tony Romo was a hero! Hey Detroit, this is why we make our field goals.

-3:58 p.m.- Tony Romo has two minutes and change to be a hero against the Lions.

Giants just made a huge fourth down stop, probably should have been a flag, but they didn't have first down yardage anyway. 1:57 left Giants' ball. Game over.

-3:50 p.m.- Jacobs fumbled and turned it over again, as did the Cowboys on the six-inch line. It's more costly for the Cowboys because they're losing. If Big Blue's D comes up big they'll be okay. The 'Boys are in trouble, though.

The Texans have about wrapped things up against Tampa Bay. No clinching the division today for the Bucs. I wish my Thursday pick was the only one that counted...

-3:21 p.m.- I don't know how McNabb keeps eluding the Giants' defenders. He should have been sacked...oh, for irony's sake, let's say TWELVE times by now. L.J. Smith just got hit really hard and was down for a bit. It looked like he hyperextended his knee but got up on his own power. Hopefully he's okay.

Plax just caught another long ball. It hurts to watch him run.

Dallas is in the Red Zone...short pass on 3rd and goal gets them to the one-yard line. They should go for this---they went for it and got the 6. They still won't cover. Oh well. The Lions better keep giving it to KJ.

-3:10 p.m.- See what happens when you give the ball to KJ? I've been saying this all along. Ask anyone I work with at SNY. They dread working with me on Sundays because I don't shut up about giving the ball to KJ!

Favre, Grant, and company are having a nice day, too. Favre threw one pick so far, but other than that he's playing good and the Packers established a solid running game today. Oh that's right. They're playing the Raiders. I need Green Bay to ease up a bit though, I picked Oakland to cover 11.

The Giants are getting a bunch of breaks here, they need to get more than a field goal. As I say that, Plax just caught a TD pass from Eli. Congrats, Eli, Giants fans don't hate you...this drive.

-2:15 p.m.-
So I can officially put my foot in my mouth. The Lions have passed 16 times today and rushed 18 with a balanced attack of Duckett and my boy KJ! They're beating Dallas 20-7 in the 2nd quarter. I'm probably going to get that pick wrong since Dallas isn't looking like they'll cover 11, but at least KJ is getting the ball!

The Giants had 1st and Goal from the two-yard line not too long ago. With Brandon Jacobs being healthy, one would expect them to give him the ball, right? Nah, Droughns for a loss, an offsides penalty taking them to the one-yard line, incomplete pass to Shockey, and then another failed Droughns run equals FIELD GOAL! You gotta feel bad for Giants fans.

It seems as though Miami has officially given up on their season, losing 31-7 early in the second quarter. The Bills are looking like the Patriots!

I won't be perfect on my picks today, but I'll gloat while I can. I got Thursday's game right, I got the Heisman right (Marcus Vick = Tim Tebow), and I got Mayweather right. Take that, Clarkie!

Pavano will accept Minor League Assignment

"American Idle" Carl Pavano spoke to Brian Cashman on Friday at the Stadium and said he is going to accept a minor-league assignment after the Yankees release him from the final year of a disastrous four-year, $39.95 million contract.

Needing room on the 40-man roster so they can add Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, the Yankees hatched the idea of cutting Pavano. The right-hander had Tommy John surgery on his right elbow in early June and isn't expected to be ready to pitch until July at the earliest.

Under the release plan, Pavano would get the $11 million he is owed for the 2008 season and the $1.95 million buyout he would have coming to him, because the Yankees aren't going to pick up a $15 million option for 2009."

Source:New York Post

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So Pavano could be a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. Spare me, please. This is a good decision by Pavano though, he does get to rehab himself so he can try and get A contract the next year. By far a bigger dub than "The Fat Toad" Hideki Irabu...way to go Yankees on this one. I don't think anyone expected this, but you couldn't have expected that much out of Pavano from the beggining. He was pitching in the National League, and his numbers were nowhere near the salary that he was being paid.

So, I guess good for Pavano. Maybe if Pavano comes to Scranton at some point in this "rehab" experience, I'll have a change of thoughts on him, but having watched him last year on Opening Day, and I believe one other time...yes, I know, amazing, I actually saw him pitch, not many Yankee fans can say that...I don't see him doing much or providing much come August. And hell if I trust him pitching in the post season EVER.

Men's College Basketball

Wright State beat Butler by a score of 43-42. I'm gonna remember that one come tournament time. No, not so I can take Wright State in a 14-3 matchup, but so I can take whoever is facing Butler in the 12-5! 42 points? You gotta score more than that, especially if you're nationally ranked.

I love the concept of mid-majors, but they get too much hype after awhile and can't back it up. Gonzaga was in limbo for a few years like that, where they would have a pretty good regular season and "earn" a good seed in the tournament and face early exits. I'm not hatin' on the 'Zags, I support them and root for them unless they're playing Duke or VT (and they beat VT earlier this season!)

What I'm trying to say is I like mid-majors as underdogs. Granted, some are legitimately good teams and are better than most teams in major conferences, but it's games like these that bring teams back down to earth. I have the most respect for teams like Davidson. They've already played UNC, Duke, and UCLA! I hope they make it in the tourney as a low seed, I'll take them against whoever they play in the first round. Mark my words!

Duke is off to a great start, but I won't start hyping them until they win a true road game against a good team. Looking at their schedule, that opportunity should come....Dec. 20 at Pittsburgh, currently #9 but hasn't played anybody good yet. UNC looks to be a serious contender, as do Kansas and Texas, but again, it's a loooooooong season. I believe those four teams should be mainstays in the top 10 all year.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

BCS mess?

We finally have a Saturday off from College Football, so let's talk about...College Football!
As always, there are complaints being thrown at the BCS system from supporters of all but two teams. The two survivors this year are LSU and Ohio State.
With such an insane season, it was impossible to really pick the two best teams to match up in the title game. Nobody can even agree on who the two best teams are.

LSU has been dominant and hasn't lost in regulation, but they seem to be imploding in a very casual way, but that isn't taken into consideration, nor should it be. They won the SEC, the most competitive conference in college football this year, and their two losses came in triple overtime.

Ohio State plays in the Big Ten...I'd have more respect for Big Ten teams if they had a Conference Championship game, but I respect Ohio State and think it's fine that they're in the BCS title game. There are only two one-loss teams from BCS conferences, and Ohio State is one of them.

Kansas, the other one-loss team I mentioned, played the weakest possible schedule for a Big 12 team. They didn't play Texas, Oklahoma, or Texas Tech, the top three teams in the Big 12 South. I think they would have lost at least two of those games. If they beat VT, I'll shut my mouth (my picks will be coming next week and don't expect me to bet against VT). The Jayhawks only lost one game, but unfortunately it was to
Missouri, eliminating them from a berth in the Conference Championship game. Don't win your conference? No BCS Title game in my eyes.

Missouri didn't even get a BCS nod which is unbelievable. They deserve a berth much more than Kansas or Illinois, but both losses coming to Oklahoma were rough. Kansas only having one loss is probably the reason Mizzou isn't receiving a Hokie beatdown on Jan. 3.

Oklahoma won the Big 12, with their two losses coming at Colorado and at Texas Tech. Sorry guys, you gotta have better losses than that.

Georgia is a great team and I think they're a great fit to play Hawaii. Again, though, no conference title, so you're gonna have to be last year's Oklahoma. Tons of pressure to beat these savage misfits from a non-BCS conference.

Of course, Hawaii isn't really a team full of savage misfits. They've got a legit offense. When I say legit, I mean LEGIT. Colt Brennan is a great quarterback and has some very talented receivers around him. They didn't play many big games, but they did what they had to do. Win, win, and win without losing. They earned their BCS bid, but even if they beat Georgia I wouldn't let them share the title with LSU (oops, did I just make my pick early?)

Many people are saying USC is the best team out there. Too bad they weren't healthy the whole season, because that would be the only way to convince me. Oh well, they can go beat Illinois by 60 and complain about not getting into the big game all the way into next season.

Last but certainly not least, our beloved Hokies. Of course they earned the biggest logo because they finished #1 according to the computers. They were 3rd overall in the BCS standings, and I completely agree with them being left out of the title game for their own sake. There are just some teams they don't stack up against--as we saw when they played LSU earlier in the season, losing by about six touchdowns. You can't have an LSU-VT rematch, especially since the first game was so lopsided. And you can't have VT-OSU because...well, LSU is more deserving than Tech.

The Hokies won the ACC in dramatic fashion, had a great win against the Wahoos and an even better retribution win against BC. Too bad they lost the first one to BC otherwise there would be no doubt about the Hokies playing for it all.

Not too many people are compelled by the VT-Kansas matchup, but Kansas has a high-octane passing offense and I'd love to see if they've done their homework. They aren't gonna run the ball, and if they tried, the game would be over before it started. If they run routes up the middle and concentrate on getting the ball to their tight ends, they have a chance to stay in the game, but if they even think about challenging the Hokies' secondary on the outside. Their "tight ends" are gonna be in a world of danger. Eew. I went there.
Picks and spreads will be on their way sometime next week.

If you've stayed with me through all this, you might as well let me know I'm not the only one reading my blogs--leave your thoughts on the BCS and who deserves to be in the title game.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Latest Press Release

The number one pound for pound boxer in the world would like to say something about Ricky Hatton. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the greatest thing to ever happen to the sport of boxing since sliced bread. Although it is pretty obvious that I carry myself like a poor man's Muhammed Ali, I am the greatest boxer of all time. Nobody can stop Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Oscar de la Hoya couldn't, my deadbeat dad couldn't, and Ricky Hatton sure as hell ain't gonna do it because I am poetry in motion. My right arm is a weapon of mass destruction. Barry Bonds doesn't take steroids, he drinks my sweat. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s so high class that T-Pain buys Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dranks. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is so sensational, he jumps from third to first person. Is there anything I, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., star of HBO's original series Mayweather-Hatton 24/7 can not do? Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will even answer that question for you: No. I am unstoppable. Thank you for giving me your money.

My pick: Hatton TKO11
I don't trust a guy that can't even beat Mark Cuban in Dancing With the Stars.

Phillips elects free agency

Check out my other blog if you want more my indepth thoughts on it, but so everyone knows, Andy Phillips is out as a Yankee. He cleared waivers and was offered a chance to join up in Scranton again. He declined and rightfully so. You can read more at Pinstriped Scranton if you like. 

Other random weekend picks

Floyd Mayweather over Ricky Hatton

And I don't really need to go out on a limb with my Heisman pick, everyone can guess who it is. That's right, Marcus Vick.

Speaking of the greatest player in the game

T.O. is selling "Getcha Popcorn Ready" wristbands. Props to Big P for the link.

That's all I want for Christmas!

The NFL would be lost without players like T.O. and Ocho-Cinco.

The end.

State of the Giants

Barry Bonds is going to jail, so kind of makes you feel like the Giants are going to jail. After all, once you get beyond the ego of Mr. Bonds, I think there's 24 other players there. Oh wait, wrong topic...

I'm talking the, as Chris Berman so eloquently puts it, NEW YORK FOOTBALL Giants.

Any Giants fan of the past few years can tell you, the second half of the year is always interesting. A race to finish in the Wild Card lately, or just barely squeeze out the division. The Giants are again threatening to blow it, but have somehow come up with key victories in one of Eli's great fourth quarters. Of course, I think it's safe to say Giants fans would like to see what he does there so, I don't know, quarter one, two, or here's a wild one, three.

This coming week the Giants take on the Eagles, a team many would say isn't much different from the Giants. I'd say differently. Aside from records, I think there's a much more positive attitude in the locker room all season long in New York. I have to accredit that for some of their success, they want to win, they like to be the underdogs, and they embrace it. I can't say the same about the Eagles. They lack a passion, that maybe T.O. even provided them with. T.O. was and is a show-off, but perhaps he did get his team going in that way that the Eagles need again.

The biggest thing for the Giants, is to take a look at their upcoming schedule, versus that of their other Wild Card opponents, being the division was lost back in their second loss to the Cowboys this year.

at Eagles(5-7)
vs Washington(6-7)
at Buffalo(6-6)
vs New England(I don't want to talk about their record...j/k, 12-0)

With this schedule, the Giants SHOULD go 3-1. This is a should keep in mind, and the Giants should have beat the Cowboys, and the Vikings. Did they? No... But let's face it here. They are a better team than the Eagles, and a better team than Washington. Washington came up with a big win recently, but still is a long shot to make the playoffs. The other teams in WC contention are the Detroit Lions, with my FF QB, Kitna, and the Vikings also standing at a record of 6-6.

Their schedules look something like this

Vikings Lions
at San Fran vs Dallas
vs Chicago (MNF) at San Diego
vs Washington vs KC
at Denver at Green Bay

Looking at this schedule, I can't really see either team passing the Giants record wise if they're playing the way they should This could all change if the Giants lose to the Eagles this week, but I'm going to stick to my guts on this one, and see the Giants take it this Sunday. Their offense is not as good as it was at the beginning of the year, as it's been the case the past two years, but they've managed with injured running backs all year long, the loss of Ward shouldn't change their game plan too much. Droughns has done well when called upon, and I believe he'll keep that up.

Their defense has been good, and if that keeps up, they should at least take the next three weeks. If either team, the Lions or the Vikings, was going to catch New York, by schedule strength, I'd have to say it's going to be the Vikings. Remember, they tie the Giants, they did beat them, so that would be a blow to the Giants.

The Giants would have to lose two of their next four for the Vikings to at least tie at this point. As I said, I don't see that happening, and I see the Vikings at least falling once in their final four games.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lazy Predictions for NFL week

Call me lazy, I"m fine with that. But due to wanting to get this out there prior to any games, and being sick of angry people who come in to buy a Wii 5 days after we had them, I'm not in the mood for indepth reasoning behind my picks here.


Washington beats Chicago
Giants beat them, so will the Redskins.

Carolina beats Jacksonville...err, not
Ok, earlier I typed this the wrong way. Talk about a totally off day. You know you're having one when you write that you don't see Jacksonville winning this apoligies to sports fans who have something in thing we call a skull

Dallas destroys Detroit
I wish, and I really do, wish, I wasn't typing this. Dallas has an amazing team. There, you happy god? As a Giants fan, I hate to say it, but Dallas really is a great team. Kitna happens to be my FF quaterback...yeah, I"m screwed.

Buffalo beats "Unwinful" Miami Dolphins

Giants beat Eagles
There is no way I can even let all three of us predict the Eagles to win. The Giants have been good at pulling out tough wins that keep them in the playoff race(where they will lose in the first round, as they do best the last few years they've got in...and I don't speak of their "Superbowl" year.).

Packers beat Oakland
Mr. Brett Farve will lead his team to another win. I'm not one to say Oakland won't try and make it interesting, but try might be the best choice of word here for many reasons.

"Team unbeaten" New England beat Steelers
Seeing so many Steelers fans, on such a daily basis here in Scranton(yes, they're here hiding amongst the obnoxious Eagles fans), I can wish all I want that New England will lose. NOT happening.

Chargers beat Tennesse

Bengals over Rams

Tampa Bay beats Houston

Seattle beats Arizona
Yahoo gives you two defense in FF, I also have Seatle...yeah for me.

49er's beat Vikings
Call it spite, I simply call it something you don't expect

Browns beat Jets
They're the Jets...want another reason?
Chiefs beat Broncos

Colts beat Ravens

Saints beat Falcons

Hideki Matsui

According to various reports today, the San Francisco Giants have inquired to the Yankees about the availability of Hideki Matsui. As a Yankee fan, I am supposed to be outraged. I'm supposed to shudder at the thought of Matsui in anything but the Yankee pinstripes. Here's the problem: I'm fine with it.

I like Matsui. I've liked him ever since he came to the Yanks in 2003. However, let's look at the possible return for Matsui. Tim Lincecum, San Fran's version of Phil Hughes. Matt Cain, whose 3.65 ERA speaks louder volumes than his 16 losses on a bad team. These two are solid young starters. And while Matsui consistently puts up very workman-like numbers (you can pencil him in for .290, 25, 100 every year), I will again look at the numbers. Specifically, his postseason numbers over the past three years.

2005: .200, 1 HR, 1 RBI
2006: .250, 0 HR, 1 RBI
2007: .182, 0 HR, 0 RBI

I love Matsui. But for Lincecum or Cain, if I'm Cashman I have to consider pulling the trigger.