Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report

I just perused the report, scanning for names. Some big ones were dropped but the majority of them are people who are no longer in the game (Lenny Dystrka), some in the game that we don't care about (Nook Logan), some who only Mets and Pirates fans would know (Josias Manzanillo, Manny Alexander), and then there are the bombshells, mostly named we've already heard, but in-depth analysis and proof of use (RAWJA CLEMENS, Andy Pettitte, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi).

The .pdf can be found at and

I could tackle the issues surrounding each player named, including Eric Gagne, Paul Lo Duca, etc...but there is only one name I'd like to talk about. Roger Clemens.
Anybody who knows me knows that I don't like him. That's sugarcoating my distaste for him. Polls have been conducted since he was implicated saying he would still be voted into the Hall of Fame. That's fine. He's had a great career, even if it was helped by performance enhancing drugs. If he gets into the Hall and Barry Bonds doesn't, then I'll be pissed. I NEVER jump on the "racism" bandwagon, but this is clear-cut.
Just because Bonds is an outfielder and Clemens is a pitcher, there is no excuse to include one and disclude the other. Clemens holds his fair share of accolades, as does Bonds. Maybe Bonds' homerun record is the one that stands out, but I don't agree with ostracizing someone from being recognized for their accomplishments based on an unclear rule that has been argued over and not officially implemented until just a few years ago.

Mitchell was just asked if Clemens should be allowed in the Hall or if criminal action should be taken. He dodged the question saying his opinion is of no use. Oh well.
Anyway, if Clemens makes it in the Hall and Bonds doesn't, that's 100% pure grade-A racism.

Chris reporting in here. I posted over at Pinstriped Scranton as well, so here's what my post over there was, to add to this report.

An obvious topic today...The Mitchell Report. I've included the link here, to the PDF file of the complete report. The Mitchell Report was released today at 2pm, in a live press conference. On that list, a lot of big names, including Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. This is a huge disapointment to myself and Yankee fans around the world of baseball. Roger was obvious, I never doubted it from the brief moment where I got to speak with him earlier this year. The man's work ethic has always been stressed, but the level of energy he's continued to have has always been questioned despite that. Thus, the name is no shocker.

Andy though, I can't say I expected to see. And it hurts. Andy apparently inquired about them in 1999 according to the report, but didn't start getting into them until 2001/2002, when he was concerned about his elbow. Here's an excerpt:

From April 21 to June 14, 2002, Pettitte was on the disabled list with elbow
tendonitis.395 McNamee said that Pettitte called him while Pettitte was rehabilitating his elbow
in Tampa, where the Yankees have a facility, and asked again about human growth hormone.
Pettitte stated that he wanted to speed his recovery and help his team.

McNamee traveled to Tampa at Pettitte’s request and spent about ten days
assisting Pettitte with his rehabilitation. McNamee recalled that he injected Pettitte with human
growth hormone that McNamee obtained from Radomski on two to four occasions. Pettitte paid
McNamee for the trip and his expenses; there was no separate payment for the human growth

Source: The Mitchell Report PDF

The Roger Clemens/Andy Pettitte buddy storyline doesn't help this situation, it simply makes it easier to put the two together. I have to agree that for those whom didn't do any HGH or Steroids, there really is no defense to this situation. Could Andy or Roger be innocent, sure, but to be honest, I find it hard to believe either would be able to prove it. Don't confuse this either, I'm not saying they are innocent, just showing the other side of the story.

Others in the report that might be of interest, and another big name, is Miguel Tejada. The Yankees had interest in him possibly to fill the third base slot if A-Rod left. Glad they didn't now, I bet.

Of course, Bonds was in there. Everyone knew that was coming, there's no surprise in that. Interestingly enough, Sammy Sosa escaped the report. I can't say that was expected, I was looking to see Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa side by side in this case, as we think back to their amazing race. Then again, when I thought to it, you must think to the "what was legal then/now" argument.

I would recommend you read the pdf file. I haven't got through it completely, I worked in a snow storm all day and skimmed through it when I got home. I'm going to probably read the majority of it over the evening.

It's a good read and details pretty well the reasoning for anyone on the list. Check it out, I could have more later.


Michael J. Clark said...

I don't know if it's a racial issue. I think it's more a personality thing. Clemens is the guy who does "This is SportsCenter" commercials and phone commercials. There is no evidence of him ever really being a prick to reporters. People don't like Bonds. Steroids or no steroids, people are put off by Bonds' attitude. He fights with his teammates and is curt with the media. Of course popular opinion still puts Clemens in the hall. People like him better than Bonds.

Travis Miller said...

Are you saying Clemens is a good guy? A nice guy? You're smoking the same stuff the Giants' GM is

Michael J. Clark said...

i'm not saying clemens is a good guy, i'm saying that the public likes clemens more than they like bonds

Travis Miller said...

If bonds' career centered around playing in New York where there are more fans, how do you think it would be? Clemens may have a lot of support, but I think the majority of it is in the northeast and in texas. It certainly isn't proportionate across the table

Michael J. Clark said...

But people in San Francisco hate Bonds too. They think he's a blowhard. It's a universal hatred. And people feel stronger about disliking Bonds than disliking Clemens.

Travis Miller said...

That doesn't mean Bonds should be left out of the Hall and Clemens should be included. Either put them both in or disclude them both. And for the love of God, put Pete Rose in already!

Michael J. Clark said...

I'm in complete agreement with you dude. I'm just trying to argue why people would say in a fan poll that Clemens should be in.

Travis Miller said...

so in conclusion, we, the fans, are douchebags.

Chris Barrows said...

I've met Clemens. If anyone honestly wants to see how he is, and how much he "loves" the fans, they should look at how he handled himself when he came to Scranton, Pa.

He shows kindness on the field, but I will forever remember his reaction to a "how does it feel to get such a great reaction in this minor league parks, when you sometimes hear criticism..." or whatever the question was. I don't remember the exact question, but it got that point across in a non-offensive way during his return to the Yankees. Let's just say, you all saw it, he blew up.

And he called me kid, I suppose I deserve that one, as a young journalist, but even Ron Villone (also on the list)didn't call me kid.

ERnie said...

I don't care if you're the nicest guy on Earth or the biggest douche, if you cheat, you cheat. I'm sure Lo Duca and Gagne are two of the nicest guys in baseball, but they are damn cheaters. I also find it hard to believe that such players like Manny and Ortiz aren't on this list.

Coincidence that they play for Boston while Mitchell has a seat on the board of directors (or whatever it is he does with that franchise)?