Monday, December 24, 2007

NFL/CFB updates

9-5-1 for my NFL picks this week, going into MNF, so it's a nice rebound.

When making my picks, I wrote:
"If KJ gets the ball more than 8 times I think they can cover easily, but how many picks will Kitna throw this week? I'm picking Detroit, but if they let me down, don't expect me to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore this season. That's right, if they screw me over, I refuse to pick them next week!"

Irony part one: KJ got exactly 8 carries and they didn't cover, they pushed, winning by five.
Kitna only threw one interception, and T.J. Duckett anchored the run game, breaking 100 yards as the pass:rush ratio was an un-Martz-like 1:2

Irony part two: The push. So now I don't know what to do about next week. I can't NOT pick the Lions, but if I pick them with confidence, they'll turn back to their old ways!

Bowl update: Boise St. absolutely DID NOT show up Sunday, losing by three. I lost the pick but won on the over/under, so I'm an ugly 2-4 on picks, and 2-4 on the over/under. Something's gotta give

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