Saturday, December 27, 2008

What We Do in Week 17 Echoes in Eternity

My quest to go 0-16 failed miserably, as I doubled my wins from the earlier week. I think I went 6-10, but I'm not positive. As for bowl picks, it's miserably apparent I haven't watched enough college football this year. As of yesterday, I'm 1-6-1 [no joke, but nobody should be surprised] against the spread, and 4-4 on the over/under. Vegas would loooooooove my money!

Lots of unimportant games tomorrow! Let's take a look:

St. Louis @ Atlanta (-11)
Atlanta is clinched, but still has a shot at the division. I'd guess they come to play today. For one half, maybe.

New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo
I'd like to congratulate Tom and Gisele for their recent engagement. Mike Clark should be ashamed of himself for breaking the news saying their relationship was on the rocks. I'm pretty sure the Pats have enough to play for today to cover six and a half [does my picking them mean a win for the Bills?!! Patriots fans revolt in my direction if Buffalo takes this one].

KC @ Cinci (PICK)
Oh yeah baby. I'm on a roll with the Bengals! Win numba FOOOOOOUR comes tomorrow! People who thought it would be a shootout between them and the Lions for the 0-16 should be ashamed. It's too bad these two teams don't play in the AFC or NFC West...they might still have a shot at the playoffs!

Detroit (+5.5) @ Green Bay
Just doing what I can to get them to the magical 0-16 mark.

Tennessee @ Indy (-1.5)
The Titans, to their credit, have won some big games recently when everyone thought they would lose. This isn't one of those games. The Colts are just better.

New York Giants @ Minnesota (PICK)
I could be stupid here and predict the Giants spoil the Vikings playoff hopes. Let's get real here. Nobody important is playing in the second half for the Giants. They'd forfeit if they could.

Carolina @ New Orleans (+1.5)
I might even pick the 'Aints if either team had something to play for.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-9.5)
Not only do the Steelers want the division, but their third string could beat the Browns' first string...and the Browns aren't playing their first string.

Oakland @ Tampa Bay (-5)
The Bucs need a win and some help to get in the playoffs. Pulling Oakland in Week 17 is TOO NICE for them.

Chicago (-4) @ Houston
Again, the Bears need a win AND help. They don't play well on the road, but Houston is no longer the hottest team in football...if it ever was.

Washington @ San Francisco (PICK)
Mike Singletary got his much-deserved extension. Now he can start losing again. Just kidding. East coast teams playing on the West coast hasn't worked out well for the visitors this season. It continues. Completely meaningless game, by the way.

Jacksonville @ Baltimore (-7)
I'm really glad my preseason pick to win the AFC South is finally playing football in recent weeks. That reason alone, I'm not picking them. What's funny is if the season ended today, the Ravens would be the No. 6 seed, playing the No. 3 Dolphins and the No. 5 Colts would be playing the No. 4 Broncos. The higher seeds are going to be INSANELY LARGE underdogs in the first round, regardless of who's in and who's out.

Miami @ New York Jets (-1)
What a loaded game! Chad Pennington vs. Brett Favre storyline has a storybook ending for one QB, but in the end, when Favre wins it won't matter, because both teams will be out of the playoffs unless Baltimore loses or ties. This is going to be a hard-fought game, to say the very least. Bill the hoodie sneaks in again. Such is life.

Dallas @ Philly (-2)
The 'Boys bring the O when it counts. Sad ending for Andy Reid and company.

Seattle @ Arizona (-5.5)
The Seahawks won Mike Holmgren's going away party at home...can they do it on the road? No. The Cardinals may suck, but they tend to do their job against the bad teams.

Denver @ San Diego (-6)
Can you say vindication? For all parties. Ed Hochuli will be celebrating on the field with the Chargers if they pull this one out. This is as basic as it gets for playoff pictures: Win, you're losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Colts. Way to blow a division handed to you on a silver platter by Hochuli, Denver. What are you, the Mets?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Go Bowling!

Thursday night game pushed again. Give me a break. 0-0-1 on my quest to go 0-16. Oops. Can't help it when the game pushes.

Bowl season starts tomorrow. This one will take awhile. I'll go all out like I did last year. I'm gonna battle the spread and the over/under. After all that, I don't even know if I'll have the energy to make fun of this year's bowl names!

Last year's results:
Picks: 17-15 (23-9 without the spread)
Over/Under: 16-16

EagleBank Bowl:
Wake Forest (-3.5) vs. Navy [+/-41]
They already played this season. Navy won. Wake turned the ball over six times. Won't happen again.
Wake Forest and the over

New Mexico Bowl:
Colorado St. vs. Fresno St. (-4) [+/-59.5]
Fresno St. and the over

magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl:
Memphis vs. South Florida (-14) [+/-51]
Home field advantage vs high spread. Memphis and the over.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl:
BYU vs. Arizona (-3) [+/-61]
Hrmm...BYU is an underdog. BYU and the over.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:
Southern Miss vs. Troy (-3) [+/-55]
I've taken the over a lot so far. I think I did the same last year. Troy and the under.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:
Boise St. vs. TCU (-2) [+/-48]
Boise St. and the OVER!

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:
Hawaii (-2.5) vs. Notre Dame [+/-48]
Sad story. Notre Dame, that is. Hawaii and the under.

Motor City Bowl:
Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan (-5.5) [+/61]
Gotta respect the home field here. The over/under looks juicy though. Central Michigan and the under.

Meineke Car Care Bowl:
West Virginia vs. North Carolina (PICK) [+/-44]
The Heels play great against non-conference opponents, but sucked it up against ACC teams this season. West Virginia still doesn't have Steve Slaton or Rich Rodriguez. UNC and the over.

Champs Sports Bowl:
Wisconsin vs. Florida State (-6) [+/-53]
ACC FTW! Florida St. and the under.

Emerald Bowl:
Miami of Florida vs. California (-7) [+/-51.5]
As much as I'd love ACC teams to sweep their bowl games, we have to be honest with each other every now and again. Cal and the......(this many dots means I'm thinking hard about defense actually coming to play)....................under.

Independence Bowl:
Northern Illinois (-1) vs. Louisiana Tech [+/-47]
Being played in Louisiana. Will either team's fans show up? Northern Illinois and the over. Bowl:
NC State vs. Rutgers (-7) [+/-51]
Wow. I'm shocked Rutgers is the favorite by a touchdown. North Carolina rocked Rutgers by 30 AT Rutgers. NC State rocked North Carolina by 30 AT Carolina. NC State and the under.

Valero Alamo Bowl:
Missouri (-13.5) vs. Northwestern [+/-64]
Not much to say. Mizzou and the over.

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl:
Maryland vs. Nevada (-1) [+/-56.5]
This is one game where I LOVE the under. As for the game itself, I hate going against the ACC, but I have to again. Nevada and the under.

Texas Bowl:
Western Michigan vs. Rice (-3.5) [+/-72]
Now here's a shootout. Rice (the game is in Texas) and (going against my better judgment) the under.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl:
Oklahoma St. (-3.5) vs. Oregon [+/-77]
I don't think Oregon's offense can keep up with the Cowboys'. Oklahoma St. and the under.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl:
Houston (-2) vs. Air Force [+/-64]
The over/under shouldn't be this high. Air Force will kill the clock, passing maybe four or five times the entire game. Houston and the under.

Brut Sun Bowl:
Oregon St. (-2.5) vs. Pittsburgh [+/-56]
Pac-10 won't sweep its bowl games, but three out of four isn't bad. Oregon St. and the under.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl:
Boston College (-4) vs. Vanderbilt [+/-41]
Interesting when one of the best in the ACC goes up against a mid-tier SEC team. I see this game as a push all the way around, 21-17, so against my better judgment again, BC and the over.

Insight Bowl:
Kansas (-10) vs. Minnesota [+/-57]
Minnesota can cover this. That being said, Kansas and the over.

Chick-fil-A Bowl:
LSU vs. Georgia Tech (-3) [+/-48.5]
Defensive shootout. I think. Georgia Tech and the under.

Outback Bowl:
South Carolina vs. Iowa (-2.5) [+/-43]
South Carolina was a huge bust this season. But the Big Ten sucks. Gamecocks and the under.

Capital One Bowl:
Georgia (-5.5) vs. Michigan St. [+/-54]
Speaking of huge busts, here's the preseason No. 1! At least they're playing a Big Ten team. Georgia and the under.

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl:
Nebraska vs. Clemson (-3) [+/-55]
I looked back to my picks last year to see if I already said something about Konica Minolta. Of course I did. Damnit. I'm still not googling it. I also put in much more effort last year, posting the team logo of my pick. I'm a lazy bitch nowadays! Clemson and the under.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi:
Penn State vs. University of Southern Cal (-10) [+/-47.5]
I hope the College Football gods don't smite me for that.

FedEx Orange Bowl:
Cincinnati (-2.5) vs. Virginia Tech [+/-41]
Do I really even need to get into this? The Big East has football? And the conference's representative is the FAVORITE? OVER MY HOKIES?!!!
Virginia Tech and the over. January 1, 8:30, my house. Consider yourself invited. If you aren't wearing your nicest orange and maroon, I've got plenty extra for you.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech (-6) [+/-72]
I really want to watch this game. Graham Harrell will throw for 600 yards.
Texas Tech and the over.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl:
Kentucky vs. East Carolina (-1.5) [+/-43]
What a waste of a season. ECU breaks my heart by beating the Hokies, then they don't go undefeated and make the National Championship? Pff...
Kentucky and the over.

Allstate Sugar Bowl:
Utah vs. Alabama (-10.5) [+/-46.5]
Wow, looks like the oddsmakers are calling for an Alabama shutout! I'll buy that for a dollar.
'Bama and the under.

International Bowl:
Buffalo vs. Connecticut (-4) [+/-51.5]
The way UConn played against Pitt the last game of the regular season was pathetic. They came out completely flat at home. That won't change when they're in Canada! Plus, Buffalo is HOT!!! Buffalo and the over.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:
Ohio State vs. Texas (-10.5) [+/-54]
Everyone is calling for the Big East and ACC to be discluded from BCS auto berths. How about the Big Ten being discluded altogether?
Texas and the under.

GMAC Bowl:
Ball State (-2.5) vs. Tulsa [+/-75]
Can't honestly say I'll watch this one, but it should be fun to look at the box score the next day if you love offense! Ball State and the OVER!

FedEx BCS National Championship Game:
Florida (-3) vs. Oklahoma [+/-71.5]
I think defense is going to dominate more than everyone expects. But Oklahoma's BCS woes will continue.
Florida and the under.

Looking back:
Favorites picked: 25 (I think. I messed up counting three times and gave up)
Underdogs picked: 8 (one PICK)
Over picked: 16
Under picked: 18

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Might Not Be Witty This Time...Deal With It


Indy @ Jacksonville (+7)
This just in. I hate the Colts.


Baltimore @ Dallas (-3)
How bout them Cowboys? A big win for the Cowpokes makes the playoffs easier for the Pats. Let's go Vaqueros!


Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-1)
Cincy is still frisky. Which I can not say about the Brownies. TJ gets his third win.

New Orleans (-6.5) @ Detroit
No way the Saints want to be the team that loses to the Simbas. They'll play hard for that reason alone.

Pittsburgh (-5) @ Tennessee
Pittsburgh is just a better team overall. Steel Curtain FTW!

Miami @ KC (+6)
It isn't as obvious as you think. Homer alert.

San Francisco @ St. Louis (+4.5)
Singletary's boys are still trying to play hard. Gotta give it up for them.

Arizona (+4) @ New England
Quan is beat up. Come on Pats, you need this one. Don't let me down.

San Diego (+3.5) @ Tampa Bay
The Bucs are falling apart. The Chargers are awful. I won't be watching.

New York Jets @ Seattle (+2.5)
Sorry Holmgrem. Maybe the zoo will let you back into the walrus tank.

Houston @ Oakland (+5)
NOBODY circles the wagons like the Houston Texans. Especially after starting the season 4-7.

Buffalo @ Denver (-2.5)
JP Losman is incompetent. The end.

Philadelphia @ Washington (+5.5)
The Fighting McNabbs take this one too. Makes for an intriguing Week 17.

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-2)
Still drinking the Gatorade Ice.

Carolina (-2.5) @ New York Football Giants
In my mind, I'm picking Carolina. Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine?

Monday Night Snorefest
Green Bay @ Chicago (-7)
Dah Bears!


Yeah, so something to the tune of 3-10-3 last week has me a little apathetic this week. But it can only get better. With that in mind, I'm going to try to go 0-16 this week to prove how ridiculous making picks can be. I'll probably finish with a better percentage than last week when I tried to be right.

Let's see how it works out.


Indy @ Jacksonville (+7)
The Colts don't like to cover big spreads. This isn't a big spread for them. J'Ville finally shows up this week!


Baltimore @ Dallas (-3)
The Ravens are good. The Cowboys are coming off a huge win. No chance the 'Boys win this one, even at home. Dallas by 10.


Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-1)
T.J. got his second win last week, and he'll get his third one this week! I pick the Browns!

New Orleans (-6.5) @ Detroit
That's correct. I bolded the Saints, which figure it out (hint: it has something to do with 0-14 becoming 1-14).

Pittsburgh (-5) @ Tennessee
It's getting confusing picking the opposite of what I think will really happen, so bear with me here. Pittsburgh should blow the Titans out of the water, but we're talking about two really good defenses and a banged up Steelers offense. Titans should cover the five, so I'll take Pitt.

Miami @ KC (+6)

San Francisco @ St. Louis (+4.5)
Another obvious loss.

Arizona (+4) @ New England
The team with the worse record can't miss the playoffs, and the team with the better record can win out and still not control its own destiny. I'll take the Cardinals!

San Diego (+3.5) @ Tampa Bay
Here I go, on the Chargers bandwagon again. This time, it's actually a joke!

New York Jets @ Seattle (+2.5)
Mike Holmgren's last game. Seahawks still won't show up, as they haven't all season, except to cover spreads to destroy my life.

Houston @ Oakland (+5)
A few weeks ago, this would have looked tricky, but Houston is hotter than hell right now. It would only make sense for Oakland to demolish them.

Buffalo @ Denver (-2.5)
Regardless of whether Loss man or Edwards starts, this is just what the Bills need. A defense that doesn't care. Broncos for the shutout!

Philadelphia @ Washington (+5.5)
The Redskins are slightly better than the Browns, but slightly less inclined to care about anything from here on out. Philly has that extra motivation. Washington shows up, randomly, and destroys the Eagles!

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-2)
I'm so confused right now.

Carolina (-2.5) @ New York Football Giants
I really like how people think Carolina is playing the best football on the planet right now. I also really like how they're the favorite playing in East Rutherford. Of course they'll prove everyone right by covering (dot, dot, dot...).

Monday Night Snorefest
Green Bay @ Chicago (-7)
Apologies for calling it a snorefest. I'm just going to make sure I'm watching at Buffalo Wild Wings again so I can keep my ears on the game and my eyes on the waitresses and American Gladiators on ESPN Classic.

Hopefully by Sunday night I'll have a worse record than the Lions!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yankees Pushing for Manny? Say what?

According to Mark Feinsand and "one baseball official", the Yankees are indeed pushing hard for the services of Manny Ramirez.

So let's get this straight. The Yankees, a team that already has an influx of outfielders(and that's before you include the technicality that Nick Swisher can play OF), wants an older, defensive liability and general locker room cancer, in New York.

Sorry, I don't by it. I don't know who this "official" is, but I really find I hard to believe that they're a Yankees official. And whatever team they do work for, is providing them with some shoddy information. At least that's what I hope.

Let's look at reality here. If the Yankees are going to spend to get anyone to protect A-Rod in the Yankees line-up, they'd have to go hard after Big Tex. He'd be a force in the line-up and provide a solid defensive first baseman. That would turn Nick Swisher into a utility player who could give Tex a break on occasion at first and cover a few outfield spots.

As for Manny, he would protect A-Rod well, no doubt. But where do you even place him on the field with the current squad. Unless you're looking to trade Matsui or Nady, it's not going to happen at this point.

There is legit concern about the middle of the Yankees line-up. Abreu did a solid job for the Yankees in the three spot and they don't have anyone on the team who currently will take over that spot nearly as well as Abreu. If the team can stay healthy as is, it should score over 800 or 900 runs, but that would mean assuming Posada will return to his usual production, Matsui won't have his bum knee reduce his numbers and Cano will be back on track.

If we've learned anything, don't assume.

Monday, December 15, 2008

+/- 3 = PUSH!

Time and time again I'm left questioning my sanity. These "times" I speak of tend to happen every Sunday night.

After a push in the Thursday night game, we also had a push with TB/ATL and Seattle/St. Louis. The Rams were looking good to win by double-digits like I called, but then they reverted know...the Rams.

The three ties left me with not much wiggle room. After the 1 p.m. games I was at 2-5-3. Eek. Wanna hear something crazy? I was tied with Michael J. who was 2-5-3 as well.

The 4 p.m. games, you ask? I don't want to talk about it. After watching Dallas Clark score 20 fantasy points, I knew I was in for a long afternoon. I went 1-4 down the stretch to finish 3-9-3 going into Monday night.

Mr. Clark? Oh, he just sounded off to the tune of 4-1. Sitting pretty at 6-6-3. Not very pretty, but a hell of a lot prettier than me.

The end of the Jets/Bills game was wild. I thought the Jets would have a chance to cover, then they blew it, but then the Bills blew it. So nobody went home happy except for the Jets and their fans. Jets win, don't cover. MJC and I both lost that one.

Tennessee and Houston was another game where the Titans could have come back to win and cover, but they weren't playing with any heart. I hope they lose in the second round of the playoffs at home.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore was a great game which could have gone either way, and the Giants also had a chance to at least cover the spread to help me out a little, but young Manning likes to turn the ball over a lot in the fourth quarter. Jason Witten only scored me 4 fantasy points, and the Cowboys scored 16 for me...on my bench.

I'll never get it right.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Phillies Nab Ibanez

Damn! He was my choice for left field.

I hope we don't end up going after Bobby Abreu to play next to Carlos Beltran since Ibanez is off the market. Abreu is a natural right fielder who is afraid of the wall. I can't imagine how ass-backwards his world would turn if he were put in left field in a Mets uniform.

I'm all for giving Daniel Murphy a full-time shot, with Fernando Tatis filling in when there's a lefty on the mound.

I'm satisfied (to say the least) with what we've done this week in acquiring JJ Putz and Francisco Rodriguez, dumping Aaron Heilman in the process.

My full article on the Putz trade can be found here. Clarkie isn't around to toot my horn, so I'll do some self-promotion. The article was also featured on CBS Sportsline.

This Bleacher Report thing is working out nicely for BMC Sports!

Sucks to see Endy and Joe Smith go, but they were our most valuable expendable assets.

Gotta do what you gotta do!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 15 Fo' Real

Before I get started, I must first congratulate Mr. Clark on a great achievement. If you remember his NFL Week 1 Facebook Mini-Feed Recap, you'll be pleased to know he submitted a Week 14 version for Bleacher Report.

The article was received so well, it was featured on today's Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks. The piece already has over 3,700 reads at the time of this posting. Congratulations.

Onto the bad news, I'm a little bitter about going 8-8 still, so I'll take this opportunity to pledge my allegiance to this blog. Unlike my Hollywood counterpart, who will probably sell out any day now, I will stay true to my roots and continue blogging like there's no tomorrow.

Jealous? Nah, I'm proud of him! Week 15 picks onward!

New Orleans at Chicago (-3)
As Fred Durst and George Michael both famously sang, "I did it all for the nookie."
Wait, maybe it was "you gotta have faith."

Green Bay (-2) at Jacksonville
Ugly game! The Packers defense can probably stop the Jags.

Detroit (+17) at Indianapolis
It'll be 50 degrees in Indy this weekend. Weather isn't gonna stop them from covering.

Washington at Cincinnati (+7)
Oh yeah, baby. T.J. said there would be two wins. The tie doesn't count, though it may be what keeps the Eagles out of the playoffs.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-3)
Here's my issue: I pick ATL, I'm wrong. I pick TB, I'm wrong. I'm at a loss, so I'll go with my gut.

San Francisco (+6.5) at Miami
They win outright, right?

Seattle at St. Louis (+3)
Rams by double-digits?? You heard it here first. But still, nobody cares.

Buffalo (+7) at New York Jets
Picking against Buffalo didn't hurt me last week. Sunny and mid-40s Sunday in NJ. We will see some touchdowns. For one team, at least.

Tennessee (-3) at Houston
The Titans clinched, and aren't playing for anything, but they'd have to try harder to lose this game than to win it.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2)
I finally check the weather for each game, and there's nothing juicy happening! Not that a line of two points will do much for my train of thought here. Baltimore is tough. They can hang.

Denver at Carolina (-7.5)
The Broncos are on a roll. But Carolina is apparently really good. And even better at home.

San Diego (-5) at Kansas City
The prop bet for which fantasy bust runs for more yards also has a spread of five. I'll take LT to rush for 49 yards and cover the five, as LJ only runs for 43.

Minnesota at Arizona (-3)
The Cards clinched, but they aren't settling.

New England at Oakland (+7)
Hey, why not?

New York Giants (+3) at Dallas
Just a safety precaution. I'm putting Jason Witten back in my fantasy lineup.

Cleveland (+14) at Philly
Here's the hole I found in Clarkie's predictions! The Browns have some Monday Night Swagger this year!

Err....wait....maybe that's just what they want me to think. Oh, crap.

Week 15 Lines

Yes, I feel a little bad that Travis always has to post his picks first, so I'm going to make it fair and submit my picks before he does this week. 10-6 last week. 10-6. 10-6. I'm a playoff team, baby. I called it too. 10-6. This is me tooting my own horn. Let's go 10-6 this week again, shall we?

New Orleans (+3) at Chicago
Although trusting the Saints on the road is about as safe as trusting Mobil Mart sushi, I like the 'Aints to keep the pressure on the Cowboys, Skins, and Falcons. Here's hoping Week 17 counts!

Green Bay (-2) at Jacksonville
The Packers made me look like a buffoon last week. At least they're not as disappointing as the Jags. Aaron Rodgers FTW!

Detroit (+17) at Indianapolis
Another game I got wrong last week. Breaking news: I still hate the Colts.

Washington (-7) at Cincinnati
Washington is done. D-U-double N done. But even Jim Zorn can't screw up a game against the Bungles. Can he?

Tampa Bay (+3) at Atlanta
Yeah, the Bucs will be pissed after shitting the bed defensively on National TV. But I believe in Matty Ice!

San Francisco (+6.5) at Miami
The Niners are actually playing very hard for Singletary, who deserves to win the job. Perhaps this is my homerism coming out and wishful thinking.

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis
I need to find a sports bar immediately that has the dish. I have to watch this game live.

Buffalo (+7) at New York Jets
Jet fans are probably very pleased to see the Bills limp into town.

Tennessee (-3) at Houston
How is this line only 3? I respect how hard Houston is playing, but aren't the Titans one of the best, if not the best, team in football?

Pittsburgh (+2) at Baltimore
Potential to be the game of the year. Pittsburgh is riding high after stealing that game from the Vaqueros. I see a semi-upset.

Denver (+7.5) at Carolina
Exactly the type of game that Denver doesn't show up for. Viva la NFC South!

San Diego (-5) at Kansas City
Just when the Chargers think they're going to win out and make the playoffs, I see a big game for Thiggy, Bowe, and Gonzalez. Chefs take it.

Minnesota (+3) at Arizona
If this is a preview of the NFC Championship game, Howie Long probably doesn't even bother showing up. Would they send their C announcing team to that game?

New England (-7) at Oakland
Don't do that to me again, Pats. Understand?

New York Giants (+3) at Dallas
Wow. Dallas is favored in this game? I can't believe that. But you know what? I'm going to take the Cowboys. They need it more. Either way, this is a great SNF game.

Cleveland (+14) at Philly
Hmm. The Philadelphia defense against Ken Dorsey? Advantage Iggs.

Your move, Miller.

Michael J out.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


DeAngelo Williams sealed my fate in the fourth quarter last night with TD runs of 16 and 36 yards, going for a buck-86. I'll pretend he was on my fantasy team and it helped me come back to win.

But really, he isn't and it didn't. I benched Jason Witten for the second straight week, and he outscored Dallas Clark by 15 for the second straight week. Gus Frerotte scored four times as many points on my bench in one half of play than Trent Edwards did. I'm the worst fantasy manager in the world!

And I'm the worst pick'em guy on this blog! 8-8, to Clarkie's 10-6.

I won't summon my inner-Yankee fan (we have 26 world titles!!!), flashing my overall record. Because honestly, it's nothing to be proud of.

Speaking of baseball, looks like K-Rod is soon to be a Met! I wonder if he'll stay healthy a full long as I don't have him on my fantasy team, he should be safe.

CC wants to be a Dodger?! And Manny might go back, too?!!! That'd shake up the NL West!

Then 86 wins might take the division!

Picks are coming tomorrow - the Thursday night game is a dandy, New Orleans at Chicago. There's also much to consider now that the playoff picture is shaping up. Some teams don't need to try anymore, some teams need to give it their all, and some teams might just conjure up a little suntin' suntin' to play spoiler.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Can Call Me Mr. Wilson...

Because folks, I am a hack. No, not this kind of hack (although that bit gets me every time). I went 6-10 last week. 6-10. If 3/4 of the NFL teams this year go 6-10, the coaches would jump off a cliff. I could have flipped a coin and gone better than 6-10. I need a comeback. I'm going 10-6 AT LEAST this week. I need to save face.


Oakland @ San Diego (-6)
The fact that I'm contemplating taking the Raiders in this game should say all it needs to about this season for the Chargers. What a disappointment for them. What a waste of talent.


Jacksonville @ Chicago (-3.5)
The Jags just have no more fight in them. They proved that on MNF. I can see a bounce back game for Neck Beard.

Minnesota (-5) @ Detroit
Upset special? The Vikes will be without the Williams brothers in this game due to their suspensions for illegal substances. I'm not saying the Lions win outright. I think they cover, though.

Houston @ Green Bay (-4.5)
Can Green Bay really lose two straight games at Lambeau? They burned me last week by not being able to stop DeAngelo Williams, but I'm hoping their offense will fly just as high as it did to end the game last week. I think this is a fairly safe pick.

Cleveland @ Tennessee (-8.5)
Ken Dorsey is no Brett Favre.

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (-12)
Not to win, but Indy didn't exactly set the world on fire last week. And the Bengals have some fight in them. Sometimes. Okay, rarely. But maybe this time.

Atlanta (+1.5) @ New Orleans
For more on my man-crush on Matt Ryan, check out my maiden voyage into the world of Bleacher Report. This will not be an easy game for the Falcons though. New Orleans takes it at home.

Philadelphia @ New York Football Giants (-8.5)
If Antonio Pierce plays, this is an absolute. But if he doesn't...

Kansas City @ Denver (-5)
Dwayne Bowe is probably thrilled that after having to face up against Asomugha, he gets to feast on the Denver Broncos. They are due for another embarrassment after a gritty win in Jersey last week.

Miami (PICK) @ Buffalo
Miami is just the better team. Sorry E.

New York Football Jets (-8.5) @ San Francisco
This spread is suspiciously kind of low. The Jets are definitely more than 8 points better than the Niners, but after their loss in Denver, will they be licking their wounds?

New England (-8) @ Seattle
Thank God I didn't have to see any of that disgraceful second half. One of the few times I'm actually glad that I get blacked out of Pats games.

St. Louis @ Arizona (-13.5)
I like the Cards in this one too. Travis and I have begun to think alike!

Dallas (+1) @ Pittsburgh
Barber and Ware aren't 100 percent. Gotta like the Steelers to win this. Right?

Washington @ Baltimore (-4.5)
Flying Flaccos will put the final nail in the Redskin coffin.

Monday Night Football

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (PICK)
Ugh. I really hope the Falcons can win this division because I can't watch a quarter of these teams.

Week 14 picks: I'm on a roll!

In about seven hours, BMC Sports will be celebrating its one-year anniversary. How cute is that? A year ago, this little dream began with a blog entry entitled "God's Team is NOT the Ravens," a semi-live blog as the refs screwed the Ravens out of ending the Pats' perfect season.

Little did we know the Pats' perfect season wouldn't be ruined until the Super Bowl.

Though our hits have declined, and our blog production has declined, too, we're still going strong. Here's to another year, and maybe even attracting a few more readers.

With that, here are my NFL picks against the spread this week:


Oakland @ San Diego (-6)
Just as I swear off the Chargers for good this season, the draw the Raiders as an opponent. I've gotten Oakland game right the last two weeks, let's keep it rolling.


Jacksonville @ Chicago (-3.5)
Taking the home team. Something's gotta give.

Minnesota (-5) @ Detroit
I won't take every favorite, will I? Should've played Frerotte last week in fantasy. He did better than Trent Edwards. Ouch.

Houston @ Green Bay (-4.5)
I suddenly hate what the Packers are doing this season. They've fallen off everyone's radar. You've gotta love them at home against the Texans though, right?

Cleveland @ Tennessee (-8.5)
Still haven't picked an underdog. Let's see how long I can keep it rolling. Who is going to start for the Browns?

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (-12)
Peyton Manning's new commercial definitely is one of his best. Is Peyton Manning in a Patriots' uniform kind of like Derek Jeter in a Red Sox uni? I don't know what the weather is going to be like in Indy, but picking against the Colts is like (insert Dennis Miller analogy).

Atlanta (+1.5) @ New Orleans
DAMN! I really wanted to pick the favorite in every game. We should just pretend the Falcons are the favorite. Because they should be. Anybody see Matty Ice knock down the zebra last week? It'd be fitting if this is the one favorite who actually covers.

Philadelphia @ New York Football Giants (-8.5)
This is going against my better judgment here. With all the drama in the Giants' lockerroom, they could be a complete mess. Something tells me that's what Vegas WANTS you to think.

Kansas City @ Denver (-5)
Here's another trap game, but I'm too wise for this one. Denver loses to Oakland, then beats the Jets. This week should be a letdown from a huge win. I'm not going that way. Denver wins convincingly, but Larry Johnson rushes for 150 to rub it in my fantasy face. He is still playing, right?

Miami (PICK) @ Buffalo
I would say Ernie will kill me for this one, but he'll probably actually be grateful. Buffalo will win by three touchdowns now.

New York Football Jets (-8.5) @ San Francisco
Another tricky game considering the spread. It's December. Favre knows how to play in December. Do his teammates?

New England (-8) @ Seattle
The Seahawks should get the first pick in the NFL and NBA draft. They're that bad. I'm not being ironic, it's just a coincidence the city lost its basketball team. Come to think of it...they appreciate football a lot more in Oklahoma City than they do in Seattle...

St. Louis @ Arizona (-13.5)
The Rams are playing for the top pick. The spread should be 21.5.

Dallas (+1) @ Pittsburgh
This is gonna be a gritty game. Dallas will still be able to move the ball. I'm leaving Jason Witten out of my fantasy lineup again this week, though. Hopefully he doesn't go off for 17 points again. Not that it would have helped me last week anyway.

Washington @ Baltimore (-4.5)
This is going to be a fun game to watch. But I won't watch it.

Monday Night Football

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (PICK)
Original pick was Carolina, but I'm a game behind Clarkie going into MNF, so I'm changing it to Tampa Bay for the tie! Holla!

To be honest, this doesn't look like a 9-7 week. I'm not very confident with my picks, so I might duck under .500 this time around.

Action's on you, Clarkie.

If you want to read a little bit about my early-season thoughts on Duke basketball, my article from Bleacher Report can be found here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



At least I'm not in Clarkie's boots. I'll let him post his record. I will tell you this--he hit double digits on the wrong side.

Anyway, here we are, ridiculing the questionably low lines, but obviously the oddsmakers think about more than we do.


And obviously they take into consideration that the Jets are coming off a high that cannot be matched, beating the league's only undefeated team, while the Broncos are not only fending off the bottom feeders of the worst division in the league, but they're also coming off a demoralizing loss to the Raiders.

The way things are going this season, it only makes sense that the Broncos would win that game. I'm going to put a lot more thought into my picks this week. I also love that the Browns covered against the Colts. What the hell?

I should issue an apology to Ernie and Trent Edwards, but I'm too pissed about my fantasy team eating dirt again this week to think about anyone but myself. Plus, it's Edwards' fault for coming back from this FIRST injury so quick that I didn't have time to drop him from my fantasy team!

What ever happened to the Bills going 12-4 this season?

I might also finally give up on the Chargers.

As for anything but Monday Night Football, the game to watch tonight was Virginia Tech's heartbreaking loss to Wisconsin. The Hokies hit a game-tying 3-pointer, only to lose on a Trevon Hughes buzzer-beating leaner, seconds later.

ESPN just did a great package about Virginia Tech's plethora of last-second losses in the past few years. Makes me proud to be a Hokie at heart. I suppose it's karma coming back for all the Wisconsin hating I did last season. Don't expect me to ease up on them this time around.

I didn't actually watch the VT-Wisconsin game. I was at the Marist-Lafayette women's basketball game. Yup, I misled you with my lead, and purposely buried it. This is actually a Marist Women's basketball blog!

The refereeing was terrible, which is why it was so close (Marist won, 66-55). It could have easily been 80-40.

Rachele Fitz went off for 34 points and 13 rebounds tonight, but as all great basketball players do, she was looking for ways to improve. Apparently five turnovers is a no-no, even when you score more than half of your team's points and single-handedly bring them out of trouble.

Her new nickname should be "And 1," because due to mismatch problems she creates, she often sees a double- or triple-team when she gets the ball inside. That doesn't stop her from sinking a layup as she's being clobbered by six flailing arms. It's truly a sight to see. She was 4-5 from the charity stripe, so I'm going to guess she had three and-one opportunities. Watching the game, it seemed like she had AT LEAST five.

Marist has some work to do. The clean-up crew isn't able to finish off wins yet, so Fitz and Julianne Viani have had to enter back into games late when they should be done for the day.

The freshman have a lot of potential, but also have some work to do in terms of vision on the court. Things are looking good, though. Just a little work on defense, integrate some of the pure shooters into the offense so Fitz and Viani don't have to carry the load each game, and it should be another great season.

Final note on the game, Viani had nine assists and the team had 17 assists on 24 field goals. That's a great stat to see. Unselfish basketball, moving the ball around, creating opportunities to score.

NFL picks should be up Wednesday.

Oh and I just looked at the Thursday night matchup...Oakland at San Diego.

So much for finally giving up on the Chargers....maybe. The line is at 4.5 right now...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OneRepublic does not accept Travis' apology...something about it being too late

A disappointing 9-7 after starting hot hot hot out of the gate. I'll be back this week.


Tenneseee @ Detroit (+12.5)
I think Jeff Fisher should be thankful that they get to play the Lions after a loss. I know I'd be.

Seattle @ Dallas (-10.5)
The Vaqueros finally got a big week from Totally Obnoxious. If Tony Romo keeps playing games like that, my "Tony Romo is overrated" argument will become null and void.

Arizona @ Philadelphia (+4.5)
Warren Sapp said it best when he said that Donovan McNabb's career will be most remembered for three things. Throwing up at the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh, and not knowing about ties. And yes, a part of me feels a little dirty saying that the dancing queen Sapp knows what he's talking about. Nobody does the paso doble like the QB Killa!


San Fran @ Buffalo Bills (-4)
How is this line only 4? Didn't the bills just drop 54 Sunday? Come on Vegas, let's get with it.

Baltimore (-3.5) @ Cincinnati
Another line that is way to low. The Bengals are terrible. The Flying Flaccos will take this game pretty easily.

Indianapolis (-9.5) @ Cleveland
Have I mentioned how much I hate the Colts and think that they are garbage? Yes? Ok. I'll save the space.

Carolina @ Green Bay (PICK)
The Panthers, coming off an embarassment in ATL, aren't about to win in Lambeau. Prove me wrong, Delhomme.

Miami @ St. Louis (+9.5)
The Dolphins are going to miss Camarillo, but they should win the game. But 9.5 points is a whole lot.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (PICK)
Wait, hold on a second. Yes, I can confirm this. The Saints have just scored again.

New York Football Giants (-4) @ Washington
I'm hoping they can give a representative effort at Fed Ex. Plus Clinton Portis is 100% healthy and in manchild mode. Do it.

Atlanta @ San Diego (PICK)
Travis, Travis, Travis. When are you going to realize that the Chargers just aren't that good? This weekend, I'm drinking a six pack of MATTY ICE BABY! I want a Falcons 2 Jersey with ICE on the back of it. That would be bad ass. Cool little subplot here...Turner the burner up against the artist formally known as LDT.

Pittsburgh (PICK) @ New England
You can call me Mr. Simpson or Mr. Bush. Not because I am a vile, reprehensible, hated man, but because I am a HOMER!

Denver @ New York Football Jets (-4.5)
Denver still blows. The Jets are still a very good team. This line is toooo low.

Kansas City (+6) @ Oakland
I'm banking on Oakland cashing in on their outside shot at winning the AFC West! Don't let me down, Cable Guy.

Chicago @ Minnesota (-2.5)
Really? None, Travis? Poor Matt Forte.


Jacksonville (+2) @ Houston
In the beginning of the season, I tell you this is an intriguing, get your popcorn ready matchup. Now? Unwatchable. I hope How I Met Your Mother isn't a repeat, that's all I'll say.

Apologies to BQ

I never ACTUALLY dropped Brady Quinn's name last week. I merely said I was on the "BQ bandwagon."

It didn't occur to me at the time that those few words would cost the man his season. I'm sorry. The blogging gods must have known I still have some frustration towards Matt Ryan for his comeback win with BC at Virginia Tech. That's why he's still healthy.

With that, Week 13 picks. I probably won't be picking Derek Anderson and the Browns this week. I've never been on his bandwagon (so now they'll probably win).


Tenneseee @ Detroit (+12.5)
Oh yes. I'm feelin' it. Not only will Detroit cover, but it will win, too. Something about the pageantry of playing on Thanksgiving makes me think they've got a little magic in them. I'll still take the win if they cover. The Lions SUCK!

Seattle @ Dallas (-10.5)
Picking against the 'Boys last week really didn't make me feel as stupid as I thought it would. Seattle came through in the clutch to help me earn a tie, but that doesn't mean I'll pick them this week, too.

Arizona @ Philadelphia (+4.5)
McNabb will have a great game, but the show will be stolen when Jamie Moyer appears in the owner's box and announces to the crowd that he'll be returning the Philadelphia next season. Errr...


San Fran @ Buffalo New York Football Bills (-4)
I don't know how Trent Edwards is still healthy. He's a gamer. He's been on my fantasy team for over eight weeks now, and only had the one concussion.

Baltimore (-3.5) @ Cincinnati
Something's fishy here. Baltimore has everything going for it, and the playoff spot is anything but guaranteed.

Indianapolis (-9.5) @ Cleveland
Bad times await Cleveland fans. The Anderson household's Thanksgiving dinner will be extra tasty this year. Since you can't hit quarterbacks anymore, broken fingers are the new concussion.

Carolina @ Green Bay (PICK)
I don't know if it's an upset when they're at home and the line is even, but Green Bay has shown me more flash than Carolina this year. I like the Pack here.

Miami @ St. Louis (+9.5)
Rams catch'em sleeping. They probably won't pull out the outright victory, but I like them to cover.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (PICK)
This can't be right. Another questionable line. Maybe that's why I don't make the odds.

New York Football Giants (-4) @ Washington
They haven't given me reason to pick against them, but I did anyway last week. How'd that work out for me?

Atlanta @ San Diego (PICK)
This is one of the more intriguing matchups. Everybody should know by now not to underestimate Atlanta. But then in the back of your mind, you STILL don't want to give up hope on San Diego returning to its old self. I'll do the wrong thing and pick the Chargers.

Pittsburgh (PICK) @ New England
Nevermind that "intriguing matchup" crap I just spit about Atlanta/San Diego. Here's a game!

Denver @ New York Football Jets (-4.5)
Something about losing by 21 to Oakland makes me apprehensive about picking Denver to cover or win this game.

Kansas City (+6) @ Oakland
I don't like either team to win this game. It will probably end in a tie, thus, KC to cover.

Chicago @ Minnesota (-2.5)
I will not have the Bears active on my fantasy team this week.


Jacksonville (+2) @ Houston
Well, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin are playing on ESPN2 Monday night, and Kent St. at Kansas could be a potential upset.

Marist (#26 A.P.) @ Oklahoma (#4 A.P.) tonight!
Oklahoma is coming off a one-point home loss to UNC. I'm still cautiously optimistic...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Didn't Know You Can Tie....

First off, I'd like to wish a happy belated birthday to Miley Cyrus. She turned 16 on Sunday. Oh, sports. Right.

I seemed to have forgotten how much more exciting the weekends are when you make picks. Fantasy Football had really gotten me down in the dumps the past few weeks, so Sundays just haven't been the same lately. That all changed this past Sunday.

Clarkie was ahead of me after the 1 p.m. games. His record was at 7-3, mine at a mediocre 5-5. The possibilities weren't endless, it was mathematically impossible for me to win, given our picks, so only two things could happen for a miracle comeback to garner a tie. I needed my two worst picks to come through for me. Oakland to cover 10 against Denver, and Seattle to cover 4 against the 'Skins.

Do you believe it? Oakland made me look like a genius, not only covering, but winning outright, winning convincingly, AND scoring a season high in points, like I predicted. I felt like a god for about five minutes.

As for the Redskins, everyone in Vegas, and around the country, for that matter, was screaming at them in the final two minutes. Up three points (the spread was four), Washington was driving, inside the Seahawks' 25-yard line, with about a minute and a half to play. They turned the ball over, then Seattle turned the ball back over to the Redskins on its first play.

Take a knee. 20-17 win. Travis gets his tie. Let's do it again this week.

Another thank you goes out to Clarkie for bashing my fantasy team management. Obviously I took no offense to it, after 10 years of fantasy baseball, basketball, football, pick 'ems, etc..., I've come to accept my poor luck. I swear I used to win at a decent clip--it all went downhill when I was on the verge of my third consecutive league title in a fantasy baseball league I do every year. I named my team "Threepeat," and finished in the bottom five.

Things just haven't been the same since. Until Sunday.

Trent Edwards went off for 33 points, Da Bears were playing Da Rams, and I think T.O.'s breakout game has been bashed into our heads enough (but I love it because he's on my team). So I had 109 points and the check mark before the 1 o'clock games were even over. Thank you, Michael J., for giving my team the bulletin board material it needed.

Regardless, Clarkie and I both finished 9-7 with our picks for the week. Acceptable, but nothing to brag about. Gotta get my picks in before Thanksgiving, so I'll probably do that tonight or tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and there are a couple new links posted on the lower right side. I linked up Clarkie's new blog which you should definitely check out, and my Bleacher Report page is linked up, too. Some of the stuff I write here is reposted there, but there's also some original stuff, too (mostly revolving around Marist Women's basketball). Holla.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does Travis Think He's Better Than Me?

Yes. He does. If he can do picks, I can do them too. Let's roll.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-9)
For some reason, I'm thinking Ben goes for 250 yards, throw for a touchdown and runs in another.

Houston @ Cleveland (-2)
Brady with a broken finger? Trouble in Lake Erie! Something tells me a healthy Sage is worse than the golden boy. Brownies FTW!

San Fran (+6.5) @ Dallas
Romo with another week to get healthy PLUS a healthier Jason Witten? Mike Singletary is going to be caught with his pants down.

Tampa Bay (-7.5) @ Detroit
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for that hideous attempt at humor that previous line. The only reason why I am leaving that sentence in there is so that all you kids out there will know that you do not need to be funny or clever to try stand up comedy.

New York Football Jets @ Tennessee (1.5)
I'd love to drink the Jets Gatorade, but the Titans are a better defense. And I believe there is a positive correlation between the strength of ones defense and the odds that said team will be successful in a championship setting.

Buffalo (-3.5) @ KC
To answer Travis' question, they can absolutely lose this football game. Tyler Thigpen is joining Mastri and Durden as the most successful Tyler's ever.

Chicago (-6) @ St. Louis
Neck-beard should be better than he was last week against GB. He couldn't be much worse. Lovie Smith should write Roger Goodell a letter thanking him for allowing the Bears to play STL.

New England (+1) @ Miami
An absolute must win for Belichick. And he does not lose must wins. (DISCLAIMER: In order to appreciate the previous sentence, one must forget Super Bowl XLII, last year's AFC Championship game, 2006's AFC Divisional Game. Thank you.)

Minnesota @ Jacksonville (+3.5)
I jumped on the Gus bus a few times this year earlier too, T. It was a bumpy ride but All Day Peterson will be too much for the disappointing Jags.

Philadelphia (+4) @ Baltimore
Love the Flying Flaccos to bounce back this week. Viva la Delaware!

Oakland (+10) @ Denver
Can Denver give up its playoff spot? Does anyone want to see them in the post-season (except the other five AFC playoff teams)?

Carolina @ Atlanta (-1.5)
I've been drinking the Matty Ice Gatorade for awhile now. The guy is very savvy back there and has some Tom Brady-like glimpses (strong words!). Atlanta is a tough team to beat at home and the AFC South roulette will continue.

New York Football Giants @ Arizona (+7.5)
I don't know if I should be the one to break the bad news to Travis that Edge James gets as much action on Sundays as Lee Suggs does. Wow, even I think that was a low blow. My bad, dude.

Washington @ Seattle (+4.5)
Let's not get crazy, Miller. Seattle is awful and the 'Skins need to start to win some games again.

Indianapolis (-4) @ San Diego
As much as I want to hate Peyton, I can not. That son of a bitch has to make me laugh every time I see that new Mastercard commercial. God, I hate the Indianapolis Colts.

Green Bay @ New Orleans (PICK)
Reginald Bush is back and Drew Brees is coming off a strong game. Come on, Saints, show me there's still fight in you. I want to see four 10-6s in the NFC South. Is that too much to ask?

Just have to throw this in there. My love of Travis Miller is unquestioned and my respect for him as a sports fan is monumental. However, I really genuinely hope that he is in every fantasy league I am ever in for the remainder of my life. How can someone so knowledgable turn into Hank Steinbrenner on draft day. Ocho Cinco? Carson Palmer? What part of the 2007 Cincinatti Bengals inspired you to make those selections?

PS, if you check out Unsuccess Story, there is a piece on my man-crush on JT. Do the right thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Ya Got? Week 12 Picks

I'm just going to pick up as if I were doing this all season.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-9)
Ocho Cinco deactivated? I never thought that Boldin/Ocho Cinco trade in my fantasy league would turn out THIS bad. In my defense, I traded Boldin right after he was injured. Score one for Ernie.

Houston @ Cleveland (-2)
I'm on the BQ bandwagon.

San Fran (+6.5) @ Dallas
I don't understand the small spread here, which leads me to believe this game is fixed and SF is going to win outright. Vegas is gonna make a lot of money on this game. Either that, or Dallas' stock has really dropped that much and I'm going to look like an idiot by 4 p.m. Sunday.

Tampa Bay (-7.5) @ Detroit
If Kevin Jones were still on Detroit, I'd take the Lions here.
If Kevin Jones were still on Detroit, they'd be 10-0.

New York Football Jets @ Tennessee (1.5)
I actually want the Jets to win this game. Which is why I'm picking the Titans. If you know me, it makes perfect sense.

Buffalo (-3.5) @ KC
The Bills can't lose this game, can they?

Chicago (-6) @ St. Louis
Da Bears are only 5-5?? No wonder my fantasy team is so bad.
Wait, maybe it's because of Larry Johnson, Julius Jones, Carson Palmer, Vince Young, and every other player on my team.
Why does St. Louis still have a football team?

New England (+1) @ Miami
Get over yourself, Miami. Chad Pennington is your quarterback. If the Dolphins think they can run five trick plays on Billy this time around, they deserve what they get.

Minnesota @ Jacksonville (+3.5)
I'm not starting Gus Frerotte in fantasy this week. Maybe I should.
Yes, Gus Frerotte is on my fantasy team. That's how bad my team is.

Philadelphia (+4) @ Baltimore
Love Philly to cover, Baltimore to win.

Oakland (+10) @ Denver
I can't believe Oakland isn't in last place in the division. This is the week the Raiders will score a season high in points (they've scored 23 twice!).

Carolina @ Atlanta (-1.5)
I'm on the MR bandwagon! I just need to forget that Thursday night game in Blacksburg...

New York Football Giants @ Arizona (+7.5)
I'm just going to pretend this is somewhere circa 1999-2001. Edgerrin James and Kurt Warner?! How can you not love Arizona here? Eli Manning is still in high school!

Washington @ Seattle (+4.5)
What is this, college basketball? I'm taking all the upsets!

Indianapolis (-4) @ San Diego
I bet if I had done picks all season long, I would have picked the Colts every week.

Green Bay @ New Orleans (PICK)
Monday Night Football has been so screwy this year. They aren't tipping off who is going to win this game, so I have to rely on my instincts. Follow close and try to stay with me on how I think this game will play out:
1) Aaron Rodgers will get hurt early in the game.
2) Replacing him in an unprecedented comeback will be none other than Brett Favre, who sent his secret twin to play for the New York Jets.
3) We find out he doesn't really have a secret twin. It's just Chad Pennington in disguise. Jets fans forgive Chad Pennington for all the terrible things they said about him while he was "gone."
4) The Dolphins then find out that their Chad Pennington is actually Kerry Collins in disguise.
5) The Titans find out that their Kerry Collins is actually Vince Young in disguise.
6) Fantasy stats are completely revamped to apply to the actual players, and my fantasy season is saved. I go on to win my league in the most unprecedented of fashions.
7) Brett Favre's return to the Packers is ruined when down two points, kicker Mason Crosby misses a potential game-winning 47-yard field goal, wide right.
8) Crosby takes off his helmet, and reveals himself as Bills' kicker Rian Lindell. Everybody gets a good laugh as they are reminded of the Bills' loss to the Browns last week on MNF. Everybody goes home happy, except for Bills fans.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snoop Dogg on Around the Horn!

He's got Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige using ebonics.

This is hilarious!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pedroia? MVP?

Dear Baseball Writers' Association,

Dustin Pedroia? Are you serious? Come on, guys. It's not like he had a season like Ichiro had in 2001. He hit .326 with 17 home runs and 83 RBIs. Yeah, he had 118 runs and only six errors, but still, those numbers aren't impressive.

I'll show you impressive.

.300 batting average
11 home runs
69 RBIs
88 runs
12 errors

Now THAT, my friends, is impressive.

What? You say those numbers aren't as good as Pedroia's? Well you obviously can't read in between the lines.

Look again:

.300 batting average
11 home runs
69 RBIs
88 runs

12 errors

Do you see it now? INTANGIBLES! That is why Derek Jeter should be AL MVP! He got screwed in 2006 because some dumbass in Chicago didn't think intangibles counted for much, and suddenly it gets to a point two years later where intangibles don't even earn you a single MVP vote!

Derek Jeter is the greatest player in the history of baseball.

Derek Jeter is God.

Derek Jeter Derek Jeter Derek Jeter.

Pedroia plays on the RED SOX aka the scum of the world.


Why doesn't that count for anything anymore?

Love always,

Yankee fans

P.S. I can't wait for C.C. Sabathia to come to the Bronx. Mark Teixeira, too. Oh and Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett. And with all the money coming off the books this season, we should probably sign Manny Ramirez, too. Just so nobody else can have him.

Loading up on stars hasn't worked since we started doing it in 2001, but I've got a special feeling about next season. DEREK JETER.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Does Manny Acta Do It?

The Washington Nationals completed a trade with the Florida Marlins Tuesday, sending Emilio Bonifacio and a pair of minor leaguers to Florida, getting Scott Olsen and Josh "All I Do is Hit Home Runs Against the Mets" Willingham in return.

The deal comes much to my chagrin—with Pat Burrell unlikely to return to Philadelphia, that would have been two Met-killers out of my hair if the Marlins had sent Willingham out of the division. Now he's just going to be playing for those pesky Nat's, who will be bottom-feeders from April to August, then suddenly play like the '98 Yankees when September rolls around.

In spite of my spite, this trade begs the question: How does Manny Acta plan on keeping this circus at bay? He already has Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes on his roster—how will Scott "Temper Tantrum" Olsen fit in?

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Blog

Just wanted to do some shameless self-promotion. I shall be splitting my time between BMC Sports and Unsuccess Story, a new pop-culture/sport/miscellaneous blog I have begun.

Check it.

A Change To The BCS We Can Believe In!

Congrats are due to President elect Barack Obama for making history by being the first half-black President in US History. Good on the American people for getting it right. I will always respect John McCain for everything he has done for the country and congratulate him on his classy concession speech. But back to deportes!

On the extremely rushed and awkward halftime interview between Hack Berman and the Barackstar, el presidente did not go the obvious route when asked what he'd change about sports (roids are bad!). Instead, he mentioned that he would get rid of the BCS. So, thank you America for getting it right again. While the elimination of the BCS should probably not be the nation's number one priority right now (but it should be number two), it would be fun to imagine how the Commander-in-Chief to be's 8 team playoff would look this year.

1. Alabama
8. Boise State

4. Texas
5. Florida

3. Texas Tech
6. USC

2. Penn State
7. Oklahoma

Admit'd watch that. I know I would.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Men's College Basketball Preseason Rankings, 21-25 -- Election Day Special!

Since my predictions are always so...what's the word? Ah, yes. Wrong.

Since my predictions are always so WRONG, I thought I'd change things up and use the ESPN/USA Today preseason rankings 21-25 to predict the winner of today's election.

(21) University of Southern California (Blue State)

A crushing blow to John McCain to be down 55 electoral votes immediately. Lucky for him, that Orange Juice and Mayonnaise kid left for the NBA. A tough early schedule may knock USC right out of the top 25, but some resilience could vault them very high in the rankings.

The Trojans head to Puerto Rico in November for the San Juan Shootout. If they get past Seton Hall in the first round, they likely have Memphis in the next round.

A very tough trip into Oklahoma is on tap for mid-December, and Georgia Tech visits So Cal just before Christmas.

USC is better than Arizona State this year, but the teams only square off once in the regular season--at A-State. Having the home court does crazy things for some teams.

(22) Wisconsin (Blue State)

The Badgers actually tied for number 21 in the poll, but since California is worth 55 electoral votes and Wisconsin is only worth 10, they'll have to settle for number 22.

I'm not a fan of Bo Ryan's style of play, nor am I a fan of the Big Ten. Like in college football, Big Ten teams conform to a style of play that sets them up to win the conference, NOT on a national scale. This was evident last year when Duke blew them out, and Marquette beat them in their own house.

To give Wisconsin some credit, they beat a very good Texas team last year, but the mediocre offense doesn't quite complement the suffocating defense.

Wisconsin will win at Virginia Tech, but will lose to Marquette and Texas this season. I like the Big Ten to be competitive and Wisconsin to finish second.

That's Obama with 65 electoral votes and McCain with none.

(23) Kansas (Red State)

Sometimes all you need to do is get on the board. McCain will take those six electoral votes, and be damn proud about it.

However, the defending national champs have lost almost everything. The good news is that their head coach is Bill Self. He's shown he can recruit, put a competitive team on the floor year-in and year-out, and he's also shown that his team isn't always going to be a one-game wonder in the NCAA Tournament.

Depending on their seeding, they may be a nice, juicy steak in the eyes of a hungry 11th, 12th, or 13th seeded mid-major in the Big Dance.

Early tests include Washington and Florida/Syracuse in the College Basketball Experience Classic, but these are virtual home games for the Jayhawks. Kent State and UMass are dangerous mid-majors on the schedule, and the big games before conference play starts are against Tennessee and at Michigan State.

This team will be prepared come March.

65-6, Obama leads.

(24) Wake Forest (Red State)

North Carolina is still up in the air, but for the sake of competition, we'll give it to McCain.

When you play in the Atlantic Coast Conference, you really don't need early-season tests to prepare you for March. You need them to prepare you for conference play.

With that said, Wake Forest will be ready for the NCAA Tournament, but will susceptible to an arduous January and February. The Carolina directional schools won't prepare the Demon Deacons for the nationally ranked Carolina schools.

65-21, Obama still leads. McCain needs a Texas school to be tied with a Tennessee, Missouri, or Indiana school to emerge victorious in my election.

Drumroll, please...

(25) Villanova (Wait, who is going to win Pennsylvania???)

That was anti-climactic. Does it not matter who wins Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes?

'Nova has a breezy non-conference schedule, except for the Jimmy V Classic game against Texas at Madison Square Garden on December 9.

The Wildcats can hope for students to forget about finals and hop on a train to NYC to give them the home court feeling, but Texas plays at the Garden more often than you think. Rick Barnes will have his team ready to go.

Villanova's Big East schedule is balanced. The only team in the preseason rankings 'Nova has to face twice is Marquette. The Wildcats are at UConn and Notre Dame, and hosting Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Georgetown.

Due to Sarah Palin's not-so-warm welcome from Philly fans when she dropped the puck there, I'll take the liberty of giving Pennsylvania to Obama.

86-21. Neither party achieved the 270 electoral votes required to win the Presidency.

I hereby nominate Dick Vitale to sit in the oval office. IT'LL BE AWESOME, BABY!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Men's College Basketball Preseason Rankings, 16-20

With apologies to Wally Szczerbiak, here are teams 16-20 in the ESPN/USA Today poll.

(16) Miami (of Florida

The Hurricanes notched home wins against Duke and Clemson last year, but lost a relatively early (end of December) game to Winthrop at the BankUnited Center. The home court advantage is there, but Miami is mortal.

The toughest early home game for Miami this season is against Ohio State, which is followed by a road game at Kentucky. They would be fortunate for a split.

Clemson comes into town for the only matchup of the year between the two teams on December 21, which is very early for conference opponents to play their only game against each other. If they run into each other in the ACC Tournament, it would almost be as if they hadn't met at all yet.

Bad news for Miami is they only play AT Duke and have two games against the best UNC squad they've seen since joining the ACC.

(17) Marquette (of Wisconsin)

With four Big East teams ranked above them, Marquette might fly under the radar for much of this season, which can be beneficial. The Golden Gophers have pulled some early upsets each of the last two years (Wisconsin last season, Duke two years ago), and have Wisconsin and Tennessee on the schedule for December.

The toughest stretch for Marquette comes right before the regular season ends. At Georgetown, hosting Connecticut, at Louisville, at Pittsburgh. I'd be happy with 1-3 if I were them, how about you?

(18) Georgetown (of the District of Columbia)

Speaking of the Hoyas, this could be a very rough season for them. Early games against Wichita State and American, ranked non-conference opponents in the form of Memphis and AT Duke aren't the story here.

Georgetown has a pair of three-game stretches that could be devastating:
Dec. 29 - @ UConn
Jan. 3 - vs. Pittsburgh
Jan. 5 - @ Notre Dame

Feb. 18 - vs. Marquette
Feb. 23 - vs.Louisville
Feb. 25 - @ Villanova

Hey, at least they have Roy Hibb---oh...uh oh.

(19) Florida (of Florida)

The Gators don't have a strong schedule this year, but that doesn't mean there won't be some potential upsets. Bradley is one of the MVC teams that can give anyone a scare if they leave the door open. At Syracuse and at Florida State will be good non-conference road tests, and Winthrop and NC State head south to try to play spoiler.

Florida lost seven of their final 10 regular season games last season. A talented, young team this year will give the Gators a new look that will only get better over the next few years.

(20) Davidson (of North Carolina)

Sorry boys, you're not fooling anyone this year. Teams are gunning for you this time.

The Wildcats, however, still have that Stephen Curry kid in the backcourt.

Winthrop is on the schedule--the Eagles may not pull off the upset, but they will stun at least one team early this season.

At Purdue and at Duke are the big non-conference games for Davidson, which has gone 37-1 in-conference the last two years. Can the Wildcats earn a number one seed in the Big Dance? Early-season love in the polls and a couple of big games gives them the opportunity.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Men's Preseason Rankings 11-15

(11) Gonzaga

Finally some mid-major love! Mark Few's squad is looking at a schedule similar to last year's. Oklahoma State visits Spokane in late November, and then a couple of games at Indiana and Arizona (probably seemed like decent tests at the time) will still be good preparation.

Things get juicy on December 20-- by far the best date on the schedule for non-conference college basketball. UConn visits Gonzaga, a rematch from last year where the Bulldogs prevailed on the road. Then the 'Zags have revenge on their mind January 7 at Tennessee (82-72 loss last season), and February 7 when they host Memphis (losses the last two years).

St. Mary's won't lay down, and be sure San Diego will have something to say about the West Coast Conference title before it's all said and done. Three WCC teams tasted March Madness last season, and they all want to give it another run this year.

(12) Memphis

Certainly not the same team we saw last year, but the Tigers still have a target on their back. A couple of MAAC opponents in the first three games should be laughers. I've created a mathematical equation for the Marist game on December 2:

X= Marist's score
Y= Memphis' score

2x <>This isn't an insult to Memphis, it's actually a testament to head coach John Calipari's class. He grants games to ex-assistant coaches, including Chuck Martin, Marist's new head coach, who was Calipari's aide for two years.

Marist's team is practically in shambles, after losing its head coach, Matt Brady, to James Madison at the end of last season. After its star freshman transferred to VCU, only five scholarship players returned. Martin inherited quite a mess, and Marist has been picked to finish last in the MAAC. Calipari is just trying to help out.

(13) Tennessee

I'm talking about the same three teams over and over. Aside from the Gonzaga and Memphis home games, which have already been mentioned, Tennessee has volunteered (get it?) to host Marquette in December and visit Kansas in January. Cross your fingers--hopefully we should be seeing plenty of Pat Summitt in her cute cheerleading outfit again this season.

(14) Oklahoma

The Sooners are letting themselves down with a very weak non-conference schedule. Last year they played Memphis, Gonzaga, and USC. This year, USC is the only tough test before conference play starts. Unless the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore is the one from the ACC (that was a joke).

The Big 12 isn't as top-heavy in basketball as it is in football this year, so teams can get away with the easy scheduling...until March.

Oklahoma just has to be on upset watch when an upstart VCU team rolls into town on...that's right! December 20!

I'm so excited about that day, here's a list of some of the great games to watch:

VCU @ (14)Oklahoma
(7)Michigan St. @ (8) Texas
(5) Duke @ Xavier
(2) Connecticut @ (11) Gonzaga
(20) Davidson @ (10) Purdue
Syracuse @ (12) Memphis

My popcorn is ready.

(15) Arizona State

This isn't a top 25 team we're dealing with here, but nobody will know any better unless San Diego State or Pepperdine pull a November upset, or BYU rises to the occasion guessed it! December 20!

This could be the least impressive schedule for a top 25 team. It's worse than Louisville's.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Men's Preseason Rankings 6-10

(6) Pittsburgh is probably a little overrated, but in another case of weak scheduling, this wont' be evident until Big East play starts. Levance Fields is already battling injury, which isn't a good sign for things to come. Hosting Siena and visiting Florida State will be ample tests before conference play starts. The Panthers have to play UConn twice, but only run into Villanova, Louisville, Notre Dame, Marquette, and Georgetown once in the regular season. I hate the Big East. But not as much as the Big Ten.

(7) Michigan State is the only Big Ten school I ever tend to respect. Tom Izzo is a great coach, and he knows it's better to prepare your team with difficult tasks than it is to just schedule Alcorn State and IPFW. A trip to Maryland for the third game of the season, UNC comes in for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, at Texas, and hosting Kansas. The Spartans will have some blemishes come March, but it will be a tested squad and a very dangerous 3 or 4 seed in the tournament.

(8) Texas is another team probably ranked too high, but the Longhorns give themselves plenty of opportunities to prove a blogger wrong. UCLA, Villanova, and Michigan State all come into town, and a visit to Wisconsin will round out Texas' schedule, all before Christmas. One of those Big Ten games might actually be played at Madison Square Garden. The Big XII only has a few teams in the top 25 for now, but Baylor, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State always come to play. Texas will win the Big XII this year.

(9) Notre Dame is the fourth Big East team in the top 10. Give me a break. A February beatdown at UCLA is on tap for the Fighting Irish. Aside from that, I guess we're just going to have to count on the Big East teams to sort out their problems head-to-head, because UCLA and Gonzaga are the only TWO ranked non-conference opponents for the FOUR Big East teams in the top 10. Pansies.

(10) Purdue might give me reason to actually give more respect to the Big Ten than the Big East this season. We already know the Boilermakers drew Duke in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, but they also host Davidson in mid-December. It takes guts to invite them in, because honestly, Davidson is probably going to win that game. I'd tell you why, but Davidson is #20. Wait a couple days!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preseason Men's Rankings

The first set of rankings came out for men's college basketball, and not only did mid-majors get a lot of love, but there are some fantastic regular season games between the top mid-majors and some of the elite teams in the country. Should be a great year for college basketball. Here's a quick look at the top five teams' potential based on scheduling.

Teams 6-10 coming tomorrow.

(1)North Carolina
is the unanimous number one. No arguments over here, seeing as how the Tar Heels return all five starters, including that Hansbrough guy. A weak non-conference schedule should keep them in the top ten all year, as they should be. The Big 10/ACC challenge is looking to be one of the best ones since its inception. UNC visits Michigan State in its leg of the event. The ACC is aways very competitive, so expect a few losses here and there, but if the Heels stay healthy, that number should be below five, and a number one seed in the NCAA Tourney is imminent.

UConn also has a very weak non-conference schedule, but the parity in the Big East should at list send shivers up the Huskies' spines. A December trip to Spokane will also be a great indication of things to come.

Louisville plays NOBODY. The annual visit to Kentucky is in there, but props to Pitino for taking the easy road to March. I know who I'm not rooting for. Send up a prayer for Lamar or Morehead State to pull a Dayton---a team Louisville has lost to two years in a row, and surprise, surprise! Guess who isn't on the schedule this year??

(4) UCLA has a couple of tough tests, visiting Texas in early December, and then a more telling game in February when it hosts Notre Dame. Not much in the Pac-10 this season. I don't buy into Arizona State or USC. Easy season for the Bruins, so it's good to have the two top 10 non-conference opponents on the schedule.

(5) Duke must have brought in one hell of a recruiting class to earn that kind of ranking. At Purdue for the Big Ten/ACC challenge, a mid-December trip to Xavier that cannot be overlooked, and then hosting Davidson in January will be a great game. The Blue Devils' final game of the season is AT Carolina, with seeding, and perhaps the conference on the line. I think Duke fans can empathize when I ask WHY HASN'T GREG PAULUS GRADUATED YET?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sucks to be a baseball fan

Maybe next year a good team will actually win.

My only NBA blog of the season

I think I've finally got things figured out! The key is to WAIT A DAY.

I always try to make my predictions before the season starts. I just need to wait until after the first game of the season...then the answers are clear!

For example, had I waited until after opening day of the baseball season, I would have seen the error in my ways. I clearly would have known that the Mets would collapse in September and the Phillies would be World Series champs.

NFL? I would have known Tom Brady would be hurt, the Dallas Cowboys would be flawed, and Vince Y---err...Kerry Collins would lead the Titans to a 19-0 season.

And of course, in college football, I would have known that Virginia Tech can't move the ball at all on offense, and their defense isn't stellar enough to compete with any of the top tier teams outside of the ACC---let alone the sad excuses for top teams within the conference.

So here we are, after day one of the NBA's season, and boy am I grateful that I waited to blog. Had I done my predictions yesterday or the day before, I probably would have picked the Trail Blazers to win it all, led by Most Valuable Player Greg Oden.

One game into the season, I've now got the inside scoop. I'll just list my top two teams in each division. Here we go:

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division

1)Boston Celtics
2) Toronto Raptors
--Boston has an easy ride for the most part. The only teams that have actually improved in the east aren't in their division. The 76ers can make a run at the playoffs, but the Knicks and Nets are going to be playing like they've overdosed on sleeping pills.

Central Division

1)Cleveland Cavaliers
2) Detroit Pistons
--The Pistons have gotten older, and LeBron has a little extra help. This looks like the only division in the Conference where three teams are a lock for the playoffs. Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago. Indiana has an outside shot.

Southeast Division
1) Orlando Magic
2) Washington Wizards
--Orlando basically wins by default. Washington should sneak into the playoffs with a 7 or 8 seed. They're probably better off without Agent Zero, but we love ole' Gil anyway. Charlotte can compete if they stay healthy.

Western Conference

Northwest Division
1) Utah Jazz
2) Denver Nuggets
--This may have looked a little different if I didn't watch the Lakers/Blazers game last night. But I did. Only two playoff teams in the northwest.

Pacific Division
1) Los Angeles Lakers
2) Phoenix Suns
--The Lakers were only a complete team for half the season last year. A full year of health is a return to dominance. The Lakers should run away with this division.

Southwest Division
1) Dallas Mavericks
2) Houston Rockets
3) San Antonio Spurs
4) New Orleans Hornets
--I list four teams here because the Grizzlies are the odd team out. Four teams make the playoffs out of the southwest again, and all four of the teams have over 50 wins AGAIN. Gotta love Mark Cuban and this competitive division.

Lakers over Cavaliers

LeBron and the boys may have lost in Boston last night, but they showed a little extra flair that was lacking last season. They'll take out the Celts in the playoffs in seven this year. The Spurs can make some noise in the playoffs, but they aren't getting any younger. Indianapolis Colts syndrome perhaps. I still like the Lakers to come out of the west. Don't expect any more NBA blogs this season. I've got Marist women's hoops to concentrate on.