Saturday, December 27, 2008

What We Do in Week 17 Echoes in Eternity

My quest to go 0-16 failed miserably, as I doubled my wins from the earlier week. I think I went 6-10, but I'm not positive. As for bowl picks, it's miserably apparent I haven't watched enough college football this year. As of yesterday, I'm 1-6-1 [no joke, but nobody should be surprised] against the spread, and 4-4 on the over/under. Vegas would loooooooove my money!

Lots of unimportant games tomorrow! Let's take a look:

St. Louis @ Atlanta (-11)
Atlanta is clinched, but still has a shot at the division. I'd guess they come to play today. For one half, maybe.

New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo
I'd like to congratulate Tom and Gisele for their recent engagement. Mike Clark should be ashamed of himself for breaking the news saying their relationship was on the rocks. I'm pretty sure the Pats have enough to play for today to cover six and a half [does my picking them mean a win for the Bills?!! Patriots fans revolt in my direction if Buffalo takes this one].

KC @ Cinci (PICK)
Oh yeah baby. I'm on a roll with the Bengals! Win numba FOOOOOOUR comes tomorrow! People who thought it would be a shootout between them and the Lions for the 0-16 should be ashamed. It's too bad these two teams don't play in the AFC or NFC West...they might still have a shot at the playoffs!

Detroit (+5.5) @ Green Bay
Just doing what I can to get them to the magical 0-16 mark.

Tennessee @ Indy (-1.5)
The Titans, to their credit, have won some big games recently when everyone thought they would lose. This isn't one of those games. The Colts are just better.

New York Giants @ Minnesota (PICK)
I could be stupid here and predict the Giants spoil the Vikings playoff hopes. Let's get real here. Nobody important is playing in the second half for the Giants. They'd forfeit if they could.

Carolina @ New Orleans (+1.5)
I might even pick the 'Aints if either team had something to play for.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-9.5)
Not only do the Steelers want the division, but their third string could beat the Browns' first string...and the Browns aren't playing their first string.

Oakland @ Tampa Bay (-5)
The Bucs need a win and some help to get in the playoffs. Pulling Oakland in Week 17 is TOO NICE for them.

Chicago (-4) @ Houston
Again, the Bears need a win AND help. They don't play well on the road, but Houston is no longer the hottest team in football...if it ever was.

Washington @ San Francisco (PICK)
Mike Singletary got his much-deserved extension. Now he can start losing again. Just kidding. East coast teams playing on the West coast hasn't worked out well for the visitors this season. It continues. Completely meaningless game, by the way.

Jacksonville @ Baltimore (-7)
I'm really glad my preseason pick to win the AFC South is finally playing football in recent weeks. That reason alone, I'm not picking them. What's funny is if the season ended today, the Ravens would be the No. 6 seed, playing the No. 3 Dolphins and the No. 5 Colts would be playing the No. 4 Broncos. The higher seeds are going to be INSANELY LARGE underdogs in the first round, regardless of who's in and who's out.

Miami @ New York Jets (-1)
What a loaded game! Chad Pennington vs. Brett Favre storyline has a storybook ending for one QB, but in the end, when Favre wins it won't matter, because both teams will be out of the playoffs unless Baltimore loses or ties. This is going to be a hard-fought game, to say the very least. Bill the hoodie sneaks in again. Such is life.

Dallas @ Philly (-2)
The 'Boys bring the O when it counts. Sad ending for Andy Reid and company.

Seattle @ Arizona (-5.5)
The Seahawks won Mike Holmgren's going away party at home...can they do it on the road? No. The Cardinals may suck, but they tend to do their job against the bad teams.

Denver @ San Diego (-6)
Can you say vindication? For all parties. Ed Hochuli will be celebrating on the field with the Chargers if they pull this one out. This is as basic as it gets for playoff pictures: Win, you're losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Colts. Way to blow a division handed to you on a silver platter by Hochuli, Denver. What are you, the Mets?

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Eric said...

I hope this is a classic Travis Miller pick. Its time to finally beat the pats