Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Might Not Be Witty This Time...Deal With It


Indy @ Jacksonville (+7)
This just in. I hate the Colts.


Baltimore @ Dallas (-3)
How bout them Cowboys? A big win for the Cowpokes makes the playoffs easier for the Pats. Let's go Vaqueros!


Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-1)
Cincy is still frisky. Which I can not say about the Brownies. TJ gets his third win.

New Orleans (-6.5) @ Detroit
No way the Saints want to be the team that loses to the Simbas. They'll play hard for that reason alone.

Pittsburgh (-5) @ Tennessee
Pittsburgh is just a better team overall. Steel Curtain FTW!

Miami @ KC (+6)
It isn't as obvious as you think. Homer alert.

San Francisco @ St. Louis (+4.5)
Singletary's boys are still trying to play hard. Gotta give it up for them.

Arizona (+4) @ New England
Quan is beat up. Come on Pats, you need this one. Don't let me down.

San Diego (+3.5) @ Tampa Bay
The Bucs are falling apart. The Chargers are awful. I won't be watching.

New York Jets @ Seattle (+2.5)
Sorry Holmgrem. Maybe the zoo will let you back into the walrus tank.

Houston @ Oakland (+5)
NOBODY circles the wagons like the Houston Texans. Especially after starting the season 4-7.

Buffalo @ Denver (-2.5)
JP Losman is incompetent. The end.

Philadelphia @ Washington (+5.5)
The Fighting McNabbs take this one too. Makes for an intriguing Week 17.

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-2)
Still drinking the Gatorade Ice.

Carolina (-2.5) @ New York Football Giants
In my mind, I'm picking Carolina. Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine?

Monday Night Snorefest
Green Bay @ Chicago (-7)
Dah Bears!


Travis Miller said...

nothing like a nice PUSH to start another shitty week

Eric said...

JP is the #3 QB this week :)