Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yeah, so something to the tune of 3-10-3 last week has me a little apathetic this week. But it can only get better. With that in mind, I'm going to try to go 0-16 this week to prove how ridiculous making picks can be. I'll probably finish with a better percentage than last week when I tried to be right.

Let's see how it works out.


Indy @ Jacksonville (+7)
The Colts don't like to cover big spreads. This isn't a big spread for them. J'Ville finally shows up this week!


Baltimore @ Dallas (-3)
The Ravens are good. The Cowboys are coming off a huge win. No chance the 'Boys win this one, even at home. Dallas by 10.


Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-1)
T.J. got his second win last week, and he'll get his third one this week! I pick the Browns!

New Orleans (-6.5) @ Detroit
That's correct. I bolded the Saints, which figure it out (hint: it has something to do with 0-14 becoming 1-14).

Pittsburgh (-5) @ Tennessee
It's getting confusing picking the opposite of what I think will really happen, so bear with me here. Pittsburgh should blow the Titans out of the water, but we're talking about two really good defenses and a banged up Steelers offense. Titans should cover the five, so I'll take Pitt.

Miami @ KC (+6)

San Francisco @ St. Louis (+4.5)
Another obvious loss.

Arizona (+4) @ New England
The team with the worse record can't miss the playoffs, and the team with the better record can win out and still not control its own destiny. I'll take the Cardinals!

San Diego (+3.5) @ Tampa Bay
Here I go, on the Chargers bandwagon again. This time, it's actually a joke!

New York Jets @ Seattle (+2.5)
Mike Holmgren's last game. Seahawks still won't show up, as they haven't all season, except to cover spreads to destroy my life.

Houston @ Oakland (+5)
A few weeks ago, this would have looked tricky, but Houston is hotter than hell right now. It would only make sense for Oakland to demolish them.

Buffalo @ Denver (-2.5)
Regardless of whether Loss man or Edwards starts, this is just what the Bills need. A defense that doesn't care. Broncos for the shutout!

Philadelphia @ Washington (+5.5)
The Redskins are slightly better than the Browns, but slightly less inclined to care about anything from here on out. Philly has that extra motivation. Washington shows up, randomly, and destroys the Eagles!

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-2)
I'm so confused right now.

Carolina (-2.5) @ New York Football Giants
I really like how people think Carolina is playing the best football on the planet right now. I also really like how they're the favorite playing in East Rutherford. Of course they'll prove everyone right by covering (dot, dot, dot...).

Monday Night Snorefest
Green Bay @ Chicago (-7)
Apologies for calling it a snorefest. I'm just going to make sure I'm watching at Buffalo Wild Wings again so I can keep my ears on the game and my eyes on the waitresses and American Gladiators on ESPN Classic.

Hopefully by Sunday night I'll have a worse record than the Lions!

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