Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Go Bowling!

Thursday night game pushed again. Give me a break. 0-0-1 on my quest to go 0-16. Oops. Can't help it when the game pushes.

Bowl season starts tomorrow. This one will take awhile. I'll go all out like I did last year. I'm gonna battle the spread and the over/under. After all that, I don't even know if I'll have the energy to make fun of this year's bowl names!

Last year's results:
Picks: 17-15 (23-9 without the spread)
Over/Under: 16-16

EagleBank Bowl:
Wake Forest (-3.5) vs. Navy [+/-41]
They already played this season. Navy won. Wake turned the ball over six times. Won't happen again.
Wake Forest and the over

New Mexico Bowl:
Colorado St. vs. Fresno St. (-4) [+/-59.5]
Fresno St. and the over

magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl:
Memphis vs. South Florida (-14) [+/-51]
Home field advantage vs high spread. Memphis and the over.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl:
BYU vs. Arizona (-3) [+/-61]
Hrmm...BYU is an underdog. BYU and the over.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:
Southern Miss vs. Troy (-3) [+/-55]
I've taken the over a lot so far. I think I did the same last year. Troy and the under.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:
Boise St. vs. TCU (-2) [+/-48]
Boise St. and the OVER!

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:
Hawaii (-2.5) vs. Notre Dame [+/-48]
Sad story. Notre Dame, that is. Hawaii and the under.

Motor City Bowl:
Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan (-5.5) [+/61]
Gotta respect the home field here. The over/under looks juicy though. Central Michigan and the under.

Meineke Car Care Bowl:
West Virginia vs. North Carolina (PICK) [+/-44]
The Heels play great against non-conference opponents, but sucked it up against ACC teams this season. West Virginia still doesn't have Steve Slaton or Rich Rodriguez. UNC and the over.

Champs Sports Bowl:
Wisconsin vs. Florida State (-6) [+/-53]
ACC FTW! Florida St. and the under.

Emerald Bowl:
Miami of Florida vs. California (-7) [+/-51.5]
As much as I'd love ACC teams to sweep their bowl games, we have to be honest with each other every now and again. Cal and the......(this many dots means I'm thinking hard about defense actually coming to play)....................under.

Independence Bowl:
Northern Illinois (-1) vs. Louisiana Tech [+/-47]
Being played in Louisiana. Will either team's fans show up? Northern Illinois and the over. Bowl:
NC State vs. Rutgers (-7) [+/-51]
Wow. I'm shocked Rutgers is the favorite by a touchdown. North Carolina rocked Rutgers by 30 AT Rutgers. NC State rocked North Carolina by 30 AT Carolina. NC State and the under.

Valero Alamo Bowl:
Missouri (-13.5) vs. Northwestern [+/-64]
Not much to say. Mizzou and the over.

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl:
Maryland vs. Nevada (-1) [+/-56.5]
This is one game where I LOVE the under. As for the game itself, I hate going against the ACC, but I have to again. Nevada and the under.

Texas Bowl:
Western Michigan vs. Rice (-3.5) [+/-72]
Now here's a shootout. Rice (the game is in Texas) and (going against my better judgment) the under.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl:
Oklahoma St. (-3.5) vs. Oregon [+/-77]
I don't think Oregon's offense can keep up with the Cowboys'. Oklahoma St. and the under.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl:
Houston (-2) vs. Air Force [+/-64]
The over/under shouldn't be this high. Air Force will kill the clock, passing maybe four or five times the entire game. Houston and the under.

Brut Sun Bowl:
Oregon St. (-2.5) vs. Pittsburgh [+/-56]
Pac-10 won't sweep its bowl games, but three out of four isn't bad. Oregon St. and the under.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl:
Boston College (-4) vs. Vanderbilt [+/-41]
Interesting when one of the best in the ACC goes up against a mid-tier SEC team. I see this game as a push all the way around, 21-17, so against my better judgment again, BC and the over.

Insight Bowl:
Kansas (-10) vs. Minnesota [+/-57]
Minnesota can cover this. That being said, Kansas and the over.

Chick-fil-A Bowl:
LSU vs. Georgia Tech (-3) [+/-48.5]
Defensive shootout. I think. Georgia Tech and the under.

Outback Bowl:
South Carolina vs. Iowa (-2.5) [+/-43]
South Carolina was a huge bust this season. But the Big Ten sucks. Gamecocks and the under.

Capital One Bowl:
Georgia (-5.5) vs. Michigan St. [+/-54]
Speaking of huge busts, here's the preseason No. 1! At least they're playing a Big Ten team. Georgia and the under.

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl:
Nebraska vs. Clemson (-3) [+/-55]
I looked back to my picks last year to see if I already said something about Konica Minolta. Of course I did. Damnit. I'm still not googling it. I also put in much more effort last year, posting the team logo of my pick. I'm a lazy bitch nowadays! Clemson and the under.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi:
Penn State vs. University of Southern Cal (-10) [+/-47.5]
I hope the College Football gods don't smite me for that.

FedEx Orange Bowl:
Cincinnati (-2.5) vs. Virginia Tech [+/-41]
Do I really even need to get into this? The Big East has football? And the conference's representative is the FAVORITE? OVER MY HOKIES?!!!
Virginia Tech and the over. January 1, 8:30, my house. Consider yourself invited. If you aren't wearing your nicest orange and maroon, I've got plenty extra for you.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech (-6) [+/-72]
I really want to watch this game. Graham Harrell will throw for 600 yards.
Texas Tech and the over.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl:
Kentucky vs. East Carolina (-1.5) [+/-43]
What a waste of a season. ECU breaks my heart by beating the Hokies, then they don't go undefeated and make the National Championship? Pff...
Kentucky and the over.

Allstate Sugar Bowl:
Utah vs. Alabama (-10.5) [+/-46.5]
Wow, looks like the oddsmakers are calling for an Alabama shutout! I'll buy that for a dollar.
'Bama and the under.

International Bowl:
Buffalo vs. Connecticut (-4) [+/-51.5]
The way UConn played against Pitt the last game of the regular season was pathetic. They came out completely flat at home. That won't change when they're in Canada! Plus, Buffalo is HOT!!! Buffalo and the over.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:
Ohio State vs. Texas (-10.5) [+/-54]
Everyone is calling for the Big East and ACC to be discluded from BCS auto berths. How about the Big Ten being discluded altogether?
Texas and the under.

GMAC Bowl:
Ball State (-2.5) vs. Tulsa [+/-75]
Can't honestly say I'll watch this one, but it should be fun to look at the box score the next day if you love offense! Ball State and the OVER!

FedEx BCS National Championship Game:
Florida (-3) vs. Oklahoma [+/-71.5]
I think defense is going to dominate more than everyone expects. But Oklahoma's BCS woes will continue.
Florida and the under.

Looking back:
Favorites picked: 25 (I think. I messed up counting three times and gave up)
Underdogs picked: 8 (one PICK)
Over picked: 16
Under picked: 18

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