Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 15 Lines

Yes, I feel a little bad that Travis always has to post his picks first, so I'm going to make it fair and submit my picks before he does this week. 10-6 last week. 10-6. 10-6. I'm a playoff team, baby. I called it too. 10-6. This is me tooting my own horn. Let's go 10-6 this week again, shall we?

New Orleans (+3) at Chicago
Although trusting the Saints on the road is about as safe as trusting Mobil Mart sushi, I like the 'Aints to keep the pressure on the Cowboys, Skins, and Falcons. Here's hoping Week 17 counts!

Green Bay (-2) at Jacksonville
The Packers made me look like a buffoon last week. At least they're not as disappointing as the Jags. Aaron Rodgers FTW!

Detroit (+17) at Indianapolis
Another game I got wrong last week. Breaking news: I still hate the Colts.

Washington (-7) at Cincinnati
Washington is done. D-U-double N done. But even Jim Zorn can't screw up a game against the Bungles. Can he?

Tampa Bay (+3) at Atlanta
Yeah, the Bucs will be pissed after shitting the bed defensively on National TV. But I believe in Matty Ice!

San Francisco (+6.5) at Miami
The Niners are actually playing very hard for Singletary, who deserves to win the job. Perhaps this is my homerism coming out and wishful thinking.

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis
I need to find a sports bar immediately that has the dish. I have to watch this game live.

Buffalo (+7) at New York Jets
Jet fans are probably very pleased to see the Bills limp into town.

Tennessee (-3) at Houston
How is this line only 3? I respect how hard Houston is playing, but aren't the Titans one of the best, if not the best, team in football?

Pittsburgh (+2) at Baltimore
Potential to be the game of the year. Pittsburgh is riding high after stealing that game from the Vaqueros. I see a semi-upset.

Denver (+7.5) at Carolina
Exactly the type of game that Denver doesn't show up for. Viva la NFC South!

San Diego (-5) at Kansas City
Just when the Chargers think they're going to win out and make the playoffs, I see a big game for Thiggy, Bowe, and Gonzalez. Chefs take it.

Minnesota (+3) at Arizona
If this is a preview of the NFC Championship game, Howie Long probably doesn't even bother showing up. Would they send their C announcing team to that game?

New England (-7) at Oakland
Don't do that to me again, Pats. Understand?

New York Giants (+3) at Dallas
Wow. Dallas is favored in this game? I can't believe that. But you know what? I'm going to take the Cowboys. They need it more. Either way, this is a great SNF game.

Cleveland (+14) at Philly
Hmm. The Philadelphia defense against Ken Dorsey? Advantage Iggs.

Your move, Miller.

Michael J out.

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Travis Miller said...

Is it safe to say both of us would have picked Miami if we knew Frank Gore would be out?

I sure would have.