Tuesday, December 9, 2008


DeAngelo Williams sealed my fate in the fourth quarter last night with TD runs of 16 and 36 yards, going for a buck-86. I'll pretend he was on my fantasy team and it helped me come back to win.

But really, he isn't and it didn't. I benched Jason Witten for the second straight week, and he outscored Dallas Clark by 15 for the second straight week. Gus Frerotte scored four times as many points on my bench in one half of play than Trent Edwards did. I'm the worst fantasy manager in the world!

And I'm the worst pick'em guy on this blog! 8-8, to Clarkie's 10-6.

I won't summon my inner-Yankee fan (we have 26 world titles!!!), flashing my overall record. Because honestly, it's nothing to be proud of.

Speaking of baseball, looks like K-Rod is soon to be a Met! I wonder if he'll stay healthy a full season...as long as I don't have him on my fantasy team, he should be safe.

CC wants to be a Dodger?! And Manny might go back, too?!!! That'd shake up the NL West!

Then 86 wins might take the division!

Picks are coming tomorrow - the Thursday night game is a dandy, New Orleans at Chicago. There's also much to consider now that the playoff picture is shaping up. Some teams don't need to try anymore, some teams need to give it their all, and some teams might just conjure up a little suntin' suntin' to play spoiler.


Eric said...

I thought you started Gus?

Michael J. Clark said...

I am baffled that you bench Jason Witten every damn week. He's an absolute stud and a must start every week.

Travis Miller said...

I thought he was banged up last week and this week he was playing Pittsburgh! What do you want me to do?!!!

And I thought I had Gus starting, but I guess I was wrong! I am the worst fantasy manager in the world, afterall.

Eric said...

I wouldn't say that. I do know, however, that I'd love to be in any league you're in.

Travis Miller said...


err...i think.