Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 15 Fo' Real

Before I get started, I must first congratulate Mr. Clark on a great achievement. If you remember his NFL Week 1 Facebook Mini-Feed Recap, you'll be pleased to know he submitted a Week 14 version for Bleacher Report.

The article was received so well, it was featured on today's Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks. The piece already has over 3,700 reads at the time of this posting. Congratulations.

Onto the bad news, I'm a little bitter about going 8-8 still, so I'll take this opportunity to pledge my allegiance to this blog. Unlike my Hollywood counterpart, who will probably sell out any day now, I will stay true to my roots and continue blogging like there's no tomorrow.

Jealous? Nah, I'm proud of him! Week 15 picks onward!

New Orleans at Chicago (-3)
As Fred Durst and George Michael both famously sang, "I did it all for the nookie."
Wait, maybe it was "you gotta have faith."

Green Bay (-2) at Jacksonville
Ugly game! The Packers defense can probably stop the Jags.

Detroit (+17) at Indianapolis
It'll be 50 degrees in Indy this weekend. Weather isn't gonna stop them from covering.

Washington at Cincinnati (+7)
Oh yeah, baby. T.J. said there would be two wins. The tie doesn't count, though it may be what keeps the Eagles out of the playoffs.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-3)
Here's my issue: I pick ATL, I'm wrong. I pick TB, I'm wrong. I'm at a loss, so I'll go with my gut.

San Francisco (+6.5) at Miami
They win outright, right?

Seattle at St. Louis (+3)
Rams by double-digits?? You heard it here first. But still, nobody cares.

Buffalo (+7) at New York Jets
Picking against Buffalo didn't hurt me last week. Sunny and mid-40s Sunday in NJ. We will see some touchdowns. For one team, at least.

Tennessee (-3) at Houston
The Titans clinched, and aren't playing for anything, but they'd have to try harder to lose this game than to win it.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2)
I finally check the weather for each game, and there's nothing juicy happening! Not that a line of two points will do much for my train of thought here. Baltimore is tough. They can hang.

Denver at Carolina (-7.5)
The Broncos are on a roll. But Carolina is apparently really good. And even better at home.

San Diego (-5) at Kansas City
The prop bet for which fantasy bust runs for more yards also has a spread of five. I'll take LT to rush for 49 yards and cover the five, as LJ only runs for 43.

Minnesota at Arizona (-3)
The Cards clinched, but they aren't settling.

New England at Oakland (+7)
Hey, why not?

New York Giants (+3) at Dallas
Just a safety precaution. I'm putting Jason Witten back in my fantasy lineup.

Cleveland (+14) at Philly
Here's the hole I found in Clarkie's predictions! The Browns have some Monday Night Swagger this year!

Err....wait....maybe that's just what they want me to think. Oh, crap.


Eric said...

Hilarious article Mike! Congrats on the feature on SI Hot Clicks.

As for this week's games. I really don't know, this has been a tough week for me due to a death in the family. I still stand by picking against the Bills.

The word verification for this comment is "phokies". I have a feeling they're making fun of VT Travi.

Travis Miller said...

Hope everything's alright.

and fuck for making fun of the Hokies. They're gonna run all over Cinci in the Orange Bowl and finally win a BCS game!

Eric said...

Thanks, its getting better.

Honestly, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to college football this season. I just want Florida to lose so I can rub it in Sanger's face.

Travis Miller said...

For the record, I'm starting Jason Witten this week. I can't wait to see how bad this works out.

Travis Miller said...

I benched Dallas Clark about 20 mins before the Indy game starts in favor of Jason Witten.

Clark just scored 20 fantasy points on my bench. Let's see if Witten goes for 21 to make me look like a genius!

$20 says he doesn't.