Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Can Call Me Mr. Wilson...

Because folks, I am a hack. No, not this kind of hack (although that bit gets me every time). I went 6-10 last week. 6-10. If 3/4 of the NFL teams this year go 6-10, the coaches would jump off a cliff. I could have flipped a coin and gone better than 6-10. I need a comeback. I'm going 10-6 AT LEAST this week. I need to save face.


Oakland @ San Diego (-6)
The fact that I'm contemplating taking the Raiders in this game should say all it needs to about this season for the Chargers. What a disappointment for them. What a waste of talent.


Jacksonville @ Chicago (-3.5)
The Jags just have no more fight in them. They proved that on MNF. I can see a bounce back game for Neck Beard.

Minnesota (-5) @ Detroit
Upset special? The Vikes will be without the Williams brothers in this game due to their suspensions for illegal substances. I'm not saying the Lions win outright. I think they cover, though.

Houston @ Green Bay (-4.5)
Can Green Bay really lose two straight games at Lambeau? They burned me last week by not being able to stop DeAngelo Williams, but I'm hoping their offense will fly just as high as it did to end the game last week. I think this is a fairly safe pick.

Cleveland @ Tennessee (-8.5)
Ken Dorsey is no Brett Favre.

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (-12)
Not to win, but Indy didn't exactly set the world on fire last week. And the Bengals have some fight in them. Sometimes. Okay, rarely. But maybe this time.

Atlanta (+1.5) @ New Orleans
For more on my man-crush on Matt Ryan, check out my maiden voyage into the world of Bleacher Report. This will not be an easy game for the Falcons though. New Orleans takes it at home.

Philadelphia @ New York Football Giants (-8.5)
If Antonio Pierce plays, this is an absolute. But if he doesn't...

Kansas City @ Denver (-5)
Dwayne Bowe is probably thrilled that after having to face up against Asomugha, he gets to feast on the Denver Broncos. They are due for another embarrassment after a gritty win in Jersey last week.

Miami (PICK) @ Buffalo
Miami is just the better team. Sorry E.

New York Football Jets (-8.5) @ San Francisco
This spread is suspiciously kind of low. The Jets are definitely more than 8 points better than the Niners, but after their loss in Denver, will they be licking their wounds?

New England (-8) @ Seattle
Thank God I didn't have to see any of that disgraceful second half. One of the few times I'm actually glad that I get blacked out of Pats games.

St. Louis @ Arizona (-13.5)
I like the Cards in this one too. Travis and I have begun to think alike!

Dallas (+1) @ Pittsburgh
Barber and Ware aren't 100 percent. Gotta like the Steelers to win this. Right?

Washington @ Baltimore (-4.5)
Flying Flaccos will put the final nail in the Redskin coffin.

Monday Night Football

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (PICK)
Ugh. I really hope the Falcons can win this division because I can't watch a quarter of these teams.


Eric said...

No need to apologize. Hell, after seeing what happened to you last week and knowing the dark cloud that follows Travis around, I want to thank both of you for picking Miami!!

Travis Miller said...

9-6 going into MNF for you, 8-7 for me. We've both got Carolina, so I'm gonna gamble for the tie and switch my pick to Tampa Bay to win the unwinnable road game!

I wonder how Ernie feels about our Miami picks now?

Eric said...

Picking against the bills is the safe bet for the rest of the fucking season

Travis Miller said...

I just edited an article on Bleacher Report you might like, Ernie:

Travis Miller said...

oops it didn't show up completely. I'll break it up into two lines.

Eric said...

He brings up some decent points but I can't agree with them all. This article pretty much summarizes everything fans have been posting on this Bills forum I visit.

Jauron faking Edwards injury? I highly doubt that. Groins are pretty difficult to deal with and just because he doesn't limp when he walks doesn't mean it isn't hurt. A lot guys with groin injuries don't limp around.

Talent? I actually agree with the old fart. Buffalo doesn't have all that much talent. We have a decent line with a dumb center (one who has had 3 false starts since being promoted as the starter and has 2 or 3 fumbles already, most recently, thinking that Losman was under center when in reality, he was in shotgun). The talent will come with these players. People forget that we have a 2nd year QB (anyone ever hear of sophomore slumps?), a 2nd year RB (with a 2nd or 3rd year backup), and a 2nd year MLB. Which, oh by the way, happens to be the most important position on the defense. Our d-line can't generate pressure if their lives depended on it. Our #2 WR was injured for a few weeks while our 6 foot 5 inch rookie is still adjusting to life in the NFL. Our top draft pick started the season fighting for the nickel job but is now seeing the field regularly as a starter due to injuries. And OH!!! That mother fucker Ralph Wilson. He says we don't have the talent? Maybe he shouldn't have put our best LB, Angelo Crowell, on the IR for a knee surgery procedure that would have taken about 4 weeks to heal. He had this surgery a few days before the start of the season and RW didn't take kindly to him "quitting on the team" and decided to end his season by putting him on IR. Maybe Crowell could have helped stop the Dolphins (albeit, they didn't score a whole lot and the problem seems to be offense) in Toronto while the fucking fans there were chanting "go Dolphins".

The main thing though, that most Bills fans fail to realize. We didn't beat anyone in those games in which we started 5-1. Coming into this week, the best team we beat was 4-8... So to say we had a collapse is inaccurate. We were just a victim of our schedule.