Saturday, December 13, 2008

Phillies Nab Ibanez

Damn! He was my choice for left field.

I hope we don't end up going after Bobby Abreu to play next to Carlos Beltran since Ibanez is off the market. Abreu is a natural right fielder who is afraid of the wall. I can't imagine how ass-backwards his world would turn if he were put in left field in a Mets uniform.

I'm all for giving Daniel Murphy a full-time shot, with Fernando Tatis filling in when there's a lefty on the mound.

I'm satisfied (to say the least) with what we've done this week in acquiring JJ Putz and Francisco Rodriguez, dumping Aaron Heilman in the process.

My full article on the Putz trade can be found here. Clarkie isn't around to toot my horn, so I'll do some self-promotion. The article was also featured on CBS Sportsline.

This Bleacher Report thing is working out nicely for BMC Sports!

Sucks to see Endy and Joe Smith go, but they were our most valuable expendable assets.

Gotta do what you gotta do!


Eric said...

You guys are doing a pretty good job in FA this offseason so far. Saw that you guys dealt that bum, Schoenweis to Arizona. Thank you!

Interesting how Torre's main desire this offseason was to get a staff ace and our GM hasn't even tried. Not to mention we haven't been going after Manny all that hard since he filed.

The only other solution I could see, since Lowe doesn't seem to want to return, is to go after Peavey. We all know the Pads won't trade him to LA, and LA won't trade our prospects to SD.

Travis Miller said...

Yeah, that's a tough situation out in L.A. Oliver Perez is still out there, and I heard Manny doesn't want to be bothered until January.

Sheets? least there's still more out there this year than there was all of last offseason (Silva).

Travis Miller said...

Maybe you can sign Pettitte and Clemens!

Eric said...

None of them are an ace though.

I'm fine with Pettite, although I think he wants to stay in NY, fuck Clemens.