Tuesday, December 2, 2008



At least I'm not in Clarkie's boots. I'll let him post his record. I will tell you this--he hit double digits on the wrong side.

Anyway, here we are, ridiculing the questionably low lines, but obviously the oddsmakers think about more than we do.


And obviously they take into consideration that the Jets are coming off a high that cannot be matched, beating the league's only undefeated team, while the Broncos are not only fending off the bottom feeders of the worst division in the league, but they're also coming off a demoralizing loss to the Raiders.

The way things are going this season, it only makes sense that the Broncos would win that game. I'm going to put a lot more thought into my picks this week. I also love that the Browns covered against the Colts. What the hell?

I should issue an apology to Ernie and Trent Edwards, but I'm too pissed about my fantasy team eating dirt again this week to think about anyone but myself. Plus, it's Edwards' fault for coming back from this FIRST injury so quick that I didn't have time to drop him from my fantasy team!

What ever happened to the Bills going 12-4 this season?

I might also finally give up on the Chargers.

As for anything but Monday Night Football, the game to watch tonight was Virginia Tech's heartbreaking loss to Wisconsin. The Hokies hit a game-tying 3-pointer, only to lose on a Trevon Hughes buzzer-beating leaner, seconds later.

ESPN just did a great package about Virginia Tech's plethora of last-second losses in the past few years. Makes me proud to be a Hokie at heart. I suppose it's karma coming back for all the Wisconsin hating I did last season. Don't expect me to ease up on them this time around.

I didn't actually watch the VT-Wisconsin game. I was at the Marist-Lafayette women's basketball game. Yup, I misled you with my lead, and purposely buried it. This is actually a Marist Women's basketball blog!

The refereeing was terrible, which is why it was so close (Marist won, 66-55). It could have easily been 80-40.

Rachele Fitz went off for 34 points and 13 rebounds tonight, but as all great basketball players do, she was looking for ways to improve. Apparently five turnovers is a no-no, even when you score more than half of your team's points and single-handedly bring them out of trouble.

Her new nickname should be "And 1," because due to mismatch problems she creates, she often sees a double- or triple-team when she gets the ball inside. That doesn't stop her from sinking a layup as she's being clobbered by six flailing arms. It's truly a sight to see. She was 4-5 from the charity stripe, so I'm going to guess she had three and-one opportunities. Watching the game, it seemed like she had AT LEAST five.

Marist has some work to do. The clean-up crew isn't able to finish off wins yet, so Fitz and Julianne Viani have had to enter back into games late when they should be done for the day.

The freshman have a lot of potential, but also have some work to do in terms of vision on the court. Things are looking good, though. Just a little work on defense, integrate some of the pure shooters into the offense so Fitz and Viani don't have to carry the load each game, and it should be another great season.

Final note on the game, Viani had nine assists and the team had 17 assists on 24 field goals. That's a great stat to see. Unselfish basketball, moving the ball around, creating opportunities to score.

NFL picks should be up Wednesday.

Oh and I just looked at the Thursday night matchup...Oakland at San Diego.

So much for finally giving up on the Chargers....maybe. The line is at 4.5 right now...

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