Monday, December 15, 2008

+/- 3 = PUSH!

Time and time again I'm left questioning my sanity. These "times" I speak of tend to happen every Sunday night.

After a push in the Thursday night game, we also had a push with TB/ATL and Seattle/St. Louis. The Rams were looking good to win by double-digits like I called, but then they reverted know...the Rams.

The three ties left me with not much wiggle room. After the 1 p.m. games I was at 2-5-3. Eek. Wanna hear something crazy? I was tied with Michael J. who was 2-5-3 as well.

The 4 p.m. games, you ask? I don't want to talk about it. After watching Dallas Clark score 20 fantasy points, I knew I was in for a long afternoon. I went 1-4 down the stretch to finish 3-9-3 going into Monday night.

Mr. Clark? Oh, he just sounded off to the tune of 4-1. Sitting pretty at 6-6-3. Not very pretty, but a hell of a lot prettier than me.

The end of the Jets/Bills game was wild. I thought the Jets would have a chance to cover, then they blew it, but then the Bills blew it. So nobody went home happy except for the Jets and their fans. Jets win, don't cover. MJC and I both lost that one.

Tennessee and Houston was another game where the Titans could have come back to win and cover, but they weren't playing with any heart. I hope they lose in the second round of the playoffs at home.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore was a great game which could have gone either way, and the Giants also had a chance to at least cover the spread to help me out a little, but young Manning likes to turn the ball over a lot in the fourth quarter. Jason Witten only scored me 4 fantasy points, and the Cowboys scored 16 for me...on my bench.

I'll never get it right.

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