Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yankees Pushing for Manny? Say what?

According to Mark Feinsand and "one baseball official", the Yankees are indeed pushing hard for the services of Manny Ramirez.

So let's get this straight. The Yankees, a team that already has an influx of outfielders(and that's before you include the technicality that Nick Swisher can play OF), wants an older, defensive liability and general locker room cancer, in New York.

Sorry, I don't by it. I don't know who this "official" is, but I really find I hard to believe that they're a Yankees official. And whatever team they do work for, is providing them with some shoddy information. At least that's what I hope.

Let's look at reality here. If the Yankees are going to spend to get anyone to protect A-Rod in the Yankees line-up, they'd have to go hard after Big Tex. He'd be a force in the line-up and provide a solid defensive first baseman. That would turn Nick Swisher into a utility player who could give Tex a break on occasion at first and cover a few outfield spots.

As for Manny, he would protect A-Rod well, no doubt. But where do you even place him on the field with the current squad. Unless you're looking to trade Matsui or Nady, it's not going to happen at this point.

There is legit concern about the middle of the Yankees line-up. Abreu did a solid job for the Yankees in the three spot and they don't have anyone on the team who currently will take over that spot nearly as well as Abreu. If the team can stay healthy as is, it should score over 800 or 900 runs, but that would mean assuming Posada will return to his usual production, Matsui won't have his bum knee reduce his numbers and Cano will be back on track.

If we've learned anything, don't assume.


Travis Miller said...

From what I've heard, they're open to the idea of moving Nady, and there's potential for a Matsui/Andruw Jones swap.

Scary, no?

As for Manny, it's all about the $$. The Yankees reps who put that information out there think the YES Network would benefit exponentially if Manny showed up to the NYY-BOS series in Pinstripes.

Eric said...

Matsui/Andrew Jones swap?? Don't play with my feeling Travis

Travis Miller said...

True story. Both only have one year of contract left, so they're more inclined to take the gamble on Andruw's health than they are on Hideki's!