Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 12 Picks: Turkey Day Bloggin'!

It's about time I get back into the swing of having games on Thursday. Green Bay and Detroit are going to kick off in about five minutes, so I'll actually have my picks in on time this week!

Thanksgiving Day FOOTBALL!

Green Bay (-12) @ Lions
- I'm thankful for Greg Jennings. Not because he's been great for me this year, because he hasn't - only because he's not dropping 20+ points against me like he did twice last year.

Raiders (+14) @ Cowboys
- I'm thankful for Miles Austin. He's stepped up wonderfully for my fantasy team in Greg Jennings' down weeks.

Giants (-7) @ Broncos
- I'm thankful for not having a TV so I don't have to watch two teams in downward spirals playing each other. I guess it's good for one team...SOMEONE has to win this game. Unless it ends in a tie.

Two Days After Thanksgiving Day FOOTBALL!

1 p.m.

Buccaneers (+13) @ Falcons
- I'm thankful for Michael Turner. He stayed healthy longer than any of my previous first round picks before inevitably getting hurt.

Dolphins (-5) @ Bills
- I'm thankful for Terrell Owens. Though he's been quiet this year and seems to be fading away, I'm hoping for some awesome news conferences in the near future.

Browns (+14) @ Bengals
- I'm thankful for Chad Ochocinco. I wish I had the grapefruits to change my last name to "Ochocinco." What an awesome guy.

Seahawks (-3) @ Rams
- I'm thankful for Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. Without them, the Rams would be lost.

Panthers @ Jets (-3)
- I'm thankful for Mark Sanchez. Brett Favre led Jets fans on for too long last year, actually believing they'd be successful. I bet the Jets are glad they moved on and let that washed up old man go to Minnesota.

Redskins @ Eagles (-10)
- I'm thankful for Mike Vick. He's not getting many opportunities, but at least he's back in the league getting a paycheck. I'm also thankful for the Redskins. The team representing the nation's capital has the most racist name in all of sports and the Constitution protects its right to have such a name. Karma is a bitch.

Colts (-4) @ Texans
- I'm thankful for Peyton Manning. Fantasy purposes. I have a bad feeling about the Colts losing this one and the Saints being the last undefeated team left...for one day, at least.

4 p.m.

Chiefs @ Chargers (-14)
- I'm thankful for Sunday 4 p.m. games. I always get them wrong.

Jaguars @ 49ers (-4)
- See above.

Cardinals @ Titans (-3)
- Yep.

Bears (+11) @ Vikings
- I'm thankful for Mike Ditka. Ditka. Ditka. Bears.

8 p.m.

Steelers @ Ravens (PICK)
- Steelers are playing terribly. Ravens are playing well, all things considered. Either way I pick, I'm wrong, so let's get Rashard Mendenhall some serious fantasy points.


Patriots (+3) @ Saints
- I'm thankful for the NFL. For all the Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, Buccaneers, etc... games, it's all compensated for when you get games like these.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 11: Missed Thursday...Again.

Not that it's a huge deal, I definitely would have taken the Panthers over Miami with Ronnie Brown on the shelf for the rest of the season. There's no need to revisit last week's results because I seem to hover around .500 or worse every single week. The oddsmakers win again this year.

Sunday 1 p.m.

Redskins (+11)
@ Cowboys
- That's a rather large 11 the way Dallas has been playing.

Browns @ Lions (-4)
- Blackout.

49ers @ Packers (-7)
- This, the week I finally pick against the Niners, will be the week they finally cover.

Steelers (-10) @ Chiefs
- Pittsburgh has a knack for not covering, especially against bad teams. Maybe that's not the case this week.

Seahawks @ Vikings (-11)
- A.P. is due for a huge day, isn't he?

Falcons (+7) @ Giants
- Are there any good teams playing worse than these two?

Saints (-11) @ Buccaneers
- Reggie Bush is out. I don't honestly see that affecting the outcome.

Bills (+9) @ Jaguars
- This is like me picking Washington. Why not?

Colts (+2) @ Ravens
- Look, I know Indy isn't playing its best football these days, but 9-0 deserves a little respect, doesn't it?

Sunday 4 p.m.

Cardinals (-9) @ Rams
- I've had good results on the 4 p.m. games once, maybe twice this season.

Chargers (+4) @ Broncos
- San Diego smoked Philly last week, no reason to lose to Denver this week!

Bengals @ Raiders (+10)
- Is JaMarcus Russell still Oakland's QB? What happened to this poor, lost franchise? Oh yeah, Al Davis.

Jets (+11) @ Patriots
- I can't wait for the Patriots' first 4th down situation. The fans will give a very loud, sarcastic cheer when Bill Belichick opts for the punt.

Sunday 8 p.m.

Eagles (-3) @ Bears
- Interesting fact I learned today: Jay Cutler has the top selling jersey in the NFL this season. Why? I have no idea. Brett Favre is still in the league!


Titans (+5) @ Texans
- Can't be worse than Baltimore/Cleveland, can it?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 10 Picks: There's a Thursday Night Game!

Ah! The San Fran/Bears game is still 0-0 so I can get away with it. Kinda. I did terrible last week, but I'm still giving myself the excuse of no internet and no TV. Can't follow anything.

Thursday (Now)

Bears (+4) @ 49ers
- Niners could actually win one for once, but I see it being by no more than a field goal.

Sunday 1 p.m.

Bills @ Titans (-7)
- Are they back?

Saints (-14) @ Rams
- Uh oh. This could be ugly.

Buccaneers @ Dolphins (-10)
- I should know better because the Dolphins only seem to play well against good teams.

Lions @ Vikings (-17)
- As tempting as it is to take the Lions to cover 17 points, the thought of the Vikings' defense simply won't allow me to.

Jaguars (+7) @ Jets
- Two of my least favorite teams to pick.

Bengals (+7) @ Steelers
- The Bengals are torturing me this year, so I'm giving in and picking them.

Broncos (-4) @ Redskins
- Denver should cover four points...

Falcons (-2) @ Panthers
- Falcons will win by one. Just watch.

Sunday 4 p.m.

Chiefs @ Raiders (-2)
- Who's watching this game with me?

Cowboys @ Packers (+3)
- Seems like a no-brainer. What am I missing here?

Seahawks @ Cardinals (-9)
- I'll get it wrong either way just like I do with these two teams every week, so I might as well make the logical wrong pick.

Eagles (+3) @ Chargers
- Pretty sure Philly is gonna blow SD out of the water.

Sunday 8 p.m.

Patriots (+3) @ Colts
- I'll be happy to get this one wrong. This is always the best game to watch every year.

Monday Night Football

Ravens @ Browns (+11)
- What are the Browns doing on MNF? I don't know, but I'm picking them.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 9 Picks: Still No Internet!

I don't drink coffee, so going to the internet cafe everyday is getting pretty old. Though the hot chocolate is pretty good. I'll hopefully be up and running by Friday.

I continued my mediocre picking last week with a 7-6 mark, 60-56 overall. Yuck.

How about a perfect week this time around?

(lines c/o

Sunday 1 p.m.

Redskins @ Falcons (-10)
- Shame on me for being so blunt, but...duh.

Cardinals @ Bears (-3)
- Can you figure either of these teams out? I sure can't. When in doubt, take the home team.

Ravens (-3) @ Bengals
- Remember in Week 5 when Cincinnati visited Baltimore and won? Can a blogga get some payback?

Texans (+9) @ Colts
- Going against what I would normally do worked well last week in the Carolina-Arizona game, so picking the Texans to cover (not win) will be this week's version of that. And if I'm wrong, that probably just means my fantasy team is living large.

Dolphins (+11) @ Patriots
- Am I missing something here? The Dolphins can control the clock and run all over the Pats. Even if New England scores quick and maintains a lead, I can't see them being able to outscore Miami by 11.

Packers (-10) @ Buccaneers
- The only games Tampa lost by less than 10 were against the 'Skins and the Panthers.

Chiefs @ Jaguars (-7)
- The Jags have been terribly terrible the past three weeks. The Chiefs have been terribly, TERRIBLY terrible the past three years.

Sunday 4 p.m.

Lions (+10) @ Seahawks
- I'm going for it. The Lions lost to the freaking Rams last week. Everything about this game screams "DETROIT!"

Panthers @ Saints (-14)
- Having John Carney as my fantasy kicker is really getting old. Nobody can ever hold the Saints to just a field goal. You know it's bad when I'm rooting for a team to drive to the 20-yard line, get stopped, settle for a field goal, and still cover a two-touchdown spread.

Chargers @ Giants (-5)
-Vincent Jackson touchdowns make me happy. That has very little to do with me picking the Giants.

Titans @ 49ers (-5)
- Can Tennessee ride the wave coming off its first win? No.

Sunday 8 p.m.

Cowboys @ Eagles (-3)
- Now this is a great way to come back after Sunday Night Football got a BYE week due to things we don't speak of. I got away with playing Philly's defense/special teams against the Giants last week. Not sure if I can get away with it this week. I'm really setting myself up for heartbreak by benching Miles Austin, too. That can be potentially devastating. But what am I supposed to do with Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, and Vincent Jackson??? I wish one of those guys was a running back because all of mine suck.

Monday Night Football

Steelers (-3) @ Broncos
- The Broncos realized they aren't who they thought they were. I hope. Let's keep up the losing, boys!