Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 12 Picks: Turkey Day Bloggin'!

It's about time I get back into the swing of having games on Thursday. Green Bay and Detroit are going to kick off in about five minutes, so I'll actually have my picks in on time this week!

Thanksgiving Day FOOTBALL!

Green Bay (-12) @ Lions
- I'm thankful for Greg Jennings. Not because he's been great for me this year, because he hasn't - only because he's not dropping 20+ points against me like he did twice last year.

Raiders (+14) @ Cowboys
- I'm thankful for Miles Austin. He's stepped up wonderfully for my fantasy team in Greg Jennings' down weeks.

Giants (-7) @ Broncos
- I'm thankful for not having a TV so I don't have to watch two teams in downward spirals playing each other. I guess it's good for one team...SOMEONE has to win this game. Unless it ends in a tie.

Two Days After Thanksgiving Day FOOTBALL!

1 p.m.

Buccaneers (+13) @ Falcons
- I'm thankful for Michael Turner. He stayed healthy longer than any of my previous first round picks before inevitably getting hurt.

Dolphins (-5) @ Bills
- I'm thankful for Terrell Owens. Though he's been quiet this year and seems to be fading away, I'm hoping for some awesome news conferences in the near future.

Browns (+14) @ Bengals
- I'm thankful for Chad Ochocinco. I wish I had the grapefruits to change my last name to "Ochocinco." What an awesome guy.

Seahawks (-3) @ Rams
- I'm thankful for Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. Without them, the Rams would be lost.

Panthers @ Jets (-3)
- I'm thankful for Mark Sanchez. Brett Favre led Jets fans on for too long last year, actually believing they'd be successful. I bet the Jets are glad they moved on and let that washed up old man go to Minnesota.

Redskins @ Eagles (-10)
- I'm thankful for Mike Vick. He's not getting many opportunities, but at least he's back in the league getting a paycheck. I'm also thankful for the Redskins. The team representing the nation's capital has the most racist name in all of sports and the Constitution protects its right to have such a name. Karma is a bitch.

Colts (-4) @ Texans
- I'm thankful for Peyton Manning. Fantasy purposes. I have a bad feeling about the Colts losing this one and the Saints being the last undefeated team left...for one day, at least.

4 p.m.

Chiefs @ Chargers (-14)
- I'm thankful for Sunday 4 p.m. games. I always get them wrong.

Jaguars @ 49ers (-4)
- See above.

Cardinals @ Titans (-3)
- Yep.

Bears (+11) @ Vikings
- I'm thankful for Mike Ditka. Ditka. Ditka. Bears.

8 p.m.

Steelers @ Ravens (PICK)
- Steelers are playing terribly. Ravens are playing well, all things considered. Either way I pick, I'm wrong, so let's get Rashard Mendenhall some serious fantasy points.


Patriots (+3) @ Saints
- I'm thankful for the NFL. For all the Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, Buccaneers, etc... games, it's all compensated for when you get games like these.

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