Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dare I pick tonight's games?


Michigan State 67
Wisconsin 63

Louisville 80
Notre Dame 68

I don't think I'll go 0-2 tonight. Probably 1-1, getting the Wisconsin pick wrong. But I hate the Badgers, so I can't pick them. Even at home.

Rollin' on, but some bad, bad news...

Marist aced the test tonight in New Jersey, beating St. Peter's, 70-57. However, the Red Foxes learned on Monday night that they would be without guard Julianne Viani for the rest of the season.

They have the depth to continue at the pace they're at, but it's hard to compensate for the defensive intensity and shooting touch that Viani has. They have one last home game on Saturday, then it's off to the MAAC Tournament. Having won their last 17 games and being in both national polls now (#21 ESPN/USA Today, #25 AP), they could have the resume to earn an at-large big into the NCAA Tournament, but it would be nice if they win out, just to insure a single-digit seeding.

This puts them in a difficult place though, as there's no chance they get better than a seven seed. That means if they win their first round game they probably draw the #1 or #2 seed in the bracket in the second round. It's almost as if they're better off with an 11 or 12.

They'll probably win the National Championship anyway. No pressure from over here though.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beasley for President!


Last three games:
91 points (30.3 avg), 38 rebounds (12.7 avg ), 0-3 team record (0.0% win pct.*)

Tyler Hansbrough
Last three games:
84 points (28.0 avg), 26 rebounds (9.3 avg), 3-0 team record (100% win pct.*)

*o rly?

Monday, February 25, 2008

N.L. East Predictions/Recap

I think the Mets might be the favorite to win the East this year--the name of the pitcher they traded for is escaping me right now, but I think he was pretty good. The Phillies got lucky last year in what was a fluke season and a weak division. Their new closer is already hurt, and to the best of my knowledge, Jamie Moyer (age: 45) is still in their rotation. I mean, I can't talk since we've got Pedro (age: only 36, but more likely to fall apart physically than Michael Jackson), and El Duque (age: 38-54), but I'll poke fun anyway.
The Braves are definitely better. They've got a first baseman for the entire year, and their staff is pretty impressive (Hudson, Smoltz, Glavine [ha!], James, Hampton),
And then there's the Marlins and the Nationals...

1. New York Mets (98-64)
2. Atlanta Braves (90-72)
3. Philadelphia Phillies (84-78)
4. Florida Marlins (70-92)
5. Washington Nationals (65-97)

I don't feel comfortable predicting any 100-game winners or losers. The Tigers and Mets probably have the best chance. Looking at my numbers, I apparently have the Braves taking the Wild Card. I'm pretty certain it will come out of the West, but I don't want to look like as unthoughtful as I really am, so I'll run with it. Here's how my playoff picture looks:

A.L. East - Boston Red Sox
A.L. Central - Detroit Tigers
A.L. West - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
A.L. Wild Card - Cleveland Indians

N.L. East - New York Mets
N.L. Central - St. Louis Cardinals
N.L. West - Arizona Diamondbacks
N.L. Wild Card - Atlanta Braves

Apologies to the Dodgers, Padres, and Cubs.
But not to the Yankees. Enjoy golfing in October.

N.L. Central Prediction

This is by far the toughest one to call. Apparently the Cubs are "the team" because of this Japanese guy they picked up. When his numbers translate, he might be a poor man's Kaz Matsui, who is the poor man's Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who is the poor man's Hideki Irabu.

That's right. Hideki Irabu was more valuable than Tsuyoshi Shinjo and Kaz Matsui. Put together!
This has little, if anything to do with my post, but the Cards have JuanGon!!!!

1. St. Louis Cardinals (87-75)
2. Chicago Cubs (84-78)
3. Milwaukee Brewers (81-81)
4. Houston Astros (77-85)
5. Cincinnati Reds (70-92)
6. Pittsburgh Pirates (65-97)

I know picking the Cards is a waste of time, since JuanGon probably won't even make the team...but giving him a chance? That shows spunk!
And maybe Carpenter will be back by midseason?

Predictions: Coming soon

It's a well known fact with anyone who knows Travis and myself, that every year, there's a competition of sorts. We always try to out pick the other when it comes to who's winning the Division and Wild Card.

This year, is no different. It's just more public this year, being there's a blog.

Later on today or tomorrow, my predictions will be posted. I'd take the every division one by one approach, but instead, I'm going to just compile them into one nice post.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

N.L. West Prediction

What a lovely weekend, no? I was wrong about Memphis/Tennessee, and I was wrong about Mike Iaconelli. We shouldn't be surprised at these things anymore.

But I would have taken Tiger, had I blogged about it. You've gotta believe me.

Worst part of it is that I found out Iaconelli is no longer the Happy Gilmore of his sport! Apparently the B.A.S.S. Brass had a meeting with him and now he's mature or something. That SUUUUUUUCKS. He was the only good thing left about watching fishing.

Let's see how bad I can screw up the N.L. West, shall we? So many shakeups, it's gonna be a rough one to call. Arizona should be the odds on favorite, but Adrian Gonzalez will have a rebound year for the Padres, and the Dodgers made so many moves, you've gotta consider them. The Rockies are as unpredictable as ever, and the Giants got rid of Bonds! They could all finish over .500! Just kidding, the Giants are still terrible (though they may have been my pick to win the division last year. Ouch.).

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (95-67)
2. San Diego Padres (88-74)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (87-75)
4. Colorado Rockies (81-81)
5. San Francisco Giants (76-86)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bass fishing is a sport, too.

The tournament of all fishing tournaments is before us, as Day Two of the Bassmaster Classic was completed today. Going into the final day, Alton Jones has a four-pound lead over Kevin VanDam, with Charlie Hartley, Cliff Pace, and Mike Iaconelli right behind him.

In an event like this, you've gotta respect a lead like that, but you can't count out VanDam, one of the best fisherman of his generation.

My pick to win? Iaconelli. The fish have been huge the first two days, and if you're not up on your B.A.S.S. culture, Iaconelli is basically the T.O. or Dennis Rodman of the sport. He's just not black.
He's my boy and I hope he wins!

As promised, an itty bitty preview

If you've watched any sports related shows or listened to any sports radio in the past week, you probably know that "#1" Memphis is facing "#2" Tennessee today.
I won't take anything away from either of these teams, because they're both complete teams with few flaws. By chance, they're numbers one and two in the country, though Kansas, UCLA, and UNC are the best three teams.

Tennessee's main weakness is going to be on the glass today. Memphis will outrebound them, especially on the offensive side. Joey Dorsey looks more like Glenn Dorsey, weighing in at 260 pounds. Tennessee can match up as far as height, but power and strength, not so much.
Another weakness for Tennessee is foul trouble. They foul a lot, but lucky for them, Memphis is the worst free throw shooting teams in the country. That's not an exaggeration. They're dead last.

Memphis' strength of schedule is suspect, and even with the Vols playing a much tougher schedule, the Tigers average less points per game and rank below the Vols in almost every offensive category.

Chris Lofton is heating up and should be a major factor today. The coaching edge also goes to the Vols.

Before I continue praising Tennessee, I have to inform you that I'm still not picking them to win despite immortalizing them nonstop.

Home court will decide this game. Tennessee will get into foul trouble and their matchups will be even more lopsided. The Tigers will have an above average day from the line (probably shoot about 65% on 25-30 attempts). Memphis will stay undefeated. It will haunt them in the NCAA Tournament as they will fall short of advancing to the Final Four.

Memphis 86
Tennessee 80

(and since I picked Memphis to win, Tennessee will win. Just ask Barrows how that works)

Friday, February 22, 2008

A.L. East Prediction

What's left to say? Here's what I got:

1. Boston Red Sox (95-67)
2. New York Yankees (90-72)
3. Toronto Blue Jays (81-81)
4. Tampa Bay Rays (72-90)
5. Baltimore Orioles (65-97)

That's right! A name change and a few subtle moves will dig the Rays out of the basement. BoSox got older, their pitching staff is very very questionable.
The Yankees got younger and have a great chance to give the young guys a shot, but can they stay healthy?
And then there's those poor Orioles and Blue know, those other teams in the just gotta feel bad for them.

Memphis/Tennessee blogging tomorrow afternoon! N.L. picks will start on Sunday.

A.L. Central Prediction

With two blockbuster deals in the central this offseason, the Tigers enhanced their offense and pitching staff while the Twins are taking a step back, making this a two-team race. If Francisco Liriano stays healthy, Minnesota should be able to stay in third, but if his arm problems persist, it could be a very long season in the Twin Cities. It should be a tighter race at the bottom, as the signing of Jose Guillen could give the Royals the "juice" they need to compete for fourth.

I crack myself up.

1. Detroit Tigers (98-64)
2. Cleveland Indians (95-67)
3. Minnesota Twins (76-86)
4. Chicago White Sox (74-88)
5. Kansas City Royals (71-91)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A.L. West prediction

Same as last year--just a little more room in between the top two teams and the bottom two teams.

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (96-66)
2. Seattle Mariners (92-70)
3. Oakland Athletics (73-89)
4. Texas Rangers (70-92)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you serious?

I'd blog about Duke's mini-collapse currently going on, as they were blitzed by Miami tonight for their second straight loss, but luckily the game wasn't on TV so I don't know what to say about it, other than they better get their act together because now they're in a tie for first in the ACC and they still have a game left against UNC. We're past character-building losses, now it's just time to tighten up and get back to what they were doing.

The game that was on TV, however, was Kansas State at Nebraska. K-State lost, 69-64. After tonight, I finally have some ground to back up my claims that Tyler Hansbrough should and will get Player of the Year honors.

I have to be careful with my words here, because I'm going to call Michael Beasley immature, but I cannot call Hansbrough mature. Beasley is emotional, which you can't take away from him. That's a great quality, but he takes it to a level where it is a fault. He got a poor reception coming into the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln tonight (harassed on the road?! NO!), so what does he do? As soon as the cameras get on him, he talks about potentially dropping FIFTY, yes 50 (5-0, 49+1, 25x2) points in the approaching game against the Cornhuskers.

"It's gonna be a fun night. I'm trying to tell you. I might go for 50. I'm being serious!"

What a tool!
He's got to realize he's got a target on his back. If a team can match up with you, they will--and when you put up numbers like him, they'll double-team you. If that doesn't work, they'll triple-team you.
That's exactly what Nebraska did, and my little buddy Beasley got frustrated early, held to seven points in the first half.
I will give him some credit. He kicked it up a notch late in the second half, dropping two straight three-balls and then another field goal (and one) to get his team back in the game, and he finished with 17 points and 10 boards. He tied Carmelo Anthony's record of 22 double-doubles by a freshman.
Ok, enough being nice.
He's also lazy. Down two points with a buck twenty left, he pulled down a rebound nonchalantly and had it stripped right out of his hands, allowing the Huskers to drain a whole extra possession off the clock.
Clutch? Not so much. AIRBALLED a three with 20 seconds left, down four. He then committed a foul, and bobbled the wide-open rebound, knocking it out of bounds and giving it back to Nebraska, where they went up by seven and sealed the deal.

All this bashing Beasley is not for nothing. The point I'm trying to make is that Hansbrough, as much as I hate him, is everything Beasley is not. If Beasley stays in school, which he won't, he can only hope to become what Hansbrough is. A leader. Beasley cannot carry his team like Hansbrough has since Ty Lawson went down with the ankle injury. 35 and 12 tonight for Psycho-T. Player of the Year.

I don't know if anyone is still reading, or if anyone reads this at all...but did you see Tiger's putt for eagle on 17 today? SIIIIIICK

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I hate the Big Ten

All the turmoil going on at Indiana, and Purdue, one of the hottest teams on the planet (the other being the Marist College women's basketball team), can't take out the Hoosiers.

Stat of the night
Indiana 23
Purdue 5

WHAT? Show anybody that stat ANY night, EVER, and they'll tell you that Purdue won that game by about 20. But nope, this is the Big Ten.

Co-Stat of the night
Free Throws (obviously)
Indiana 30-34
Purdue 12-20

Indiana also outrebounded the Boilermakers 44-28. That'll do it, too.
Hopefully this is the last Big Ten game I watch for awhile.


He's back! The St. Louis Cardinals signed 38-year old OF Juan Gonzalez to a minor league deal, inviting him camp to contend for a roster spot.

He was my favorite player through most of the 90's. If he makes the team, I'll most certainly use my 25th round draft pick in fantasy baseball to grab him. He's totally worth the DL spot all year.

I just hope he doesn't get tested for 'roids

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Like any good Duke fan,

I sugarcoat the loss!
Wake Forest exposed each and every weakness of the Blue Devils tonight. They dominated the glass, shut them down on the outside, forced turnovers, and put Duke in foul trouble.

Even more to my dismay, Wake Forest may now be on the favorable side of the bubble with this win.

Aaaaaaand the fans are charging the court. Yeah, yeah yeah, get over it.
Drunk hippies.

Okay, so the final was 86-73. Duke couldn't hit a foul shot or a three-pointer for their lives tonight.
All five starters fouled out by the end of the game, and Wake Forest was just faster, more athletic, and they wanted it more.

Free throws: Duke 13-25
Wake 27-38

Trifectas: Duke 8-28
Wake 5-11

Here's my inner Duke fan coming out now (as if I haven't been bitter enough already)...
It's better that Duke gets some regular season losses in now. They will learn from their mistakes, hopefully, and it will make them better.
If Memphis loses to Tennessee in a week, it will be great for them. I don't think they WILL lose, but I also don't think they will be in the Final Four. Of course I still have to wait and see what the bracket looks like (start the countdown...28 days until Selection Sunday!) before I guarantee an early exit for the Tigers.

Back to my Dukies, they had 21 turnovers tonight and only 12 assists. Right out of the gate they looked terrible handling the ball, which is usually one of their strongest points. But the Demon Deacons had the big men inside, and the athleticism on the outside to completely mismatch Duke.

Bah, Humbug.

Guess what

Davidson is going to upset someone in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

I hope they play Wisconsin.

[4:40 p.m.] Looking back now, I already blogged about Davidson.
It's nice to have a little consistency that post I said Texas would be in the top 10 all year. A month later I listed them on my "pretenders."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Because I'm Too Lazy to Post Songs 50-1 Right Now

How about some college hoops blogging? First off, hats off to the Manhattan Jaspers for defeating the Red Foxes at Draddy last night. I was in attendance and it was nice to see a rare win from my team. I'm not used to this whole thing...rooting for teams that don't win all the time. Jaspers did a great job of neutralizing Jay Gavin all game by holding him to one measly point. Draddy's been a bit of a house of horrors for Marist over the years. Marist has lost their last 7 trips to Riverdale. However, in my four years at MC, the Jaspers have never won at McCann (or really even put forth much of an effort). J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets was in attendance to root on his little brother Chris (freshman SG for Manhattan). My favorite part of the game was when Smith went up for a dunk and got fouled fairly hard. J.R. looked so angry that I thought he was going to run out onto the court and look for Nate Robinson. Darryl Crawford scored 24 points and hopefully made a statement to Barry that he deserves the PT he's getting

Indiana has had a bad few weeks. This business with Kelvin Sampson is very harmful to the overall flow to the team and it has shown, as Indiana has collapsed as of late. UConn remains one of the hottest teams in the nation. I don't think anybody wants to face UConn right about now. UNC needs to get themselves healthy if they want to make a serious run at the title this year. The team to beat right now is still Memphis, however. They are the best team I've seen this year and I think that they have had enough big non-conference wins (UCONN, G-Town, Gonzaga) to quiet their detractors. Georgetown needs to get their shit together before tourney time. They were very fortunate to win that game against Pitt and as I'm typing this, they're about to lose to Syracuse. This really should make for an exciting last month and a fantastic March Madness.

On to the NBA. Is there a more hated man in all of Texas right now than Devean George? His cancellation of the Kidd trade has got to be one of the most frustrating event in Dallas since Patrick Crayton forgot how to catch the ball. And then Jerry Stackhouse had to run his mouth also. Even without the Kidd trade, take a look at the nine best teams in the west.

New Orleans
San Antonio
Golden State

With the exception of Houston and probably Golden State, any of those teams could come out of the West. As for the East, the only teams you could make arguments for coming out of the East are Boston, Detroit, Orlando, and Cleveland. Right now, the 76ers are a playoff team. That's how pathetic the Leastern Conference is.

More to come later on baseball and also 50-1

Why newspapers are still valuable

The Poughkeepsie Journal's own Sean T. McMann was nice enough to let me sit next to him on press row at the Marist women's basketball game last night at the James J. McCann Center.

Though it was in no way a close game, there were countless implications and important notes about the game. Some I knew, and others that he brought to my (and many fans') attention. They not only involved the team, but also some individual players.

First and most obvious, it was the first time the women were playing with a national ranking (#25).

Second, with the win, the women clinched a share of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference title (their fifth straight), and the number one seed in the MAAC Tournament next month.

Third, Sean pointed out to me that senior co-captain Nikki Flores leads THE COUNTRY in free throw shooting. That is an impressive stat, and you certainly have to do some research to figure that out. doesn't have stats for the women. Sean told me is the hot ticket.

Finally, sophomore Rachele Fitz scored her 1,000th career point in the first half. Significance? She is by far the quickest in Marist history to that plateau. If her next two years are anything like her first two, she will take the current scoring record, ball it up, eat it, spit it back out, magically turn it into gold, and distribute it to third world countries in need.

She's that good.

Where I'm going with this is that small market newspapers such as the Poughkeepsie Journal are imperative to sports that don't get much attention, such as women's basketball at a small Division One school.

With all these achievements, they deserve some recognition.

Sean's article on the game can be found here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple of upsets, and WISCONSIN keeps winning!

I might really be wrong about this Wisconsin team!
Or maybe I was just wrong about Indiana. Yeah, that's how I'll tell the story. I was wrong about Indiana. They aren't legit. Two losses to WISCONSIN?!!! jeez. they suck!

Just kidding. The Badgers went into Indiana and took out the Hoosiers, 68-66, completely legit.
Since I'm ALWAYS wrong about this kind of stuff, I'm thinking ahead to March Madness. Do I put Wisconsin in the Final Four knowing they'll lose early or do I take them out early, then they advance far in the Tournament?

The answer is:
I take them as far as I can before it's impossible for them to beat their opponent.
Reason being that then I can go back to when I called them a pretender and be all like "see, I was right!"
I'm going to lose points in that region anyway by either putting them too far or not taking them far enough, so I'd rather save face with them sucking and falling apart than having anonymous Wisconsin fans laughing at my misfortune.
Like in February of 2006 when I told a co-worker "Two sure first round upsets will be UCLA and Florida."
I seriously said that.

Anyway, Memphis stayed unbeaten today and Tennessee was convincing in its win over Arkansas. That's still looking to be a good one.

Drake's 21-game winning streak was snapped tonight by those reliable Salukis.
I'm not sure if Drake (#15) will fall from national rankings, but I have reason to believe that they might due to the weakness of their schedule. A loss brings them back down to earth.

UConn remained hot, beating Notre Dame 84-78, and just now, Texas Tech finished off Kansas State for not only a huge upset, but also Pat Knight's first career win. Bob Knight was in attendance. The Big 12 is clogged up again, and UConn keeps the Big East race interesting. Unfortunately, the Huskies don't play Georgetown again this season, while the Hoyas have three tough road games left, meaning UConn could realistically win the Big East. Nobody (objective) saw that coming when the season began.

Florida lost again, so they've dropped three of their last four. The toughest part of their schedule hasn't hit yet, so if they don't kick it up a notch, they're in danger of losing a chance to threepeat.

Congressional hearings

There is no way I can try to keep up with the hearings today. I'm down at Marist waiting for my interview with ESPN in a little bit, so I can't watch the live coverage. I'm keeping up with it via Jayson Stark's blog.

This is some really good stuff.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Somebody owes me $20

60-54, Boilermakers take out the Spartans!
The sign they showed with 11 seconds left says it best:

Purdue got off to an amazing start, holding Michigan State scoreless for their first seven possessions, and to 18 points for the first half. Michigan State almost came back, down one point at several points late in the second half, but they couldn't get over the hump. That's 10 in a row for Purdue, they visit Indiana next week. If they win that, you have to believe they'll take the Big Ten outright.
Freshman Robbie Hummel went off for Purdue tonight, dropping 24 points and 11 rebounds, upstaging his 21 and four against Wisconsin. He hit some clutch FG's as time was winding down, and though the Spartans kind of picked on him on the inside when he was on defense, he had an all around good game. It should garner him Big Ten player of the week for the second consecutive week as long as he lights up Northwestern on Saturday.

Erin Andrews was lookin' fine tonight. She was my favorite part of the game.

That's probably it for me tonight unless UVA comes back and takes out UNC. North Carolina is up seven at the break right now. They were looking a little shaky at first, but they seem to be in control.

Tonight's big game

I don't have much insight into the game, but I'm sure I'll have something to say afterwards.

My prediction:
Michigan State 71
Purdue 64

But to provide myself a buffer since I always pick the losing team to win, $20 says I'm wrong on this pick.

Upset watch--UNC at UVA. The Heels haven't been hot without Lawson, and maybe the Wahoos got a little something something tonight.


#25! booyah!

and congratulations!

Not Ready to Make Nice

To answer the question of when I will be coming out of my hole that I have been in for the past week thanks to the XLII sized disaster last weekend, here I am. However, I'm not ready to do some sports blogging quite yet. Instead, how about some music blogging instead? Inspired by the Grammys last night, I have decided to compile my list of 100 Favorite Songs ever. Before the list begins, let me just warn all of you. There will be inclusions/exclusions that will make you scratch your head (KT Tunstall? Paramore? Seal?). That being said, get ready to realize just how messed up my taste in music is. I've included links to each song in case you've never heard them or just want to rock out to the New Radicals one more time.

100. TWO SISTERS by Fiction Plane
One of a few songs on this list that will probably not be that familiar to most out there. That's really a shame. The lead singer of Fiction Plane is the son of Sting. Daddy will make a return to this list two more times.
Fiction Plane performs Two Sisters on Kimmel

99. HEAVEN by Los Lonely Boys
This song hit the airwaves a few years ago ad nauseum, but in retrospect, there is a reason. This jam just oozes cool. It's a shame that LLB haven't panned out since. Here's hoping they won't be just a one hit wonder.
Heaven Music Video

98. C'MON, C'MON by The Von Bondies
Whether you know this song from the MVP Baseball Video Game or the opening credits for "Rescue Me", you have had this simple, repetitive song in your head before. If you haven't heard it yet, I dare you to listen to it and not belt it out in the shower. "On another day, c'mon, c'mon"
C'Mon, C'Mon Music Video

I hated only including one Guster song on this list. Guster, a band out of Boston, has been an underrated group for a few years now. This song comes from their Ganging Up On The Sun CD.
Live Version

96. I'LL CATCH YOU by Get Up Kids
The first emo song you will find on the list (and not the last). I love the simplicity of this song. It's a nice sentiment also. Everyone needs someone to "catch them" every now and then.
Audio of I'll Catch You

95. SEEIN' RED by Unwritten Law
This song just reminds me of Sophomore Year. My roommate went through a stretch where he would play this song just about every day. Great song to jam along to in the car or to belt out the chorus from the safety of your home computer.
Music Video

Another song that just reminds me of an era. This time, senior year at ole RHCS. Such a great song and it is a real shame that the band broke up. They'll probably get back together in ten years for a new VH-1 reality series or something.
Music Video

93. BEST OF YOU by Foo Fighters
Whenever Dave Grohl tells me to give the world two middle fingers, I tend to oblige.
Best of You at MTV Movie Awards

92. FLY by Sugar Ray
While a younger naive generation might know Mark McGrath as the guy from Extra, I'll always remember him as the frosted tipped front man of Sugar Ray. This was a great song that hit in the late 90s. The next time you hear it, you will be shocked that you remember all the lyrics. And you will.
Fly Music Video

91. FLY ME TO THE MOON by Frank Sinatra
Old Blue Eyes makes his first of two appearances on the list. While Michael Buble has come in and really made a great career for himself singing standards, there would be no Buble without Sinatra. This is one of my personal favorites from him.
Video with Lyrics

90. YOU'VE GOT THE MUSIC IN YOU by New Radicals
Speaking of a) one hit wonders and b) songs that typify the '90s, this is another one of those songs that makes you feel a little bit dirty that you know all the words to, but will surely impress your friends. Play this song at a jukebox at a bar and watch the faces light up as they remember along with you.
Music Video

89. IT'S ALL BEEN DONE by The Barenaked Ladies
BNL were actually the first band I ever saw live. They performed really well. A part of me wishes they would come back and write more songs. They've been pretty quiet for the past five years or so.
Live Version at Hammerstein Ballroom

88. 99 PROBLEMS by Jay-Z
Even though the song was a bit inappropriate for Obama's campaign, this is probably Jigga's most well known song. I wish I had more room on the list for more than one song by the guy because I really do enjoy most of his music, but 100 songs is quite exclusive.
Music Video

87. THIS YEAR'S LOVE by David Gray
An amazing song in its simplicity. Just David, a piano, and his voice. This one is especially known to make women melt. You heard me fellas.
Music Video

86. SINCE U BEEN GONE by Kelly Clarkson
Ahhh KELLY CLARKSON! I legit really like Kelly and think that she probably would have been famous with or without Idol. She's just that sort of talent. This song, covered by The Coriolis Effect a few times, is a song that both men and women alike can appreciate.
Music Video

85. FLOAT ON by Modest Mouse
Funny story time. Buddy Clark turns to me a month ago and asks me if I've ever heard of this new band called Modest Mouse. After explaining to the Budman that he was about four or five years to late for the Modest Mouse bandwagon, I realized how much I really do enjoy this song. The lyrics are perfectly nonsensical.
Music Video (trippy)

Another emo song. However, this song is beloved by most lovers of music, regardless of their preferences. It's ironic how Keane asks where the simple things have gone in the song when the simplicity of the song is what draws people in. It's almost the male version of the iPod song by Feist (1234)
Music Video

83. YEAH! by Usher
Quite the departure for someone that has been an Usher fan for years. I still love Ursher, but I wish he would put out some new stuff. Still, this song is great for two reasons. Usher's smooth tenor on the verses and the Luda rap break.
Music Video

82. I WANT YOU BACK by Jackson 5
Finally another song from before I was born. Watching the Jackson 5 always makes me feel bad for what Michael has become over the years. This song usually puts a smile on my face regardless of my mood.
Performance by Jackson 5

They call this baby making music. I love doing the intro in my best low Barry voice. It's not up to snuff (few are), but this is another golden oldie that is still beloved to this day.
Barry White Montage Set To Song

80. MISERY BUSINESS by Paramore
Love Paramore. This song is the one that they've been using as their radio single and is their best song, but they have a good album. It's nice to hear a rock group with a female lead. Thanks due to Jay Clark for introducing me to them.
Music Video

79. SANTERIA by Sublime
A toss up between this one and What I Got. Santeria ended up getting the edge due to it's reggae sound and its blatant disregard for a distinguishable chorus.
Audio to Song

78. WHERE IS MY MIND? by The Pixies
Great song that has become a bit overrated through the years. Great guitar to intro and a unique sound that we've not heard since.
Music Video

77. WONDERFUL TONIGHT by Eric Clapton
Only the second Basement Boys covered song on the list! I grew up hearing Buddy croon this song like Mr. Clapton and it just puts a smile to your face hearing it.
Live Version

76. SUDDENLY I SEE by KT Tunstall
One of two songs on this list that most men won't admit that they like, but when the song comes on the radio, they crank it. If you tell me that you've never done backup vocals for KT, you're lying. Suddenly I- Suddenly I seeeeeeeee.
Music Video

Won a bottle of wine by performing this song to perfection at karaoke one night. It's a great song by another underrated band.
Music Video

Loved this song even before they performed it on Entourage. Great song by a great band. This won't be the last time seeing U2 on this list.
Live Version

73. NEW YORK, NEW YORK by Frank Sinatra
The worst sound in sports is Liza Minelli's version of New York, New York. The reason? It means the New York Yankees just lost.
New York Scenes With Song in Background

I expect to hear arguments that this song should be ranked better than it is. The reason why it's not any better than number 72 is because of a roommate who tortured us to death with this song. It's become the premiere bar/karaoke anthem however.
Video with Song

71. THE DIFFERENCE by The Wallflowers
Another band that I wish I could have put on this list twice. This song and One Headlight are two of my favorites. The Difference makes it over One Headlight because of the rocking intro and the memorable chorus.
Music Video

70. BACK TO YOU by John Mayer
Our first John Mayer appearance on the list. Going through John's songbook and going with only two songs was no easy feat. I love this song because the lyrics are inspiring about, as John says, not giving up and "chances in double digits".
Live Performance

69. WAIT FOR YOU by Elliott Yamin
Although I've been gaga over Carrie Underwood's beauty and impressed by Blake Lewis' coolness, Elliott has been my favorite Idol to appear on the show. Every week I would tune in to see what he would sing and week after week he impressed me. He didn't disappoint me with his first single, which was all over the radio charts this summer.
EY's return to Idol

68. YOUR LOVE by The Outfield
One of those songs that a cover band will play at a bar and you can't help but sing along to. When it comes to 80s rock songs, it doesn't get much better than this one.
Music Video

67. DON'T SPEAK by No Doubt
Gotta love old school No Doubt. While it may seem like this song is added on just to avoid talks of musical sexism, I really do like this song. It screams 1990s.
Music Video

66. CANNONBALL by Damien Rice
This guy's voice is one of the smoothest ones I've ever heard in my life. I have great respect for DR.
Great Live Version

65. TYPICAL by Mute Math
My friend sent me a video over the summer of them performing this song on Jimmy Kimmel Live completely backwards. While I should have probably been more impressed with the backwards song, I was more impressed with the band. This is a great song that will get stuck in my head for days when I hear it.
Backwards on Kimmel

64. WE BELONG by Pat Benatar
More 80s! More women singers! Whenever I hear this song I think of a monologue to SNL a few years ago when Selma Hayek was hosting. Chris Kattan and a bunch of other people kept coming out trying to sing this song. After getting booted from the stage by Hayek the fourth time, she stops the bassist. It ends up being Ed Norton (her then boyfriend) in a fake mustache.
Music Video

63. THUNDER ROAD by Bruce Springsteen
Apparently when Bruce plays this song at his concerts, he doesn't sing it at all. He just lets his audience sing it. When I told someone about that, he laughed and said that nobody knew the words to the song. Thus proving my point that I am a nobody.
Photo Montage with Song Underneath

62. MIDNIGHT RIDER by Allman Brothers
One of the best jam bands ever. This is another Basement Boys classic.
SNL Appearance

61. VIRTUAL INSANITY by Jamiroquai
Probably one of the more unique songs I've ever heard. I love the sound though.
Music Video

60. GRAVITY by John Mayer
Ah, the other John Mayer song on the list. I love this song because of the simplicity of the guitar and the relateability of the lyrics. Great song by a great performer.
Sessions Video

59. WHEN YOUR MIND'S MADE UP by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
First, I would be remiss to not say to see this movie. The movie where this song came from, Once, is a great Irish indie film that came out last year. It's on DVD now. Guaranteed you'll love it, especially if you're a music fan like me. This song is probably the most powerful part of the movie when the band finally gets a chance to lay down a track.
Scene featuring song

58. MELT WITH YOU by Modern English
A toss up between this song and Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies as to the best song to incorporate hums. Actually, in all seriousness, this is a classic song that is beloved by most with a pulse.
Trippy Music Video

57. BOSTON by Augustana
The emo songs just keep on coming, don't they? Great song about not wanting to be lost in the crowd and not just being another number.
Music Video

56. GEEK IN THE PINK by Jason Mraz
While Jason Mraz has put out some very good songs in the past five years (Remedy, You and I Both, Wordplay), this is definitively his most fun tune. Similar to Virtual Insanity where you won't hear a lot of stuff like this on the radio, but when it is done right, it's gold.
Live Version

The thing that disappointed me the most about the Super Bowl was that Tom Petty didn't play this song at halftime. Yes, that's the story I'm going with.
Live Version

54. TOUCH THE SKY by Kanye West
'Ye makes an appearance! I needed to include Kanye for two reasons. 1) He's one of the best in the business and 2) If I didn't, he'd probably bitch about it.
Music Video

53. FIELDS OF GOLD by Sting
Just a great song by a great performer. He actually has a stripped down version with a lute that I have on my iTunes, but I haven't been able to find it online. Check it out if you get the chance
Live Version

Meat's ode to getting 66% on your tests. I really hope his daughters sing this song to him when they fail their math quizzes.
Live Version

51. KISS FROM A ROSE by Seal
I'm really on a ballad kick here, aren't I? I really hope Heidi Klum makes Seal sing this to her every night. Why else would she have married him?
Music Video w/ Batman

50-1 Coming Later Today!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Surpriiiise! I was wrong!

Of course, after I say Kansas will beat Texas, the Longhorns go ahead and win the game, 71-68. Nobody really stepped up for either team down the stretch, including D.J. Augustin, who went 1-13 from the field in the game. So here's a look at the top three in the Big 12:

Kansas State 7-1 (17-5)
Kansas 8-2 (23-2)
Texas 7-2 (20-4)

Should be good as conference play continues.

Pettitte not testifying:

This is a surprise and an anticlimactic turn in the Clemens saga. After Clemens was shaking hands, taking pictures, and signing autographs with Congressmen last week, that buried him in my book. Now seeing this surface, I can't help but feel like Clemens is up to something. I think Pettitte would have had to bury his buddy--not directly, but I'm sure some of his answers may have implicated Clemens. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is now so far above the game, I just want it to be over. Let's play ball.

Blogging about Hockey?!!

I know, nobody cares, but if you haven't seen that video, check it out here.
Richard Zednik was cut in the neck by the skate of a teammate, and his cartoid artery was severed. He endured life-saving surgery and is now in stable condition. The trail of blood left on the ice is sickening, and though everyone knew it was serious, I don't think they understood how serious it was since he was able to skate 3/4 of the rink to receive help.
The teams finished the game, which I don't disagree with. The officials made sure it was okay with all of the players that they finish the game.
Zednik is familiar with injury, as he was punched in the face in a 2002 playoff game and knocked unconscious. He suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose, a cut eyelid, and a bruised throat from the hit.
I sincerely hope he doesn't return to the ice after this. The dangers are insane and he doesn't need to take any more chances.

Controversial Tennessee win

Sure enough, Candace Parker played, dropping 27 points and pulling in 10 boards as Tennessee squeaked by Rutgers tonight.
There was a controversial foul called with 0.2 seconds left and Rutgers leading 58-57--the refs had to look at it again to make sure it was before time expired and they decided it was. Nicky Anosike, a lesser of the infamous Lady Vols, but a Lady Vol nonetheless, stepped to the line and drilled both free throws to seal the win.

The (Lady?) Scarlet Knights showed they belong tonight, coming into Knoxville and putting up one hell of a fight. Without Parker, Tennessee had no chance of winning that game. It looks like she's gonna be alright.

Over on the men's side, #6 Georgetown barely won at home against the unranked Villanova Wildcats, again on a pair of last second free throws. The final was 55-53.

Right now, Kansas and Texas are playing a tight one on ESPN. The game is at Texas, but I still think the Jayhawks will pull this one off. Texas leads 54-53 with 11 minutes left, but there are huge implications in this game. Texas is in third in the Big 12 standings, while Kansas is in first with K-State right on their tail.
I'm looking for Brandon Rush to take over and lead Kansas to victory.

Andy Pettitte, that hockey player with the slashed neck, and the final score of the Texas/Kansas game to come later.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tar Heels hold their ground

With #4 UCLA already knocked off by a revitalized Washington team, North Carolina looked doomed again without Ty Lawson.

At home, the Heels trailed by 11 to Clemson at halftime and as many as 15 into the second half. Hell, they were still down 11 with under four minutes to play! So I change the channel to "Office Space" on Comedy Central, and when I flip back, UNC is within two points! They tied the game and forced overtime, where Clemson managed to hang in for five more minutes. Into the second overtime, the Tar Heels took over, winning 103-93.
Hansbrough dropped 39 points to lead the way for North Carolina, and a miserable 1-7 from the free throw line is what doomed the Tigers. UNC, on the other hand, went 31-36 from the charity stripe. Clemson didn't hit a foul shot until the first overtime (also when UNC earned their first lead of the game).
Staying in there and getting the W was huge for the Heels. They still only trail in the ACC by two games, which can be made up easily. Three is much more insurmountable with only seven conference games left for both UNC and the first place Duke Blue Devils.

As mentioned before, UCLA suffered a shocking setback as they lost to the (Pac 10) Huskies in Seattle. I didn't watch that game, nor did I watch Xavier survive against St. Joe's or Indiana over Ohio State, so how about a little Women's BBall blogging? Alright!

I wanted to save this stuff for tomorrow and Tuesday, but I can just blog again!

Courtney Paris, who in my eyes is the most dominant inside presence in the women's game, registered her 87th career double double Saturday, tying her with Tim Duncan for the all-time NCAA mark...and she's only played 90 career games.
That's THREE games without a double double. She has 82 in a row, and that spans 800 days according to
Paris is listed as 6-foot-4, and an absolute force on the inside. She doesn't miss much, and she's aggressive as hell, averaging well over 20 points and 15 rebounds per game each season she's played. Like Tennessee's Candace Parker, Paris is only a junior, so she has another year left after this one.
What scares me most about Oklahoma is that they won't be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. They're more likely to get a two or three seed. To me, that just means there is a much better chance of Marist running into them earlier in the tournament. Duke is another dangerous team that will get seeded #2, 3, or 4 in the NCAA's, but there isn't quite as much of a mismatch with Duke and Marist as there is with Oklahoma and Marist. Meg Dahlman can hold her own against any center in the country, but Courtney Paris has at least 100 pounds on Dahlman.
I probably shouldn't jump the gun, because the Red Foxes probably still have to win the MAAC tournament to insure a spot in the field, and that will keep pressure on them down the stretch.

As for the #2 Lady Vols, Candace Parker's knee is only bruised according to school sources, and Parker thinks she might even be able to return for Monday's game, where they host #7 Rutgers (no Imus comments, please) in a rematch of last year's Championship game.
It's nice that Parker wants to return, and I honestly believe she will, but I don't agree with the decision. If she just takes a few games off and makes sure she's at full health, it will benefit the team in the long run.
Though this is a great matchup, it's ultimately meaningless for now. A healthy Tennessee squad can beat any other team on the floor and would be my favorite to win it all in March. Their single loss was AT Stanford (then #4, now #6) in overtime. They are the best team, and as long as Parker is healthy, there is no changing that.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little credit for the Big East

But only a little.

Watching the Georgia Tech/UConn game today, I had a great blog entry planned out where I would rip apart the Big East more than I already have because one of their "top teams" can't even take out a mediocre ACC team at home. But then UConn kind of showed up and kind of kicked the snot out of Georgia Tech in the second half. Oh well. I disagree completely with any more than six, MAYBE seven teams getting into the NCAA Tournament out of any conference.
I just can't buy into Syracuse or West Virginia getting into the Big Dance while a second West Coast Conference or Mountain West Conference team, hell, or even a third Missouri Valley Conference team is left to rot in the NIT. Right now I'm only in support of four ACC teams getting the nod. Why waste a #9 or 10 seed on a fifth ACC school when you can give a team like Creighton or San Diego State (that name drop is a stretch, I don't think three MWC teams will ever get in, but just go with it) a shot to make some real noise?

Went of on a little tangent there, straying about 180 degrees from where my headline indicated I was going.

UConn was very strong tonight. Thabeet slowed in the second half, but you would never tell by his his box score with 24 points, 15 boards, and six blocked shots. They've earned their ticket to March Madness. I won't be surprised if they win out going into the Big East Tournament. Their tough remaining games are hosting Notre Dame and West Virginia, and visiting Villanova.

Unfortunately I didn't watch the Notre Dame/Marquette game. It looks like it was a good one. Stat of the game: Marquette 5-8 from the free throw line. Notre Dame 24-31.
19-point difference. That will usually do it.

I really enjoyed the Louisville/Georgetown game. Another great storyline was created through halftime to draw fans back into the game. Georgetown was up eight at the break, and let's be honest. When the #6 team is leading an unranked team by eight at the half and has clearly dominated the game so far, you lose interest, regardless of who is home and who is away.
Then Rick Pitino came back out of the lockerroom. He was no longer sporting his white suit for the "white out" night. He changed at halftime into his normal black suit. It was great. I commented awhile back when Duke has their "Go Green" night, but the Cameron Crazies gave up on that at halftime when they were down by nine. This was the exact same thing.
Louisville came right out of the gate with a 15-6 run to take a 38-37 lead. A 15-6 run doesn't sound that great, but imagine the momentum swing when they took the lead. The Cardinals held the Hoyas to 20 points in the half and won 59-51.
Sticking with our stat of the night: Georgetown 3-4 from the free throw line--they normally make more than their opponents attempt. Louisville 18-24--including David Padgett who went 8-10 from the line with several clutch free throws at the end of the game. No big deal? He's normally a 60% shooter from the stripe.
The Big East won my heart...for a night.

In a huge Big 10 matchup, Purdue went into Madison and beat the Badgers, 72-67. I think it's time the Boilermakers get some respect. They've won nine in a row, two of which came against number eight (with the most sarcastic of tones) Wisconsin. They're 10-1 in the Big Ten, alone in first. Put them in the top 25 already. They will finally appear in the rankings on Monday, but the glory might not last long. Michigan State invades Purdue on Tuesday.
Since I've flirted with the topic of NCAA Tournament bids with the Big East and ACC, I might as well hit the Big 10 while I'm here.
I'd only let the top four teams in, those being Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan State, and Indiana.
I don't have Ohio State's SOS or RPI, but they've got no big wins--in conference or out of conference. They've got a rough schedule to end the year, so they should play their way out of the tournament.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Marist Women observation

Vanderbilt better not jump ahead of them in the ESPN/USA Today poll. I didn't look at that earlier, but being a big conference school, they might. I'd be pissed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Something was missing.

Ty Lawson.
Even though I'm a Duke fan, I can't help but feel that he needed to be in that game. There was plenty of excitement in the first half, but the second half lacked it completely. Though UNC was still within striking distance throughout the second half, they never cut the lead to less than five points after Duke went up 58-53. It was missing that big game atmosphere where a three-pointer gets you right back in it and the momentum swings. It felt like it was coming at times--but it never came.

Hansbrough finished with 28 points and 18 rebounds in the 89-78 loss, two boards short of my prediction, and three missed free throws by Duke at the end saved me from looking like a complete dumbass when at halftime I said neither team would score 90.

The most important performances for the Blue Devils came from Kyle Singler and John Scheyer. I had already written Singler off, saying he wouldn't be able to hold his own in his Duke/UNC cherry popper, but he scored his average, chipping in 14 points, and came up with 11 rebounds and drew several charges at key times to silence the Tar Heel faithful. Scheyer was clutch at the line, making 7-8 free throws to ice the game at the end.

Needless to say, Lawson will be back for the game at Cameron, and it's gonna be a dandy.

One last thing. I just need to get this off my chest, hopefully without jinxing anything. If the Marist women win their road games on Friday and Sunday, they will be NATIONALLY RANKED. I can't put into words how much they deserve this. Depaul (#25) lost already this week and Georgia Tech (#26, only unranked team ahead of Marist) plays UNC (#3) Sunday. The Jackets should lose that game. Hopefully they do and the Red Foxes win both their games. This would be monumental and the Marist women will finally get the credit and attention they deserve.


42-39 Duke at the half.
The weather is getting really bad, I hope I don't lose power before the game ends.
Hansbrough is unstoppable with 18 points and seven boards going into the lockerroom, but the interchangable point guards aren't working out for UNC so far as they've committed eight turnovers compared to Duke's two.

Duke really kicked up the rebounding another level as they only trail 20-16 on the glass, but at one point it was 18-8.
Duke has committed some stupid fouls, and four of them (Nelson, Henderson, McClure, Thomas) have two fouls apiece. Carolina is only shooting 60% from the line though, so Duke has caught a break. Oh yeah, and let's not forget to mention the Blue Devils shooting 50% from beyond the arc--and that's counting the buzzer-beater from 35 feet and two prayers launched as the shot clock expired, so it could easily be 8-13 from long range, and that would put things into perspective. They were lights out from three point land to start the game.

Anonymous commenter was right, neither team will score 91 unless it goes to OT, but this game has been great so far. Whenever I watch Hansbrough play, he lives up to the "Psycho T" nickname. He looks absolutely insane. He might be on the same plateau as Mike Tyson or Elizabeth Taylor.

Before I have my hands full with tonight's game...

St. Mary's did end up victorious over Gonzaga on Monday night, so there is now a three-way tie for first in the West Coast Conference between San Diego and the two aforementioned teams. The Gaels needed OT to seal the deal, which tells me that the Bulldogs will probably be the victors when the two square off in Spokane on the first of next month.

Tennessee had a poor first half against Florida last night but stepped it up a notch on defense and about seven notches on offense in the second half, outscoring the Gators 60-34 to turn a very close game into a 104-82 blowout. Three different Vols dropped more than 20 points last night. They also squeaked past Mississippi State on Saturday night, so suffice to say, the Vols control their own destiny in the SEC. This destiny includes a non-conference visit to #1 Memphis in less than three weeks. They've got the offense to keep up with the nation's only undefeated team...but I'll probably still take the favorites. We'll see when it comes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"BMC Sonic Storm"

A frequenter of BMC Sports and Sonic Storm, Jim Griffin, has decided to venture into mixing the two blogs together, so he created BMC Sonic Storm. I highly recommend you bookmark this blog and travel along with Jim as he delves into the innermost corners of his mind. It is also linked on the right hand side of this blog.

If you don't know Jim, you may not know what you're getting into. Regardless, you will never have any idea what he's talking about. The more interactive you get with his blog, the more fun he will be.

Don't be scared.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Duke/UNC preview

The only worthwhile game going on tonight is Gonzaga/St. Mary's, which isn't even at halftime yet because it's out on the West Coast. It's huge for the Zags if they can beat St. Mary's on the road, but I would hope that both teams get into the NCAA Tourney regardless. Kansas stomped Mizzou and Marquette got a swift kick in the groin courtesy of Louisville, a team that is silently making tons of noise (poetic, no?) in the mess that we call the Big East. Oh yeah, and apparently UConn is back. I consider them the most dangerous team in the conference.

Bob Knight has called it a career after 42 years and 902 victories. I don't think he should have done it in the middle of the season, but he definitely wanted to get to that 900-win plateau, and furthermore, his son, Pat Knight, has been in line to take over the job at Texas Tech for almost three years now. Texas Tech is 12-8 so far this season and would be hard-pressed to earn a ticket to the Big Dance. The biggest losers? The media.

Onto the headline feature...Wednesday night's big game. Not only is it Duke @ UNC, not only is it #2 vs. #3, but DICKIE V is finally coming back! I never would have imagined with all that screaming he's done that he would form ulcers on one of his vocal cords, but alas, he did. The surgery is over and he's recovered just in the nick of time!
(Un)Fortunately, Ty Lawson was injured in the Tar Heels' game at Florida State and his status for the big game won't be known until after practice on Tuesday. Roy Williams isn't confident that his star point guard will play, and that could mean big trouble for the Heels since their backup is also out for the season.
While the biggest stories coming into the game are all listed above, I don't think it at all tells the tale of how the game will go.
I only say this because of that guy down in the paint. You know, the best player in the country? Tyler Hansbrough.
Duke just doesn't match up with him. Granted, the Blue Devils have a suffocating defense that might eat a third string point guard alive, but Quentin Thomas was only responsible for two of the Heels 22 turnovers against the 'Noles. Also, the other option, Marcus Ginyard, the starting SG only committed four turnovers. Duke's defense is proportionally better than FSU's, but even though I'm a die hard Dukie, I still think UNC finds a way to win at home.

UNC 91
Duke 80

Big stats of the game: Tyler Hansbrough 28 points, 20 rebounds
Shock of the game: Duke gets into early foul trouble due to inability to defend Hansbrough, and Kyle Singler realizes he isn't facing chump teams anymore as he is shut down completely.

If Duke isn't hot from downtown, the margin might be even wider.

Giants and Patriots make history, in more ways than one.

If you were one of the(and I hope you were) 97.5 million people watching the Giants Patriots Super Bowl match up on Sunday, you might have noticed the a constant throughout the entire game. Records kept getting broken. Some were small records, little accolades like lowest score over the course of so many quarters. Other records were close to being broken or tied, such as Wes Welker tying the Super Bowl record for receptions.

Together, the Giants and Patriots broke a record they should be very proud of. 97.5 million people, was the second most in television history, watched the Giants defeated the Patriots 17-14. What's holding first place? The series finale of mash in 1983.

Congrats to both teams, the game was a truly competitive confrontation of two intense physical teams. The game very well deserved to be watched just as much if not more than that series finale.

The Patriots might not be 19-0, but they were a part of history. Just not one they'll want to remember anytime soon.

A Giant victory

Let me start this off with a quote from a certain Patriot you might have heard of.

"Basically we didn't do anything this season," he said. "Nothing that happened in the regular season mattered since we didn't finish it up. This season was exciting, but it was definitely a disappointment. This season means nothing now."-Randy Moss

That being said, this statement might answer a question that many are asking. Did this season mean anything. Moss doesn't think so. When you break it down, the Patriots had an incredible season, but they didn't win the big one. That makes it 18-1, not 19-0. While you must commend a team for this incredible season long performance, the ultimate goal of any team in the NFL is to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots simply didn't do it.

Does that make this year a failure. When you put it that way...


I'm a Giants fan, this is well documented(esp. for those who read the roundtable today). The Giants are a team with grit, with a physical prescense like no other, and they showed it tonight. I thought these team was going to win, and though it wasn't quite as high of a score as I thought, it was by the field goal difference I believed to be accurate. Predictions aside, I'm proud to be a Giants fan. I've been one for a long time, as long as I've been a Giants fan. I was used to a high level of success with the Yankees since 1996, but the Giants you just never knew. This was in no way different. You never knew what was going to happen.

And let's face it, it all goes back to the Patriots vs the Giants. A meaningless game most were saying, a game that really wasn't worth risking your players health(and Giants were injured in that game). The Giants went in and gave the Patriots the ride of their life. In the end, they fell, but something grew inside each one of them.

Confidence. That confidence led them to where they are today. Super Bowl Champs. I questioned the move myself. I didn't believe it was a wise move on Tom Coughlin's part. In the end, it was the move that defined the season.

The biggest thing I saw in the game tonight, was Eli Manning. Yes, his numbers might not jump out at you, but he did some amazing things. The biggest play of the game and of Eli's career, was evading three sacks, and completing a huge pass to Tyree. That pass could define the beggining of an incredible career, and a new air of confidence that will make the Giants a team that just might not be "underrated" next year.

Congrats are in line for Toomer and Strahan, guys who've wanted this and deserve this. The defense was incredible and Toomer has been critical in getting the Giants to where they are. I'll go more indepth analysis tomorrow night, but I wanted to make sure I commented on this tonight.

Eli Manning is my quarterback folks...and I couldn't be prouder to say that. Thank you for shutting up all the negativity. Thank you for proving it to the fans that somehow still doubted you. Finally, thank you, for bringing a championship back to New York.

PS: If you still think you would take Phillip Rivers over Eli Manning, please, refrain from thinking. It's obviously not working right for you.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I'm still in a bit of disbelief at what happened analysis shouldn't be my job for this one, I'll leave it to Barrows and Clarkie (if he's able to function).

The commercials were terrible this year, I counted about three that I laughed at. The breathing fire, the squirrel screaming, and the one with Donkeylips.

Anyway, we can forget about Spygate (Kurt Warner won't), and I guess we can just take our hats off to the Giants. I remember laughing earlier in the season when Eli Manning was being questioned. I think it went something like this:
"Will the Giants EVER make it to, let alone WIN a Super Bowl with Eli Manning taking the snaps?"

"Hell no!" I exclaimed as I giggled to myself.

I'm a tool. 2-9 for the playoffs. I could have flipped a coin on each game and done better than that.

Super Bowl Blogging Roundtable Extravaganza

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, (and gents)
Welcome to a live(ish) blog featuring all three BMC Sports bloggers.

I, Travis Miller, will be moderating, as I am neutral today, for all intents and purposes.
As I am the poor man's Tony Reali, if you will, Chris Barrows is our household New York Football Giants fan and Michael J. Clark is our New England Patriots fan. Let the games begin!

Travis: Let's start exactly how we're gonna end it guys. Pick your winner and pick the score. Chris first, then Mike can give his prediction.
Barrows: I'm going to be the different one I imagine here. I think the Giants are going to show up to play. With that in mind, a close game(though a much higher scoring game than Mr. Plaxico seems to think it's going to be). 30-27, Giants.
Clark:You are outside your mind, Mr. Barrows.
Clark: 38-24 Pats...they're just a better team
Travis: Both of you are picking high scores, but again, my prediction earlier in the week was 49-17, so who am I to talk? I have changed my mind in the score, but I'll save that for later.
Travis: So let's move onto our keys of the game. Mike, what will be the deciding factor for your Patriots? Will they WIN the game or will the Giants LOSE the game?
Clark: No question about it, the New England Patriots will win this game. Bill's been preparing for the Giants for two weeks now. The Pats will win a game very similar to the game they won in Week 17.
Clark: I think Tom's ankle is fine and I think Mr. Moss will wake up today. They much prefer warm weather (AZ) to cold weather.
Barrows: I agree, I think Tom's ankle is fine. And that's why I can't see this being a low scoring game. I'm a realist here, I realize the Giants have to do some big things.
Barrows: To win, the Giants have to win the game. Tom Brady is going to do well, it's a matter of the Giants cultivating their running game, and keeping turnovers down.
Clark: You say keeping turnovers want to beat the Pats, you can't turn the ball over once
Barrows: Neither can the Pats, and the Giants are going to apply pressure. They put him under pressure, things can happen. Don't count out the Giants front line.
Clark: How can you say that though? The Pats turned the ball over three times Sunday against a good defense and still won.
Travis: Tom Brady has struggled throughout the playoffs, while Eli Manning has flourished. Barrows, do you buy into Eli's transformation?
Barrows: Eli's transformation has been fun to watch. I'm not going around comparing him to Peyton(because quite frankly, he'll never be THAT good), but here's my view on him.
Barrows: He's doing the job at hand. He knows that him alone can't win the game. He knows his teams strenghs and weaknesses, and uses them wisely.
Barrows: In that sense I buy it, can Eli improve, most definitely. Is Eli ready for the big stage though, I believe so.
Travis: Mr. Clark, care to comment on Brady's struggles or Eli's flourishing?
Clark: First off, Brady's has not struggled throughout the postseason...he broke a record against the Jags for his accuracy and could do no wrong.
Clark: I fully admit that Brady had the worst game of his career against the Chargers.
Clark: But he always comes up big on Super Sunday.
Travis: So three interceptions in your worst game ever doesn't entail a "struggle"?
Clark: It's a one game struggle. You said "throughout the postseason".
Clark: I'm just picking out semantics bro.
Travis: how many games did they play? Two? I stand corrected.
Clark: As for Eli, I think it's kind of funny that he's gotten a lot of credit for not giving away games. He's a former number 1 pick. The Giants traded picks to get him. He's supposed to be good
Barrows: Well, if you look at the class that Eli is in, the other number one, Rivers, is having the same level of success these days. Being a quarterback in the NFL is NOT an easy job.
Barrows: I think he's progressed, maybe slower than some wanted, but he's definitely shown the fans what he brings to the game lately. The biggest thing he's attacked for, is a lack of "fire."
Barrows: His teammates will tell you he's had plenty of fire, he's just the opposite of a Phillip Rivers.
Clark: Phil's got fire man, just ask Colts fans.
Travis: I think you mean Billy Volek
Clark: No, I mean the shit-talker Phillip Rivers.
Barrows: Not questioning his fire, but making it clear, Eli has it too. He simply doesn't need to make obscense gestures to the crowd to show it.
Travis: You two have done enough boasting about your own squads, so Chris, what should the Giants' main concern be when preparing for the Patriots?
Barrows: Is there any question. Tom Brady. I think the Giants can do damage against the Pat's secondardy and defensive line, but Tom Brady is the one who runs the offense, and the man who they have to put under pressure.
Travis: You're not afraid of the Giants collapsing after a turnover? Asante Samuel and Rodney Harrison?
Barrows: I think that's naturally something to think about, but Brady is still the key. Would you prefer for me to be concerned about the fact that the Pats could have taped the Giants super bowl practices?
Barrows: Oh, sorry, that wasn't mean of me, was it?
Clark: Uncalled for
Clark: Uncalled for
Travis: We'll discuss spygate later...
Travis: For now, Michael J.? Time for you to compliment the Giants. What should the Pats be most worried about?
Clark: Pats need to worry about Plaxico to the Axico. He may have a big mouth, but he's a great receiver. And the thing that worries me so much is his height. Asante and Ellis Hobbs are too short to cover him. I hope he's gimpy.
Clark: Also, the Giants have the best d-line in the league. The Pats offensive line needs to give Brady time. I have faith in them though.
Barrows: The Pats have a great offensive line, a big key to their success, so it should be interesting to watch.
Travis: Predictions for Moss' line today?
Clark: 9 catches, 150 yards, 2 TDs
Travis: Barrows, what will Plax's line be?
Barrows: 8 catches, 140 yards, 2 tds
Travis: You mentioned the weather earlier, Mike. What implications does this have on establsihing the run for the Patriots? Is it even necessary?
Travis: Or are we right back to the first half of the season where Maroney touches the ball eight times for 15 yards and no TD's?
Clark: If you look at the games where the Pats struggled (Ravens, Jets the second time, Chargers) one of the factors has been the cold weather. The Pats are a warm weather team.
Clark: I think the days of 8 carries for 15 yards are done for Maroney. He's been unbelievable in the playoffs.
Travis: Alright Barrows, the time has come. Let's play a little word association. I say something, you tell me whatever comes to mind
Barrows: Distraction
Travis: So through all the commotion, you ultimately don't care?
Barrows: No, not really. I think when it comes to game time, the Giants have to play great football. The Giants haven't helped themselves with Plaxico's mouth but when it breaks down,
Barrows: it's unfortunate this news came out yesterday. I'm not thinking about spygate, despite my joking earlier. I'm thinking about Tom Brady and the Patriots 18-0 team.
Travis: Your thoughts and feelings on Spygate, Mr. Clark?
Clark: It's such a non issue. I don't believe there was any wrongdoing in the Super Bowl six years ago and Spygate hasn't affected any of the outcomes this year.
Clark: The Pats are 18-0
Clark: No asterisk necessary
Travis: Wes Welker has become a storyline in the past 24 hours, as have the Giants for using a wounded Iraq veteran for a pep talk. How do you guys feel about storylines around the Super Bowl?
Travis: Do you buy in or is it just a media toy to play with?
Clark: Well, I will say that as a Pats fan, Wes Welker has been a story all year. The biggest acquisition the Pats had for their offense this year was Welker
Clark: And that's a hard sell considering Moss caught 22 TDs
Clark: But Welker has been so consistent, he comes to play every day, and he never drops anything his way. He's been huge for the Pats this year. And for my fantasy team too.
Clark: So yes, I buy it. It's two weeks of downtime, you need something to keep fans interested
Travis: Did you draft him or pick him up later?
Clark: Actually, he was my first pick in the supplemental round on Draft Day. People looked at me funny, but I got the last laugh.
Barrows: I don't care about the stories surrounding it for the most part. When you look at the inspiriational stories, they're nice.
Barrows: That, and the whole road warriors reputation is the other fun story that I think the Giants would rather talk about.
Barrows: That's fine and all. But when you break it down, the biggest story is the fact that the Giants have a chance to be Super Bowl Champions.
Barrows: I think the story for the Giants has been the underdog story, and that's what actually makes them dangerous.
Travis: Clarkie--predictions for Kevin Faulk and Wes Welker in the big game?
Clark: 7 catches for 110 and a TD for Wes
Clark: At least two big first downs by Kevin Faulk
Travis: Barrows--how many sacks for the Giants' defense, and how many forced turnovers?
Barrows: Three sacks, and three turnovers, that's what it's going to take to beat brady.
Barrows: Not saying all those turnovers are him, but that's what they'll need to get to win.
Travis: Okay, with all that's been said, have there been any changes in your final scores? Barrows, yours was 30-27 Giants, and Clarkie, yours was 38-24 Pats.
Clark: No change to my final score. The Pats are a better team.
Barrows: No change, Pats are one hell of a team, but the Giants just might surprise people today. They have all playoffs, why not now?
Clark: Because the Pats are better, that's why not.
Travis: I first went with 49-17 Pats, but I owe the Giants' defense more credit. But also, after watching the Pats defense against the Chargers, I'm not sure I should grant the Giants two TD's.
Travis: So I'm going 38-16 Pats
Barrows: I love being the underdog.
Barrows: Guess that's why I'm a Giants fan (EDITOR'S NOTE: "Says the Yankees fan")
Travis: Oh one more thing.
Travis: Brady's line and Eli's line.
Travis: Just take your own QB in your predictions
Clark: 311 yards, 3 TDs, 0 Turnovers
Clark: Super Bowl MVP
Barrows: Eli Manning goes 20 for 28, 235 yards, 2 tds, 0 turnovers.
Barrows: The running game gets the other TDs.
Travis: Best of luck to you both.
Clark: Chris, worst of luck to you pal.