Monday, February 4, 2008

A Giant victory

Let me start this off with a quote from a certain Patriot you might have heard of.

"Basically we didn't do anything this season," he said. "Nothing that happened in the regular season mattered since we didn't finish it up. This season was exciting, but it was definitely a disappointment. This season means nothing now."-Randy Moss

That being said, this statement might answer a question that many are asking. Did this season mean anything. Moss doesn't think so. When you break it down, the Patriots had an incredible season, but they didn't win the big one. That makes it 18-1, not 19-0. While you must commend a team for this incredible season long performance, the ultimate goal of any team in the NFL is to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots simply didn't do it.

Does that make this year a failure. When you put it that way...


I'm a Giants fan, this is well documented(esp. for those who read the roundtable today). The Giants are a team with grit, with a physical prescense like no other, and they showed it tonight. I thought these team was going to win, and though it wasn't quite as high of a score as I thought, it was by the field goal difference I believed to be accurate. Predictions aside, I'm proud to be a Giants fan. I've been one for a long time, as long as I've been a Giants fan. I was used to a high level of success with the Yankees since 1996, but the Giants you just never knew. This was in no way different. You never knew what was going to happen.

And let's face it, it all goes back to the Patriots vs the Giants. A meaningless game most were saying, a game that really wasn't worth risking your players health(and Giants were injured in that game). The Giants went in and gave the Patriots the ride of their life. In the end, they fell, but something grew inside each one of them.

Confidence. That confidence led them to where they are today. Super Bowl Champs. I questioned the move myself. I didn't believe it was a wise move on Tom Coughlin's part. In the end, it was the move that defined the season.

The biggest thing I saw in the game tonight, was Eli Manning. Yes, his numbers might not jump out at you, but he did some amazing things. The biggest play of the game and of Eli's career, was evading three sacks, and completing a huge pass to Tyree. That pass could define the beggining of an incredible career, and a new air of confidence that will make the Giants a team that just might not be "underrated" next year.

Congrats are in line for Toomer and Strahan, guys who've wanted this and deserve this. The defense was incredible and Toomer has been critical in getting the Giants to where they are. I'll go more indepth analysis tomorrow night, but I wanted to make sure I commented on this tonight.

Eli Manning is my quarterback folks...and I couldn't be prouder to say that. Thank you for shutting up all the negativity. Thank you for proving it to the fans that somehow still doubted you. Finally, thank you, for bringing a championship back to New York.

PS: If you still think you would take Phillip Rivers over Eli Manning, please, refrain from thinking. It's obviously not working right for you.

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