Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants and Patriots make history, in more ways than one.

If you were one of the(and I hope you were) 97.5 million people watching the Giants Patriots Super Bowl match up on Sunday, you might have noticed the a constant throughout the entire game. Records kept getting broken. Some were small records, little accolades like lowest score over the course of so many quarters. Other records were close to being broken or tied, such as Wes Welker tying the Super Bowl record for receptions.

Together, the Giants and Patriots broke a record they should be very proud of. 97.5 million people, was the second most in television history, watched the Giants defeated the Patriots 17-14. What's holding first place? The series finale of mash in 1983.

Congrats to both teams, the game was a truly competitive confrontation of two intense physical teams. The game very well deserved to be watched just as much if not more than that series finale.

The Patriots might not be 19-0, but they were a part of history. Just not one they'll want to remember anytime soon.

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