Sunday, February 24, 2008

N.L. West Prediction

What a lovely weekend, no? I was wrong about Memphis/Tennessee, and I was wrong about Mike Iaconelli. We shouldn't be surprised at these things anymore.

But I would have taken Tiger, had I blogged about it. You've gotta believe me.

Worst part of it is that I found out Iaconelli is no longer the Happy Gilmore of his sport! Apparently the B.A.S.S. Brass had a meeting with him and now he's mature or something. That SUUUUUUUCKS. He was the only good thing left about watching fishing.

Let's see how bad I can screw up the N.L. West, shall we? So many shakeups, it's gonna be a rough one to call. Arizona should be the odds on favorite, but Adrian Gonzalez will have a rebound year for the Padres, and the Dodgers made so many moves, you've gotta consider them. The Rockies are as unpredictable as ever, and the Giants got rid of Bonds! They could all finish over .500! Just kidding, the Giants are still terrible (though they may have been my pick to win the division last year. Ouch.).

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (95-67)
2. San Diego Padres (88-74)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (87-75)
4. Colorado Rockies (81-81)
5. San Francisco Giants (76-86)


ERnie said...

Travis, you're a faggot for those predictions. fag

Michael J. Clark said...

adrian gonzalez should have a bounce-back year? 30 hrs, 100 rbi, .280 batting average? you're better than that bro.

Travis Miller said...

you obviously didn't have him on your fantasy team.

it's like having mark teixeira in the first half of every year and then trading him away for the second half.

the stats may have looked nice, but trust me, they weren't.

and ernie---sorry.

Michael J. Clark said...

i actually did have him on my fantasy team...i remember what you are referring to though