Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple of upsets, and WISCONSIN keeps winning!

I might really be wrong about this Wisconsin team!
Or maybe I was just wrong about Indiana. Yeah, that's how I'll tell the story. I was wrong about Indiana. They aren't legit. Two losses to WISCONSIN?!!! jeez. they suck!

Just kidding. The Badgers went into Indiana and took out the Hoosiers, 68-66, completely legit.
Since I'm ALWAYS wrong about this kind of stuff, I'm thinking ahead to March Madness. Do I put Wisconsin in the Final Four knowing they'll lose early or do I take them out early, then they advance far in the Tournament?

The answer is:
I take them as far as I can before it's impossible for them to beat their opponent.
Reason being that then I can go back to when I called them a pretender and be all like "see, I was right!"
I'm going to lose points in that region anyway by either putting them too far or not taking them far enough, so I'd rather save face with them sucking and falling apart than having anonymous Wisconsin fans laughing at my misfortune.
Like in February of 2006 when I told a co-worker "Two sure first round upsets will be UCLA and Florida."
I seriously said that.

Anyway, Memphis stayed unbeaten today and Tennessee was convincing in its win over Arkansas. That's still looking to be a good one.

Drake's 21-game winning streak was snapped tonight by those reliable Salukis.
I'm not sure if Drake (#15) will fall from national rankings, but I have reason to believe that they might due to the weakness of their schedule. A loss brings them back down to earth.

UConn remained hot, beating Notre Dame 84-78, and just now, Texas Tech finished off Kansas State for not only a huge upset, but also Pat Knight's first career win. Bob Knight was in attendance. The Big 12 is clogged up again, and UConn keeps the Big East race interesting. Unfortunately, the Huskies don't play Georgetown again this season, while the Hoyas have three tough road games left, meaning UConn could realistically win the Big East. Nobody (objective) saw that coming when the season began.

Florida lost again, so they've dropped three of their last four. The toughest part of their schedule hasn't hit yet, so if they don't kick it up a notch, they're in danger of losing a chance to threepeat.

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