Monday, February 25, 2008

N.L. East Predictions/Recap

I think the Mets might be the favorite to win the East this year--the name of the pitcher they traded for is escaping me right now, but I think he was pretty good. The Phillies got lucky last year in what was a fluke season and a weak division. Their new closer is already hurt, and to the best of my knowledge, Jamie Moyer (age: 45) is still in their rotation. I mean, I can't talk since we've got Pedro (age: only 36, but more likely to fall apart physically than Michael Jackson), and El Duque (age: 38-54), but I'll poke fun anyway.
The Braves are definitely better. They've got a first baseman for the entire year, and their staff is pretty impressive (Hudson, Smoltz, Glavine [ha!], James, Hampton),
And then there's the Marlins and the Nationals...

1. New York Mets (98-64)
2. Atlanta Braves (90-72)
3. Philadelphia Phillies (84-78)
4. Florida Marlins (70-92)
5. Washington Nationals (65-97)

I don't feel comfortable predicting any 100-game winners or losers. The Tigers and Mets probably have the best chance. Looking at my numbers, I apparently have the Braves taking the Wild Card. I'm pretty certain it will come out of the West, but I don't want to look like as unthoughtful as I really am, so I'll run with it. Here's how my playoff picture looks:

A.L. East - Boston Red Sox
A.L. Central - Detroit Tigers
A.L. West - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
A.L. Wild Card - Cleveland Indians

N.L. East - New York Mets
N.L. Central - St. Louis Cardinals
N.L. West - Arizona Diamondbacks
N.L. Wild Card - Atlanta Braves

Apologies to the Dodgers, Padres, and Cubs.
But not to the Yankees. Enjoy golfing in October.

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