Sunday, February 17, 2008

Like any good Duke fan,

I sugarcoat the loss!
Wake Forest exposed each and every weakness of the Blue Devils tonight. They dominated the glass, shut them down on the outside, forced turnovers, and put Duke in foul trouble.

Even more to my dismay, Wake Forest may now be on the favorable side of the bubble with this win.

Aaaaaaand the fans are charging the court. Yeah, yeah yeah, get over it.
Drunk hippies.

Okay, so the final was 86-73. Duke couldn't hit a foul shot or a three-pointer for their lives tonight.
All five starters fouled out by the end of the game, and Wake Forest was just faster, more athletic, and they wanted it more.

Free throws: Duke 13-25
Wake 27-38

Trifectas: Duke 8-28
Wake 5-11

Here's my inner Duke fan coming out now (as if I haven't been bitter enough already)...
It's better that Duke gets some regular season losses in now. They will learn from their mistakes, hopefully, and it will make them better.
If Memphis loses to Tennessee in a week, it will be great for them. I don't think they WILL lose, but I also don't think they will be in the Final Four. Of course I still have to wait and see what the bracket looks like (start the countdown...28 days until Selection Sunday!) before I guarantee an early exit for the Tigers.

Back to my Dukies, they had 21 turnovers tonight and only 12 assists. Right out of the gate they looked terrible handling the ball, which is usually one of their strongest points. But the Demon Deacons had the big men inside, and the athleticism on the outside to completely mismatch Duke.

Bah, Humbug.

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