Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Something was missing.

Ty Lawson.
Even though I'm a Duke fan, I can't help but feel that he needed to be in that game. There was plenty of excitement in the first half, but the second half lacked it completely. Though UNC was still within striking distance throughout the second half, they never cut the lead to less than five points after Duke went up 58-53. It was missing that big game atmosphere where a three-pointer gets you right back in it and the momentum swings. It felt like it was coming at times--but it never came.

Hansbrough finished with 28 points and 18 rebounds in the 89-78 loss, two boards short of my prediction, and three missed free throws by Duke at the end saved me from looking like a complete dumbass when at halftime I said neither team would score 90.

The most important performances for the Blue Devils came from Kyle Singler and John Scheyer. I had already written Singler off, saying he wouldn't be able to hold his own in his Duke/UNC cherry popper, but he scored his average, chipping in 14 points, and came up with 11 rebounds and drew several charges at key times to silence the Tar Heel faithful. Scheyer was clutch at the line, making 7-8 free throws to ice the game at the end.

Needless to say, Lawson will be back for the game at Cameron, and it's gonna be a dandy.

One last thing. I just need to get this off my chest, hopefully without jinxing anything. If the Marist women win their road games on Friday and Sunday, they will be NATIONALLY RANKED. I can't put into words how much they deserve this. Depaul (#25) lost already this week and Georgia Tech (#26, only unranked team ahead of Marist) plays UNC (#3) Sunday. The Jackets should lose that game. Hopefully they do and the Red Foxes win both their games. This would be monumental and the Marist women will finally get the credit and attention they deserve.

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