Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bass fishing is a sport, too.

The tournament of all fishing tournaments is before us, as Day Two of the Bassmaster Classic was completed today. Going into the final day, Alton Jones has a four-pound lead over Kevin VanDam, with Charlie Hartley, Cliff Pace, and Mike Iaconelli right behind him.

In an event like this, you've gotta respect a lead like that, but you can't count out VanDam, one of the best fisherman of his generation.

My pick to win? Iaconelli. The fish have been huge the first two days, and if you're not up on your B.A.S.S. culture, Iaconelli is basically the T.O. or Dennis Rodman of the sport. He's just not black.
He's my boy and I hope he wins!

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