Saturday, February 16, 2008

Because I'm Too Lazy to Post Songs 50-1 Right Now

How about some college hoops blogging? First off, hats off to the Manhattan Jaspers for defeating the Red Foxes at Draddy last night. I was in attendance and it was nice to see a rare win from my team. I'm not used to this whole thing...rooting for teams that don't win all the time. Jaspers did a great job of neutralizing Jay Gavin all game by holding him to one measly point. Draddy's been a bit of a house of horrors for Marist over the years. Marist has lost their last 7 trips to Riverdale. However, in my four years at MC, the Jaspers have never won at McCann (or really even put forth much of an effort). J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets was in attendance to root on his little brother Chris (freshman SG for Manhattan). My favorite part of the game was when Smith went up for a dunk and got fouled fairly hard. J.R. looked so angry that I thought he was going to run out onto the court and look for Nate Robinson. Darryl Crawford scored 24 points and hopefully made a statement to Barry that he deserves the PT he's getting

Indiana has had a bad few weeks. This business with Kelvin Sampson is very harmful to the overall flow to the team and it has shown, as Indiana has collapsed as of late. UConn remains one of the hottest teams in the nation. I don't think anybody wants to face UConn right about now. UNC needs to get themselves healthy if they want to make a serious run at the title this year. The team to beat right now is still Memphis, however. They are the best team I've seen this year and I think that they have had enough big non-conference wins (UCONN, G-Town, Gonzaga) to quiet their detractors. Georgetown needs to get their shit together before tourney time. They were very fortunate to win that game against Pitt and as I'm typing this, they're about to lose to Syracuse. This really should make for an exciting last month and a fantastic March Madness.

On to the NBA. Is there a more hated man in all of Texas right now than Devean George? His cancellation of the Kidd trade has got to be one of the most frustrating event in Dallas since Patrick Crayton forgot how to catch the ball. And then Jerry Stackhouse had to run his mouth also. Even without the Kidd trade, take a look at the nine best teams in the west.

New Orleans
San Antonio
Golden State

With the exception of Houston and probably Golden State, any of those teams could come out of the West. As for the East, the only teams you could make arguments for coming out of the East are Boston, Detroit, Orlando, and Cleveland. Right now, the 76ers are a playoff team. That's how pathetic the Leastern Conference is.

More to come later on baseball and also 50-1

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