Wednesday, February 6, 2008


42-39 Duke at the half.
The weather is getting really bad, I hope I don't lose power before the game ends.
Hansbrough is unstoppable with 18 points and seven boards going into the lockerroom, but the interchangable point guards aren't working out for UNC so far as they've committed eight turnovers compared to Duke's two.

Duke really kicked up the rebounding another level as they only trail 20-16 on the glass, but at one point it was 18-8.
Duke has committed some stupid fouls, and four of them (Nelson, Henderson, McClure, Thomas) have two fouls apiece. Carolina is only shooting 60% from the line though, so Duke has caught a break. Oh yeah, and let's not forget to mention the Blue Devils shooting 50% from beyond the arc--and that's counting the buzzer-beater from 35 feet and two prayers launched as the shot clock expired, so it could easily be 8-13 from long range, and that would put things into perspective. They were lights out from three point land to start the game.

Anonymous commenter was right, neither team will score 91 unless it goes to OT, but this game has been great so far. Whenever I watch Hansbrough play, he lives up to the "Psycho T" nickname. He looks absolutely insane. He might be on the same plateau as Mike Tyson or Elizabeth Taylor.

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