Sunday, February 3, 2008


I'm still in a bit of disbelief at what happened analysis shouldn't be my job for this one, I'll leave it to Barrows and Clarkie (if he's able to function).

The commercials were terrible this year, I counted about three that I laughed at. The breathing fire, the squirrel screaming, and the one with Donkeylips.

Anyway, we can forget about Spygate (Kurt Warner won't), and I guess we can just take our hats off to the Giants. I remember laughing earlier in the season when Eli Manning was being questioned. I think it went something like this:
"Will the Giants EVER make it to, let alone WIN a Super Bowl with Eli Manning taking the snaps?"

"Hell no!" I exclaimed as I giggled to myself.

I'm a tool. 2-9 for the playoffs. I could have flipped a coin on each game and done better than that.

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