Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Ready to Make Nice

To answer the question of when I will be coming out of my hole that I have been in for the past week thanks to the XLII sized disaster last weekend, here I am. However, I'm not ready to do some sports blogging quite yet. Instead, how about some music blogging instead? Inspired by the Grammys last night, I have decided to compile my list of 100 Favorite Songs ever. Before the list begins, let me just warn all of you. There will be inclusions/exclusions that will make you scratch your head (KT Tunstall? Paramore? Seal?). That being said, get ready to realize just how messed up my taste in music is. I've included links to each song in case you've never heard them or just want to rock out to the New Radicals one more time.

100. TWO SISTERS by Fiction Plane
One of a few songs on this list that will probably not be that familiar to most out there. That's really a shame. The lead singer of Fiction Plane is the son of Sting. Daddy will make a return to this list two more times.
Fiction Plane performs Two Sisters on Kimmel

99. HEAVEN by Los Lonely Boys
This song hit the airwaves a few years ago ad nauseum, but in retrospect, there is a reason. This jam just oozes cool. It's a shame that LLB haven't panned out since. Here's hoping they won't be just a one hit wonder.
Heaven Music Video

98. C'MON, C'MON by The Von Bondies
Whether you know this song from the MVP Baseball Video Game or the opening credits for "Rescue Me", you have had this simple, repetitive song in your head before. If you haven't heard it yet, I dare you to listen to it and not belt it out in the shower. "On another day, c'mon, c'mon"
C'Mon, C'Mon Music Video

I hated only including one Guster song on this list. Guster, a band out of Boston, has been an underrated group for a few years now. This song comes from their Ganging Up On The Sun CD.
Live Version

96. I'LL CATCH YOU by Get Up Kids
The first emo song you will find on the list (and not the last). I love the simplicity of this song. It's a nice sentiment also. Everyone needs someone to "catch them" every now and then.
Audio of I'll Catch You

95. SEEIN' RED by Unwritten Law
This song just reminds me of Sophomore Year. My roommate went through a stretch where he would play this song just about every day. Great song to jam along to in the car or to belt out the chorus from the safety of your home computer.
Music Video

Another song that just reminds me of an era. This time, senior year at ole RHCS. Such a great song and it is a real shame that the band broke up. They'll probably get back together in ten years for a new VH-1 reality series or something.
Music Video

93. BEST OF YOU by Foo Fighters
Whenever Dave Grohl tells me to give the world two middle fingers, I tend to oblige.
Best of You at MTV Movie Awards

92. FLY by Sugar Ray
While a younger naive generation might know Mark McGrath as the guy from Extra, I'll always remember him as the frosted tipped front man of Sugar Ray. This was a great song that hit in the late 90s. The next time you hear it, you will be shocked that you remember all the lyrics. And you will.
Fly Music Video

91. FLY ME TO THE MOON by Frank Sinatra
Old Blue Eyes makes his first of two appearances on the list. While Michael Buble has come in and really made a great career for himself singing standards, there would be no Buble without Sinatra. This is one of my personal favorites from him.
Video with Lyrics

90. YOU'VE GOT THE MUSIC IN YOU by New Radicals
Speaking of a) one hit wonders and b) songs that typify the '90s, this is another one of those songs that makes you feel a little bit dirty that you know all the words to, but will surely impress your friends. Play this song at a jukebox at a bar and watch the faces light up as they remember along with you.
Music Video

89. IT'S ALL BEEN DONE by The Barenaked Ladies
BNL were actually the first band I ever saw live. They performed really well. A part of me wishes they would come back and write more songs. They've been pretty quiet for the past five years or so.
Live Version at Hammerstein Ballroom

88. 99 PROBLEMS by Jay-Z
Even though the song was a bit inappropriate for Obama's campaign, this is probably Jigga's most well known song. I wish I had more room on the list for more than one song by the guy because I really do enjoy most of his music, but 100 songs is quite exclusive.
Music Video

87. THIS YEAR'S LOVE by David Gray
An amazing song in its simplicity. Just David, a piano, and his voice. This one is especially known to make women melt. You heard me fellas.
Music Video

86. SINCE U BEEN GONE by Kelly Clarkson
Ahhh KELLY CLARKSON! I legit really like Kelly and think that she probably would have been famous with or without Idol. She's just that sort of talent. This song, covered by The Coriolis Effect a few times, is a song that both men and women alike can appreciate.
Music Video

85. FLOAT ON by Modest Mouse
Funny story time. Buddy Clark turns to me a month ago and asks me if I've ever heard of this new band called Modest Mouse. After explaining to the Budman that he was about four or five years to late for the Modest Mouse bandwagon, I realized how much I really do enjoy this song. The lyrics are perfectly nonsensical.
Music Video (trippy)

Another emo song. However, this song is beloved by most lovers of music, regardless of their preferences. It's ironic how Keane asks where the simple things have gone in the song when the simplicity of the song is what draws people in. It's almost the male version of the iPod song by Feist (1234)
Music Video

83. YEAH! by Usher
Quite the departure for someone that has been an Usher fan for years. I still love Ursher, but I wish he would put out some new stuff. Still, this song is great for two reasons. Usher's smooth tenor on the verses and the Luda rap break.
Music Video

82. I WANT YOU BACK by Jackson 5
Finally another song from before I was born. Watching the Jackson 5 always makes me feel bad for what Michael has become over the years. This song usually puts a smile on my face regardless of my mood.
Performance by Jackson 5

They call this baby making music. I love doing the intro in my best low Barry voice. It's not up to snuff (few are), but this is another golden oldie that is still beloved to this day.
Barry White Montage Set To Song

80. MISERY BUSINESS by Paramore
Love Paramore. This song is the one that they've been using as their radio single and is their best song, but they have a good album. It's nice to hear a rock group with a female lead. Thanks due to Jay Clark for introducing me to them.
Music Video

79. SANTERIA by Sublime
A toss up between this one and What I Got. Santeria ended up getting the edge due to it's reggae sound and its blatant disregard for a distinguishable chorus.
Audio to Song

78. WHERE IS MY MIND? by The Pixies
Great song that has become a bit overrated through the years. Great guitar to intro and a unique sound that we've not heard since.
Music Video

77. WONDERFUL TONIGHT by Eric Clapton
Only the second Basement Boys covered song on the list! I grew up hearing Buddy croon this song like Mr. Clapton and it just puts a smile to your face hearing it.
Live Version

76. SUDDENLY I SEE by KT Tunstall
One of two songs on this list that most men won't admit that they like, but when the song comes on the radio, they crank it. If you tell me that you've never done backup vocals for KT, you're lying. Suddenly I- Suddenly I seeeeeeeee.
Music Video

Won a bottle of wine by performing this song to perfection at karaoke one night. It's a great song by another underrated band.
Music Video

Loved this song even before they performed it on Entourage. Great song by a great band. This won't be the last time seeing U2 on this list.
Live Version

73. NEW YORK, NEW YORK by Frank Sinatra
The worst sound in sports is Liza Minelli's version of New York, New York. The reason? It means the New York Yankees just lost.
New York Scenes With Song in Background

I expect to hear arguments that this song should be ranked better than it is. The reason why it's not any better than number 72 is because of a roommate who tortured us to death with this song. It's become the premiere bar/karaoke anthem however.
Video with Song

71. THE DIFFERENCE by The Wallflowers
Another band that I wish I could have put on this list twice. This song and One Headlight are two of my favorites. The Difference makes it over One Headlight because of the rocking intro and the memorable chorus.
Music Video

70. BACK TO YOU by John Mayer
Our first John Mayer appearance on the list. Going through John's songbook and going with only two songs was no easy feat. I love this song because the lyrics are inspiring about, as John says, not giving up and "chances in double digits".
Live Performance

69. WAIT FOR YOU by Elliott Yamin
Although I've been gaga over Carrie Underwood's beauty and impressed by Blake Lewis' coolness, Elliott has been my favorite Idol to appear on the show. Every week I would tune in to see what he would sing and week after week he impressed me. He didn't disappoint me with his first single, which was all over the radio charts this summer.
EY's return to Idol

68. YOUR LOVE by The Outfield
One of those songs that a cover band will play at a bar and you can't help but sing along to. When it comes to 80s rock songs, it doesn't get much better than this one.
Music Video

67. DON'T SPEAK by No Doubt
Gotta love old school No Doubt. While it may seem like this song is added on just to avoid talks of musical sexism, I really do like this song. It screams 1990s.
Music Video

66. CANNONBALL by Damien Rice
This guy's voice is one of the smoothest ones I've ever heard in my life. I have great respect for DR.
Great Live Version

65. TYPICAL by Mute Math
My friend sent me a video over the summer of them performing this song on Jimmy Kimmel Live completely backwards. While I should have probably been more impressed with the backwards song, I was more impressed with the band. This is a great song that will get stuck in my head for days when I hear it.
Backwards on Kimmel

64. WE BELONG by Pat Benatar
More 80s! More women singers! Whenever I hear this song I think of a monologue to SNL a few years ago when Selma Hayek was hosting. Chris Kattan and a bunch of other people kept coming out trying to sing this song. After getting booted from the stage by Hayek the fourth time, she stops the bassist. It ends up being Ed Norton (her then boyfriend) in a fake mustache.
Music Video

63. THUNDER ROAD by Bruce Springsteen
Apparently when Bruce plays this song at his concerts, he doesn't sing it at all. He just lets his audience sing it. When I told someone about that, he laughed and said that nobody knew the words to the song. Thus proving my point that I am a nobody.
Photo Montage with Song Underneath

62. MIDNIGHT RIDER by Allman Brothers
One of the best jam bands ever. This is another Basement Boys classic.
SNL Appearance

61. VIRTUAL INSANITY by Jamiroquai
Probably one of the more unique songs I've ever heard. I love the sound though.
Music Video

60. GRAVITY by John Mayer
Ah, the other John Mayer song on the list. I love this song because of the simplicity of the guitar and the relateability of the lyrics. Great song by a great performer.
Sessions Video

59. WHEN YOUR MIND'S MADE UP by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
First, I would be remiss to not say to see this movie. The movie where this song came from, Once, is a great Irish indie film that came out last year. It's on DVD now. Guaranteed you'll love it, especially if you're a music fan like me. This song is probably the most powerful part of the movie when the band finally gets a chance to lay down a track.
Scene featuring song

58. MELT WITH YOU by Modern English
A toss up between this song and Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies as to the best song to incorporate hums. Actually, in all seriousness, this is a classic song that is beloved by most with a pulse.
Trippy Music Video

57. BOSTON by Augustana
The emo songs just keep on coming, don't they? Great song about not wanting to be lost in the crowd and not just being another number.
Music Video

56. GEEK IN THE PINK by Jason Mraz
While Jason Mraz has put out some very good songs in the past five years (Remedy, You and I Both, Wordplay), this is definitively his most fun tune. Similar to Virtual Insanity where you won't hear a lot of stuff like this on the radio, but when it is done right, it's gold.
Live Version

The thing that disappointed me the most about the Super Bowl was that Tom Petty didn't play this song at halftime. Yes, that's the story I'm going with.
Live Version

54. TOUCH THE SKY by Kanye West
'Ye makes an appearance! I needed to include Kanye for two reasons. 1) He's one of the best in the business and 2) If I didn't, he'd probably bitch about it.
Music Video

53. FIELDS OF GOLD by Sting
Just a great song by a great performer. He actually has a stripped down version with a lute that I have on my iTunes, but I haven't been able to find it online. Check it out if you get the chance
Live Version

Meat's ode to getting 66% on your tests. I really hope his daughters sing this song to him when they fail their math quizzes.
Live Version

51. KISS FROM A ROSE by Seal
I'm really on a ballad kick here, aren't I? I really hope Heidi Klum makes Seal sing this to her every night. Why else would she have married him?
Music Video w/ Batman

50-1 Coming Later Today!


Travis Miller said...

i wonder if #1 will be the background music in the "perfectville" reebok commercial

Chris Barrows said...

I'm banking on 1 being Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On.

Ooops, this is Clark's list, not Travis'.

Travis Miller said...

yo. I like that song!

Travis Miller said...

oh wait, no. my favorite Celine song is "It's all coming back"

Michael J. Clark said...

you gotta love that song man...it should have been in the 100!