Sunday, December 9, 2007

Men's College Basketball

Wright State beat Butler by a score of 43-42. I'm gonna remember that one come tournament time. No, not so I can take Wright State in a 14-3 matchup, but so I can take whoever is facing Butler in the 12-5! 42 points? You gotta score more than that, especially if you're nationally ranked.

I love the concept of mid-majors, but they get too much hype after awhile and can't back it up. Gonzaga was in limbo for a few years like that, where they would have a pretty good regular season and "earn" a good seed in the tournament and face early exits. I'm not hatin' on the 'Zags, I support them and root for them unless they're playing Duke or VT (and they beat VT earlier this season!)

What I'm trying to say is I like mid-majors as underdogs. Granted, some are legitimately good teams and are better than most teams in major conferences, but it's games like these that bring teams back down to earth. I have the most respect for teams like Davidson. They've already played UNC, Duke, and UCLA! I hope they make it in the tourney as a low seed, I'll take them against whoever they play in the first round. Mark my words!

Duke is off to a great start, but I won't start hyping them until they win a true road game against a good team. Looking at their schedule, that opportunity should come....Dec. 20 at Pittsburgh, currently #9 but hasn't played anybody good yet. UNC looks to be a serious contender, as do Kansas and Texas, but again, it's a loooooooong season. I believe those four teams should be mainstays in the top 10 all year.

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