Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lazy Predictions for NFL week

Call me lazy, I"m fine with that. But due to wanting to get this out there prior to any games, and being sick of angry people who come in to buy a Wii 5 days after we had them, I'm not in the mood for indepth reasoning behind my picks here.


Washington beats Chicago
Giants beat them, so will the Redskins.

Carolina beats Jacksonville...err, not
Ok, earlier I typed this the wrong way. Talk about a totally off day. You know you're having one when you write that you don't see Jacksonville winning this apoligies to sports fans who have something in thing we call a skull

Dallas destroys Detroit
I wish, and I really do, wish, I wasn't typing this. Dallas has an amazing team. There, you happy god? As a Giants fan, I hate to say it, but Dallas really is a great team. Kitna happens to be my FF quaterback...yeah, I"m screwed.

Buffalo beats "Unwinful" Miami Dolphins

Giants beat Eagles
There is no way I can even let all three of us predict the Eagles to win. The Giants have been good at pulling out tough wins that keep them in the playoff race(where they will lose in the first round, as they do best the last few years they've got in...and I don't speak of their "Superbowl" year.).

Packers beat Oakland
Mr. Brett Farve will lead his team to another win. I'm not one to say Oakland won't try and make it interesting, but try might be the best choice of word here for many reasons.

"Team unbeaten" New England beat Steelers
Seeing so many Steelers fans, on such a daily basis here in Scranton(yes, they're here hiding amongst the obnoxious Eagles fans), I can wish all I want that New England will lose. NOT happening.

Chargers beat Tennesse

Bengals over Rams

Tampa Bay beats Houston

Seattle beats Arizona
Yahoo gives you two defense in FF, I also have Seatle...yeah for me.

49er's beat Vikings
Call it spite, I simply call it something you don't expect

Browns beat Jets
They're the Jets...want another reason?
Chiefs beat Broncos

Colts beat Ravens

Saints beat Falcons

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