Thursday, December 27, 2007

Giants play to win and apparently, they can win?

Look, I'm a Giants fan. I'm proud to say that(I think? No seriously). But when I go read that former player and captain of the 86' championship team is saying they can win this game, my eyes kind of bulge out of my eye sockets.

Look Harry Carson, I'm not saying you're wrong. The Giants are full of heart. But from what I've seen out of the Giants, they aren't going to win. I don't care if they play to win. Eli needs to have a game he hasn't had since, oh wait, yep, you guessed it, the FIRST HALF.

Eli continues to make me say "woe is me" every second half of every season. And I understand the past two weeks they weren't dealing with the best of weather, but it's not excuse. He's thrown under 50 percent competition rating over the past five games. This is not the numbers of a winning football team, and not a team that's going to beat the Patriots.

And please Giants, I'm challenging you to prove me wrong. I really won't mind. The Giants defense have been great this season, but without their offense, without Jeremy Shockey as an option up the middle, and without a VERY accurate Eli Manning, this game is not winnable.

Coughlin isn't saying much how they're going into the game.

Not saying much, doesn't mean much to me. Coughlin hasn't quite won me over yet. He's gotten this team to the playoffs three years in a row, but they continue to have a poor showing there. They need to make some kind of impact and at least advance for me to really be impressed. And with the Giants situation, if his plan isn't to rest people, I'm slightly concerned. Winning would nice, it would be motivational, but is it worth then considering the option of NOT having Plaxico available as well. Or what about Brandon Jacobs. Do you really want to think about having to deal with that?

I don't.

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