Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Travis' Week 14 picks

Less analysis than Mr. Clark. He's done plenty of it and I can't upstage that, so here are my picks (first team is my pick, home team in caps).

WASHINGTON (-3) over Chicago

Carolina (+10.5) at JACKSONVILLE

Dallas (-11) at DETROIT
I love KJ, but Kitna and the Lions don't give him the ball. I predict 3 picks thrown by Kitna, maybe 5 touches for KJ, and about 45 pass attempts. Play calling that lopsided only works if you knocked up Bridget Moynahan. I'm not sure what the direct correlation is, but I'm working on a theory. I'm almost positive it has nothing to do with "skill."

BUFFALO (-7) over Miami
If Zach Thomas wasn't out for the season I would pickMiami to cover (not to win, though). Without him, Jason Taylor has to anchor the defense, but it's still just as good as only sending 10 men out there. Pun intended.

EAGLES (-3) over Giants

Oakland (+11) at PACKERS
I don't think Favre hasn't had enough 2006-esque games this season. I predict one here, Green Bay wins, but only by a touchdown.

Pittsburgh (+14.5) at NEW ENGLAND
I don't believe in "blueprints" for beating the Patriots. Mr. Bill is too smart to fall for the same defensive and offensive schemes 3 times in a row. Pitt will do their thing and make it sting. The yellow brick road stops here.

TENNESSEE (pick) over Chargers

BENGALS (-7) over Rams
Gotta give my boy Ocho Cinco some credit. And Houshmandzadeh. It only took me one day of logging a Bengals game to be able to spell that correctly on the first try every time.

Tampa Bay (pick) at HOUSTON

SEATTLE (-6.5) over Cardinals

Vikings (-7) at 49ERS

Browns (-3.5) at JETS

BRONCOS (-6.5) over Chiefs

Colts(-10) at RAVENS
off the bandwagon. Sorry Ray Lewis, don't come find me and hurt me. I'm normally a big fan.

FALCONS (+4.5) vs. Saints
Falcons won't win, but I think it will be a three-point game.

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