Friday, December 28, 2007

They're doing something right in Boston...and Week 17 picks

The Celtics won 24 games all of last season, and yesterday improved their record to an NBA-best 24-3. The front office did something right in the offseason (hint hint: KG and Ray Allen might have something to do with that)

So Boston may be holding the NBA championship and the World Series title at the same time. Of course, they won't have the Super Bowl because the Pats will get trounced in the AFC Championship game. But two titles ain't bad.

Onto the picks! 9-6-1 last week. I'll try to improve, but wouldn't mind another line like that.

Patriots (-13.5) at Giants
For once in my pathetic blogging career, I'm picking the Pats to cover. As much as I hate Tom Brady, ....Eli just sucks! I just hope Tom Brady does a stand-up thing for once in his miserable life and not break Peyton's TD record. I might give him some credit as a human being if he yields. Give your running backs the ball! They deserve it!

FALCONS (-1.5) vs. Seahawks
You can rest all the starters you want. The Falcons still won't beat you.

Saints (-2) at DAAAAAAAA BEARS
It's a must-win for the Saints, but I don't see them gittin' 'er done.

BROWNS (-10) vs. 49ers
I don't like it, but I'm taking it. Cleveland needs to win and needs a Tennessee loss to make the playoffs. This is a test of how bad they want it.

PACKERS (-4) vs. Lions
I want to pick Detroit but I just can't. Despite Green Bay's secured playoff spot, I don't see them resting the team completely. Poor KJ has another ACL problem, so he's not playing. Expect TJ Duckett to be the one getting screwed out of carries now. Get better, KJ!

Bengals (-3) at MIAMI
Miami had their shot to win my love. They didn't.

EAGLES (-7.5) vs. Bills
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
If two 7-8 teams play each other in week 17, does anyone care?

Panthers (-3) at BUCS
In week 17, you really need to read into things. The Bucs aren't playing very many of their big names, and the ones who are in there won't be in for long. They've clinched the division, so I wouldn't expect this to be a great game.

TEXANS (-6.5) vs. Jags
I still like the Jags. Starters won't be in for long at all. Get a few reps and get out of there, but that should mean it will be a close game. Jags to cover the....Texans? Only in week 17...

Minnesota (-3) at DENVER
Tough game to pick. Maybe the Vikings will show up this week, or maybe we'll see a billion first half turnovers again. Of course I'm exaggerating, but watching last weeks game, it sure seemed like a billion...or maybe it was just three.

Chargers (-8) at RAIDERS
Starters or no starters, San Diego comes out on top. I can't wait to read this Sunday night after the games are over and laugh at how dumb I am.

JETS (-6.5) vs. Chiefs
This might be the Jets' biggest line as a favorite this season. Good for them.

ARIZONA (-6) vs. St. Louis
The networks are gonna get amazing ratings this weekend. I can already sense it.

WASHINGTON (-9) vs. Dallas
I'm not sure if I like the 'Skins to cover, but I figure they'll win with everything that's on the line for them...and everything that isn't on the line for the 'Boys.

Pittsburgh (-3) at RAVENS
Even the second and third string defensive secondary for the Steelers will force turnovers against the Ravens' pathetic offense.

Tennessee (-6) at COLTS
ONLY, and I say ONLY because it's week 17 will I pick Tennessee to cover. Any other week, they wouldn't be the favorite, nor would they win.

And on a final note, I'd like to congratulate our very own Michael J. Clark for another outstanding showing last night in his beatdown of the competition in a local poker tournament. He's on his way to "Poker Legend" status. In my book, anyway.

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