Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mike Martz is no genius.

The Lions' playcalling today consisted of 47 passes and 9 rushes. They ran the ball ONCE in the second half. I thought they had things figured out finally after almost beating the Cowboys last week. They're ridiculous and don't deserve to be in the playoffs, nor will they be. Kitna threw for 300 yards! Awesome! Until you see that he completed just over 50 percent of his attempts and connected on five of his passes to the San Diego secondary. I really hope KJ and Duckett leave in the offseason and go to a team where they're appreciated. What a waste.

6-8 going into the last two games, tonight and tomorrow night. Awesome. Oh yeah, and that's counting the Jets pick as a win because I backed off on my vow to take it as a loss if they don't win outright.

Congrats to Brett Fa...v...errr..uh... on whatever record he broke today and best of luck to him for whatever record he's in line to break next week.

Nothing really buzzing today, Rich Rodriguez bolted for the Michigan position. Can't blame him. I didn't pick WVU to cover the Oklahoma spread anyway, so it's irrelevant to me.
Umm, Starbury is back, the Celts are still winning, Tiger is my boy, Rory Sabbatini is about as high on my "awesome list" as Mike Martz and Tom Brady.

Surprise, surprise, Dave Zirin and myself have considerably close feelings on the Clemens/Bonds/Mitchell Report fiasco. Thanks again to John the UberCommie for bringing this to my attention.

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John said...

Yo i should just be featured as a special guest columnist: John the Ubercommie. My only contributions will be linking to Dave Zirin articles.