Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LoDuca picks Nationals to play Mets

Paul LoDuca signed a 5 million dollar deal with the Nationals so he could play the Mets 18 games a year. Could for you LoDuca, not only do you stay in the National League, where you're going to be a much more productive player(imo), but you managed to work out five million dollars in the process.

I'm not saying LoDuca hasn't been a huge player for the Mets over the past few years, but last year he showed signs of decline. Sure, he could go surprise me, and end up back where he's been the past few years, but I don't expect it. Over at ESPN, they've gone more into LoDuca's reasons. If you check out the side bar there, you'll find some of, as ESPN put it, his "lo" points.

Of course, the reason of feeling wanted is a valid reason for wanting to play for the Nationals. I happen to like the Nationals, and think they'll be able to compete one day. I wouldn't say next year, and I don't think LoDuca is going to mean winning in in Washington. Then again, I wouldn't mind Tyler Clippard being one of the driving forces in proving me wrong over there...as unlikely a scenario that is.

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