Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baseball and crack use run hand in hand.

First, Andy Pettitte said the Yanks don't need Santana or Haren. Ha.

Second, deals are being finalized left and right. A-Rod= worth it.
Aaron Rowand? Not so much. He got five years and $60 mil from the Giants! That's another fool making $12 mil per year. Not five years ago, only the best of the best made eight figures, now everybody from Ted Lilly to Jon Garland to Kosuke Fukudome are making that much. What's next? Alex Ochoa getting a HOF nod?

More power taken out of the east, transferred to the west. Those teams are gonna beat each other senseless next season. If the Pads trade for Bay, expect them to be the favorite, but right now you gotta like L.A. to give them a run for their money. No love for Arizona, no love for Colorado. San Francisco who?

I'm snowed in today so expect my NFL picks to come shortly (maybe I'll cheat and post it after tonight's game so I can start 1-0), and I'll finish up my NCAAF picks but those won't be posted until Saturday. Don't ask me why.

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