Thursday, December 6, 2007

N.L. East loses another power threat, Mets still talking Santana?

Everybody knew Andruw Jones wasn't going back to the Braves, and based on either the CF talent or the inability to compete in the division, it was also apparent he wasn't signing with any of the other four teams. So now he's joining Clueless Joe Torre and Donnie Baseball in their first year with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.

Jones was less talked about this offseason due to his uncharacteristic lack of production at the plate in the '07 season. He's still only 30, though, and has a pretty good shot at 500 homers if he can turn things back around. I'm confident he will, with new scenery and a great supporting cast. Pierre and Furcal at the top of the lineup with youngsters like Martin and Loney (if he gets the starting gig). This takes a lot of the pressure off of Jeff Kent and NOMAAAAAH. They still need a left handed bat in there. Luis Gonzalez was not and IS NOT the answer. As always, the West should be a crapshoot next year. Don't expect the Rockies to finish above .500 again, and the D'Backs are just as unpredictable unless they land a big name pitcher. Padres need a rebound year from Adrian Gonzalez, and the Giants...well...yeah.

I'm shocked the Jones deal was done so early, and for so much! Two years and $36.2 mil is quite the reward for a .222 batting average (lowest since '96), 26 jacks (fewest since '97) and 94 rbi's (lowest since '04). Actually, maybe it does make sense. If Andruw puts up the same numbers in '08, he'll be leading the team in two of the three categories.

Onto Mr. Santana, the Mets have reentered the bargain with five prospects on the table. If the Twins don't take the BoSox's offer, I don't see them taking the Mets' offer either. Enough said.

Apparently Barry Bonds wants to play in '08. And in more compelling news, I just bought a new pencil over at Staples.

Nobody cares. I wanted to write about him going to the Yankees and interacting with New York media, but I couldn't find a video of Randy Johnson interacting with New York Media, so instead, let's go out with a bang. Here's Randy blowing up a bird. Check out the throwback names on the bottom line.

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ERnie said...

Who else would start at 1B besides Loney? LA isn't sure that Kent is coming back. Although Jones' deal is a lot of money, its only two years. Travis is gay