Saturday, December 8, 2007

BCS mess?

We finally have a Saturday off from College Football, so let's talk about...College Football!
As always, there are complaints being thrown at the BCS system from supporters of all but two teams. The two survivors this year are LSU and Ohio State.
With such an insane season, it was impossible to really pick the two best teams to match up in the title game. Nobody can even agree on who the two best teams are.

LSU has been dominant and hasn't lost in regulation, but they seem to be imploding in a very casual way, but that isn't taken into consideration, nor should it be. They won the SEC, the most competitive conference in college football this year, and their two losses came in triple overtime.

Ohio State plays in the Big Ten...I'd have more respect for Big Ten teams if they had a Conference Championship game, but I respect Ohio State and think it's fine that they're in the BCS title game. There are only two one-loss teams from BCS conferences, and Ohio State is one of them.

Kansas, the other one-loss team I mentioned, played the weakest possible schedule for a Big 12 team. They didn't play Texas, Oklahoma, or Texas Tech, the top three teams in the Big 12 South. I think they would have lost at least two of those games. If they beat VT, I'll shut my mouth (my picks will be coming next week and don't expect me to bet against VT). The Jayhawks only lost one game, but unfortunately it was to
Missouri, eliminating them from a berth in the Conference Championship game. Don't win your conference? No BCS Title game in my eyes.

Missouri didn't even get a BCS nod which is unbelievable. They deserve a berth much more than Kansas or Illinois, but both losses coming to Oklahoma were rough. Kansas only having one loss is probably the reason Mizzou isn't receiving a Hokie beatdown on Jan. 3.

Oklahoma won the Big 12, with their two losses coming at Colorado and at Texas Tech. Sorry guys, you gotta have better losses than that.

Georgia is a great team and I think they're a great fit to play Hawaii. Again, though, no conference title, so you're gonna have to be last year's Oklahoma. Tons of pressure to beat these savage misfits from a non-BCS conference.

Of course, Hawaii isn't really a team full of savage misfits. They've got a legit offense. When I say legit, I mean LEGIT. Colt Brennan is a great quarterback and has some very talented receivers around him. They didn't play many big games, but they did what they had to do. Win, win, and win without losing. They earned their BCS bid, but even if they beat Georgia I wouldn't let them share the title with LSU (oops, did I just make my pick early?)

Many people are saying USC is the best team out there. Too bad they weren't healthy the whole season, because that would be the only way to convince me. Oh well, they can go beat Illinois by 60 and complain about not getting into the big game all the way into next season.

Last but certainly not least, our beloved Hokies. Of course they earned the biggest logo because they finished #1 according to the computers. They were 3rd overall in the BCS standings, and I completely agree with them being left out of the title game for their own sake. There are just some teams they don't stack up against--as we saw when they played LSU earlier in the season, losing by about six touchdowns. You can't have an LSU-VT rematch, especially since the first game was so lopsided. And you can't have VT-OSU because...well, LSU is more deserving than Tech.

The Hokies won the ACC in dramatic fashion, had a great win against the Wahoos and an even better retribution win against BC. Too bad they lost the first one to BC otherwise there would be no doubt about the Hokies playing for it all.

Not too many people are compelled by the VT-Kansas matchup, but Kansas has a high-octane passing offense and I'd love to see if they've done their homework. They aren't gonna run the ball, and if they tried, the game would be over before it started. If they run routes up the middle and concentrate on getting the ball to their tight ends, they have a chance to stay in the game, but if they even think about challenging the Hokies' secondary on the outside. Their "tight ends" are gonna be in a world of danger. Eew. I went there.
Picks and spreads will be on their way sometime next week.

If you've stayed with me through all this, you might as well let me know I'm not the only one reading my blogs--leave your thoughts on the BCS and who deserves to be in the title game.


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