Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marist Women are almost there!

In the polls released today, the Marist Women's basketball team finished 31st (AP) and 27th (ESPN/USA Today). They're so close to sneaking in there. If and when they do get in the top 25, it will be well-earned.
The problem is that three of the teams ranked 20-25 don't play this week. Michigan State (#21) should lose to Oklahoma, so if Marist beats Hartford (8-2 overall), which is no gimme, they can jump ahead of Old Dominion (26th in ESPN/USA Today) since ODU doesn't play this week. If all of these things happen, look for the Lady Red Foxes to earn a #25 ranking next Tuesday unless the Spartans get some love for losing to a top 10 team and stay in the top 25. My only other fear is that the voters are hatin' on the Marist women for being a mid-major and vote for a bigger school ahead of them.

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