Tuesday, December 4, 2007

InSANTANity and other hot stove rumblings!

I've never smoked crack, but if I did, I wouldn't want Santana on my team.

A lot has been talked about today, but nothing has happened.
Let's start from the top.

Johan Santana
I don't really care if he goes to the BoSox, as long as he doesn't go to the Yankees.
However, I can come up with a way the Yankees would land Santana, and reasons why it would be good.
We've heard all about how Cano and Joba are off limits, but I would throw Joba in the mix. I'm not just making this up because I hate the Yankees. I can back this up.
1) He came in as a reliever this season and was lights out the last two months of the season, his trade value will never be higher. In two years the Yankees will only be able to get Brian Schneider and Ryan Church for him.
2) He's going to be a starter next season, let's brainstorm and think about some effective relievers who went to the starting rotation and bombed...hmm...ADAM WAINWRIGHT? Let's be honest, Joba will not have a sub 2.00 E.R.A. next season as a starter. Mark my word, it won't even be sub 4.00
3) The Yankees are still a "win now" franchise. Joba is not a #1 starter/cy young threat next season
4) I like Chamberlain. Plain and simple. He's too good of a guy to be playing for Satan.

I don't think the Mets can get Santana, so they need to act quick before he gets traded and the losing teams start to concentrate on the other big pitchers, Haren and Bedard...

The Mets offered Gomez, Heilman, and Humber for Bedard and the offer got shot down by the Orioles. Bedard is awesome and I would love him as my #1 starter, but I'm not giving up more than those three for him. Sorry.

Omar and Billy Beane have always had a great relationship with plenty of communication, so I think Haren is their best bet. The same deal offer should work since Haren is a righty and Beane loves him some prospects. The Mets have to act quick though, the D-Backs are hot on his trail, and the Tigers might be in the mix, too.

Speaking of the Tigers, apparently they're in talks with the Marlins for Dontrelle AND Cabrera! They're gonna have to pony up about 10 players, including Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, their top two prospects. To speak New York language (in terms of value, not position), that's like the Mets trading Reyes and Wright or the Yankees trading Joba and Cano.

That's it for now. When stuff starts going down I'll be back!
And I'd like to welcome Mike Clark to the team. The site URL and the blog name will be changing to adhere to our new blogging friend.

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