Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mets' pitching woes continue

According to several sources, the Mets have hit a snag in trade talks with the A's, as they try to acquire Joe Blanton. The A's are asking for Carlos Gomez, Aaron Heilman, and Kevin Mulvey. That's waaaaaaaay too much for Blanton, and thankfully the Mets' front office knows that, too. Blanton went 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA last season. He's not a #1 starter, and I'm not giving up three prospects unless its a #1 starter. Last time we traded prospects for iffy pitching, we gave up a young man named Scott Kazmir and acquired an old man named Victor Zambrano. That ranks up (or down) there with the Nolan Ryan trade from '71

The Mets are considered favorites in signing free agent Freddy Garcia, but he's recovering from surgery and won't be available until June at the earliest. That'd be cool, sign him and wait until June or July so we can have a big welcoming party. Pedro, El Duque, Moises Alou, and about half of the Mets' roster will be coming off the DL at the same time! No thanks, Freddy.

Erik Bedard is off the market, according to the Orioles' president, Andy McPhail, so cross him off your wish list.

Mark Prior signed with the Padres for a $1 million base salary with plenty of incentives, so he's off the market, too. Shucks.

The only free agent pitcher I'd like to have is Bartolo Colon, who the Mets are in the running for. He had a bad season with plenty of injuries in '07, but he's the only one out there I'd give the benefit of the doubt to. I think he's capable of coming back and having a dominant '08.

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