Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nobody's Perfect?

Please, Tom Brady. Never do that to me again. Folks, there are ugly wins and then there's what the New England Patriots did in Baltimore on MNF last night. This pursuit of perfection is making me sick. As a Pats fan, I had a sneaking suspicion that somehow, someway, Thomas would lead his team to victory in the end. I had seen it so many times before. And while the record of the New England Patriots still reads zero losses, the past two games have been anything but perfection on the part of Tom and his band of merry men.

1) Defense wins championships
It's about time the genius Belichick reveals where the fountain of youth is. It pains me to say this about one of my favorite Pats of all time, but Tedy Bruschi isn't the player he once was. Junior Seau is not in San Diego anymore. This Patriot defense has been old and slow the past few weeks. After all, if the Hall of Fame combo of AJ Feeley and Kyle Boller have their way with you in consecutive weeks, it's time to take a look at the videotape. The legal videotape, that is. Another tactic Bill could use? Convince the Bob Kraft to allow the scoreboard to always read "4th quarter".

2) Randy Ratio
I'm considering filing a missing person report against Randy Moss for his inability to show up the past two weeks. In two of the biggest, tensest games of the season, Moss has averaged 4.5 catches for 38.5 yards. Now is the time that Randy needs to step up and be the superstar that he so clearly thinks that he is.

3) Blueprints
A lot will be said by Sean Salisbury and other prognosticators on the Worldwide Leader about how the Eagles and the Ravens came up with a blueprint as to how to beat the Patriots. While I agree that the Eagles and the Ravens had great game plans, the truth of the matter is this: they lost those games. It's as if someone who divorced Jessica Alba coming out and saying "I have the blueprint to marrying Jessica Alba!" Good for you, sport.

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Travis Miller said...

I didn't know you were a Pats fan. I may have to revoke that invitation to blog with us!

Just kidding, but if they have a perfect season I won't talk to you anymore.