Thursday, January 31, 2008

Apologies to our Wisconsin fan(s)

I completely wrote off the Badgers in their home game against Indiana tonight, and man, was I wrong. Their lead reached 20 at one point, as #13 Wisconsin used methodical defense to drill the #11 Hoosiers, 62-49. Indiana hasn't won in Madison in 10 years!
A bright spot for Indiana was their big man inside, D.J. White, who was a beast tonight with 22 points and 17 boards.
Wisconsin only turned the ball over six times, while dishing out 10 assists as a team, and they forced 12 turnovers on Indiana to make up for only shooting 34.5% from the field.
The Badgers are now tied for first in the Big Ten at 7-1 with Michigan State and Purdue. I still don't think they will finish in the top three in the league, but they were damn good tonight.

Staying true to the Blue

Duke tried something new tonight, as the Cameron Crazies were given GREEN shirts to wear to promote a healthy respect for the environment. Down nine points at halftime, the Crazies decided they'd rather win the game than take care of the environment, so they chucked the shirts onto the court, returning to their normal white and blue. The Blue Devils came out of the lockerroom and outscored the visiting NC State Wolfpack 55-26 in the second half, ultimately winning 92-72.

This just in...I...LIKE Tom Brady?!?!?!

It's true. I decided it yesterday after watching media day. He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy. He's probably a terrible father, but what the hell do I care about that? I don't admire sports figures for their personal lives. Brady was really funny and really good with the media, and he always is. I hate to admit it, but hell, I like him. It probably started when he jawed at Anthony Smith on the Steelers after his trash talking, and continued with ESPN's relentless Tom Brady segments, namely the one where he is the seventh child from
The Brady Bunch. I can't put it into context how huge this is. It's almost like me deciding that Derek Jeter is my favorite baseball player--which will NEVER happen. But Tom Brady? He's okay in my book. I still like Peyton better, but Tommy and I are gonna be alright.

Poulter "misquoted"

I'm sure if he shot -8 in the first round at Dubai, he wouldn't have come out to say that he was misquoted in the British Golf Magazine, but I believe him when he says it was a mistake. Things get taken out of context like that all the time, especially when the media is trying to stir up controversy. T.O./Jessica Simpson, anyone?

Further apologies to anyone reading who is annoyed by the font size. While typing this, my headlines are big and the font is normal size, but when I publish the post, everything beyond the first item is larger than normal.


JPark said...

What a completely half-assed, passive-aggressive apology. They won't be top 3? Over freaking Purdue? Everybody picked them top 3 BEFORE the season. And nobody is changing their opinion. You bashed them for not winning any good home games and now, in your "apology" you made sure you noted that their win over IU was at home (with italics and everything). Pathetic.

Travis Miller said...

Haha, like the Gators, I'm giving them every opportunity to prove me wrong. They've got a bunch of road games left, and they host Michigan State. No walk in the park.